More than 30,000 children painted peace posters

More than 30,000 children painted peace posters
International Peace Poster Contest begins in Shenzhen
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            Shenposters怎么读zhen Evening Nechildren音标ws (reporterposters翻译 Wang Xiaofang correspondethanksgivingnt fang Man Song) yesterday afternoon, & LDquo; Our world, our future. — — Lions International 26th International Peace Postermore than Contest and 2013 2nd National Children’peacemakers World Peace Poster Contest (Shenzhen Division) award ceremony was held inpeacemaker Taiwan Garden Andis Children’s Square, Futian District.

            The International Peace Poster Competition is organized by Lions Club international since 1988. It aims to guide children to sow the seeds of peace in their hearts through drawing techniques and poster forms, and to communicate with children around the world in painting, so as to constantly innovatthanlulae and improve.

 more是什么意思           More than 500 peoplethanks是什么意思英语, including leaders from Shenzhen Disabled Personspainted怎么读‘ Federation, Shenzhen Echildren的名词所有格ducation Bureau,children的名词所有格 Shenzhchildren音标en Love and Care Office, Domestic Lions Association, Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Art Association, representatives from education departments of art institutpeaceions of the school and representatipeacebird是什么品牌衣服ves of award-winning students, gathered here to pamoreoverrticipate in the activity.

              Since 2004, lions Club shenpeacezhen has participated in the selection of international Peace poster compechildren是单数还是复数tition. So far, more than 60,000 artists from Shenzhen region have participaposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ted in the competition. “Give Peace a Chance”, “Peace All over the World” and “Imagine Peace”, wpostershich were selected by The Lions Club of Shenzhen, won the Global Excelthanklent Works Awathankedrd.

        &nbchildren怎么读sp;   &nbsposter是什么意思英语p; The reporter understands, this time led by shenzhen lions peace poster board game, contest, last mchildren怎么读英语单词ore than three montmore是什么意思hs, in shenzhen lions club teams, schoopeace&love啥意思ls, art institutions, the active parchildren怎么读ticipation of shenzhen lthanks怎么读ions 28 teams, 118 art institutions, 255 guidance teacher, a total of 32640 children were involved in the game. After a rigorous selection process, 945 entries were shortlisted. The jury composed of experts fropeaceful是什么意思m art, education, media and Shenzhen Lions Club selectpeace&love啥意思ed children’s works from 11 to 13 years old, and finally selected one special prize, one director special Award, 29 first prizmore的原级e, 30 second prize, 40 thirchildrend prize achildren音标nd 645 finalists.

            In addition, this year’s Peace Ppainted怎么读oster Cposter什么意思英语怎么读omthanlulamittee has added a categorposters翻译y fopainted怎么读英语r children under the age of 11. In the end, the entry recommposters翻译ended by the Mangrove Bay Service team was awpeaceful翻译arded &LDquo; Special award & throughout; , 6poster是什么意思 of his works won the second anpainted翻译d third prizes in the peace poster competition of the Domestic Lions Association.


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