Draw the Peace force and sow the seeds of Peace — 11 works of peace Poster Competition in Shenzhen won the award of Excellence and selection in the National Competition

Draw the Peace force and sow the seeds of Peace — 11 works of peace Poster Competition in Shenzhen won the award of Excellencforcee and selection in tsow翻译he National Competition

  &nbworkshop是什么意思啊sp;       On November 14, 2015, “Share the Peace” — the 28th Lions International Peace Poster Competition and 2015 National Children’s World Peace Poster Wordraw翻译ks solicitation, and the evaluation meeting of the 12th Lions Shenzhen 2015 Peace Poster Competitpeaceion works were successfully held in the Primary School of Shenzhen Experimental School. Aftercompetition和contest区别 careful selection by the panel of judges, 60 works were finally selected for the first prize of Shenzhen competition area, among which 30 works from Group A were selected and sent to thcompetition与matchrace区别e Peace Poster Committee of The Domesticcompetition什么意思 Lions Association for the selection oforcefulf the national competition.
          In the selection of peace poster works of the National Lions Association held on November 15, 394 works selected by 14 memdraw是什么意思ber management organizcompetition的动词ations across the counposter中文翻译try were selectworksheeted, and 46 winners were awarded edrawxcellence awards and 176 winners were selected. Among them, the works of Wang Yixiao, Fan Tianle, Sun Wenjing, Li Jiahong and Tang Qing of Shenzhen Liondrawings Club won the Award of Excellence,competition音标 and the works offorce是什么意思 Chen Jiaqi, Zou Xueying, Zhao Ning, Wang Yucompetition怎么读英语单词jing, Huang Yinhao and Luforce Ruijuan won the award of selection.
          Dai Tongxin, former president of The Shenzhen Lions Clpeaceminusoneub, Chen Nengdraw是什么意思 Ting, chairman of the Peace Poster Committee, Executive chairmcompetition音标an Mu Zhenying, CAI Huigao and many art experts and lion friends from domestic arworks作品单复数tists Association, Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, Shenzhen Feddrawing怎么读语音eration of Litercompetition和contest区别ature and Art, Art design Institute of Sheforce是什么意思中文nzhen Vocational and Technical School, Shenzhen Art School and other units attesowingnded the ceremony. Dai Tongxin read out the rules and evaluation criteria of the worldworkstation Peace Poster contest, as well as the age requirements of the partdrawablesetboundsicipating groups. It is understood that the presentation of the thepeacebird是什么牌子me of the work, artistry, innovation and crepeaceful是什么意思ativity are the main evforce-feedingaluation criteria this year.  


          Thcompetition翻译e competition was organized by the Peace Poster Committee of The Lions Club of Shenzhen. With the participation of various service teams, schools and art organizations of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, the competition lasted for several months and rcompetition和contest区别eceived nearly 10,000 wcompetition音标orks. After strict screening, nearly 3,000 works were selected for the on-site audition, including about 1200 works for group A (aged between 1sowing1 and 13) and about 1800 works for group B (poster翻译non-GROUP A). 13 experts from the academy and design art field of actual combat group composed of the jury oworkshopf this compecompetitionstitioncompetition英语怎么读, the children’s works were selected separately.

          Review meeting, shenzhen lion peace committee organization experts held a brief review of poster tack, report to thpeaceful翻译e judges the peace posters overall development situation of the proworks2产品idject, before thseeds翻译e review and watched the interworks怎么读national award-winning works both at home and abroad, clear rules and unified evaluation criteria, the selection method is presented in this paper, dposter怎么读istributed numbered vote classic comment on recording paper color tag and the judges. In the field by the south park primary school volunteer tpeacefuleam of more than 40 people of the special work group, as the jury assistant work, tforcefulhey wear red vest, wearing white gloves, careful and caseeds怎么读英语reful, light light release of the small artists’ works.


          At the selection site, tforcehe expert judges held theforce是什么意思ir breath and walked around asow怎么读mong the works, looking at and thinking about each painting, sometimes bending over to think serioforcesusly, sometimes discussing the work. The red vest assistants followed, taking the judges’ votes and carefully cforceshecking the numbers ocompetitionsn the works. Lworks作品单复数ion friends in charge of photographposter模板y carefully recorded the selection process of this activity, the ligseeds怎么读英语ht and crisp shutter sound keptforce是什么意思 pulsating in the ear. After several rounds of careful seldrawection, 30 works of group A and Group B were selected for the first prize respectively.



&nbspforce是什么意思;         The children express their wish and dream of sharing peace with their unique perspective and clever strokes. At the scene, two students from Yucai School recited “Ode to Peace” and made a speech to express their understandiworkspaceng of peace. The acpeace&love啥意思tivity ended successfully with everyone’s joint efcompetition翻译fordrawts.



 competition翻译 By Wenjie Turin

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