Lions visit autistic children (source: Shenzhen Evening News A03 edition)

Lions visit children with autism.

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang) Double Festival is coming, the children with a安全教育平台utism in special children rehabilitation center is affecting the hearts of many caring people. Pengzheng Service team of Shenzhen Lilion是什么意思中文翻译ons Club and children from Nanshan District K深圳大学indergarten came to shenzhen Nanshan Distrisource是什么意思ct Starlight Speclions是什么意思ial深圳天气 Children Rehabilitation Center to visit autistic childrensources是什么文件夹 studying hevisitorre, and delivered stationery, books深圳天气 and otautistic翻译hevisit翻译r school supplies to them.

    &nbshenzhensp;       It is understood that Nansha深圳疫情n Star Special Children rehabilitation Center is a private non-enterprise welfare institution, serving mainly autistic children and children with learning disabilities. Most of these children are physically unable to attend regular schchildren怎么读英语单词ools. Currently, starlight Special Children rehabilitation Center has about 90 students. Most of them are深圳疫情最新消息 local shenzhen childreevening前面用什么介词n, but a smanewspapers什么意思ll number h深证指数ave come from other placvisit是什么意思英语es to recover.

          “ Children are a little shy, but when you talk to them and play with them, they will accept you when they feel your sincerity. ” David From the Pengzheng Service team of Shenzhen Lionvisit怎么读s Club told reporters that autistic children are奥迪 lonely, but every time she visits them, she feels that these children are desperate to live like normal children. Their rehabilitation needs more love and patience f爱情和战争rom their families and teachers.news翻译 I hope that more caring people in the society can pay attentchildren怎么读ion to these children and hellions是什么意思p th深圳天气em get out of depression and grow up healthily.

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