6 shenzhen works won prizes in peace poster contest

6 shenzhen works won prizes in peace poster contest

          &nbsworkspacep;    Yesterday, The Lions Club of Shenzhposter翻译en held the 26th Lions International Peace Poster Contest and the 2013 2nd National Children’s World Peace Poster Contest (Shenzhen Division) award ceremony.

      &nbsworkspacep;     The theme of thisprizes的意思 year’s peace Poster contest is & LDquo; Our world, our future. , lasted for more than 3 months, 118 art institutions and 32,640 children participated in the competitioworkshop翻译n in Shenzhen. This competition is based on the originalprizes的意思 11-13 yea深圳市最新疫情rs old children under 11 years old works selectipeace是啥意思on. It is reported that six of the works recommended by the Shenzhen competition won the second and th深圳疫情ird prizes of the Peace postercontest competit深圳天气ion held by the Domespeace翻译tiworks怎么读c Lions Association.


Linkworks翻译: http://news.ifeng.com/gundong/detail_2013_11/25/3152poster英语8878_0.shtml
  &nbsprizes的意思p;         &nprizesbsp;               http://sztqb.sznews.com/html/2013-11/25/content_2695334.htm             prizes的意思            
    &nworks2产品idbsp;prize是什么意思                     httpwon://www.tianjinwe.com/rollnews/201311/t20131125_8062711.html                 contest怎么读语音     &nbspshenzhen; &nbworksheetsp;

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