The lions Club of Shenzhen congratulates the establishment of the Management Committee of the Chinese Lions Association in Hainan

The lions Club of Shenzhen congratulates the establishment of the Management Committee of the Chinese Lassociation怎么读ions Association in Hainan

On the afternoon of November 15, 2015, the establishment of the Hainan Member Management Committee and the joint licensing melionseting of the new service team of the Domestic Lions Association was successfully held in hainan Internationacommittee和commissionl Convention and Exhibition Center.


He Xiqing, Vicongratulate和congratulation的用法ce Governor of Hlions是什么意思ainan Provincecommittee翻译, Wang Yong, Director ofclubmed The United Front Work Department of Hainan Provinccommittee中文意思ial Pclubarty Committee, Xu Yun, Deputy Secretary-General of Hainan Province, Kang Baiyilionsgateng, Deputy Director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Fu Yong, Secretaryassociation造句 of the Leading Party group and Cclubshairman of Hainan Disabledassociation可数吗 Persons’ Federation and Cchinese读音hairman of Hainan Disabled Persons’ Foundation, Lions club intclubmedernational previous total head, now international lion foundation chairman Presmanagement怎么读ton, meeting the President of total, wing kun tam, international Leo before governor Kajit Habana, vice President of the third (alions读音lternate) cui heavy, former director of the international Fan Zuohao, domestic lion federation Presi深圳地铁线路图dent YouHoncongratulate是什么意思g, vice President of LeiJianWei, Su Zeran, Liu Lianteng, the lion funclub是什么酒d chairman Zhang Guojun, Xiao Xingping, chieassociation可数吗f financial officerclub用英语怎么说, Cao Guoming, chairman of the Hainan Member Manageclubmed官网预订ment Committee of the Domestic Lion Association, andassociation和collection的区别 more than 1000 representatives of lion friends frcongratulatesom all regions of the comanagement的动词形式untry and hainan member Management Committee attended the confereassociation英语nce.
As the guiding district of hainan member management Committee and the parent district of Chairman Cao Guoming, Shenzhen Lions Club attached great importance to this conference and sent a strong Shenzhen delegatassociation和collection的区别ion composed of executive directors, former presidents, boaassociation和collection的区别rd members, special committees, lecturelions翻译rs andclub怎么读 lion guides. Presidenclub翻译t Lin Tao, last president Lin Zi深圳疫情最新消息yu, the first vice president Shi Jianyong, the second vice presidelions的音标nt Yu Qian, the founding prcongratulate的名词形式esident Xie Jianwen, the chairman of the chai深圳地铁线路图rman’s committechinese new yeare Sha Haiyu, the former president Zheng Degang, the secretary General Zeng Shiyang and all the standing directors, councongratulate的名词形式cil representatives and supervisors representatives, committee representatives and service team representatives altogether 52 people attended the conference. The party was hoclubman是什么牌子车sted by Wang Xingyue and Zhao Zhong from The Lions Club of Shenzhen.
On the founding conference, He Xiqing for domestic firsclub用英语怎么说t lionmanagement的动词形式 federation, vice gov深圳天气ernor of hainan members to congralionstulate the establishment of th深圳大学e management committee, she says, provinassociation什么意思cial party committee, provchinese读音incial official attaches great importance to the charity organization cultivating and develocongratulate和congratulation的用法ping society, hope has just set up domestic lion federation hainan management committee members tlions怎么读o follow the law, scientific management, standardized operassociation用法及搭配ation, follow the tenet of “is to help others, serve the society”, To provide extensive public welfare services, striclub是什么酒ve to buassociation英语ild an influential, dynamic and effective charity organization, and prochinese翻译vide more and better experience for promoting the develcongratulate是什么意思英语opmentcongratulate of public welfare aclubmannd charitymanagement翻译 in Hainan.

IMG_5715_ copy. JPG

You Hong, tchinese翻译he president of the Domestic Lion Association, awarded the certificate and flag to the Hainan Member Management Cocommitteesmmittee and announced its establishment. Sreestablishmenthe proposed the requirement of “conscongratulatedolidating the foundation and making progress while maintaining sta深圳疫情最新消息bilcongratulate是什么意思ity” and insisted on developing lion friends and putting quality first. Growing lion friends, training first; Start from me, service first; Plan projects amanagement的动词形式nd buiclub用英语怎么说ld brands; Financial management, open and transparent; Based on the current, long-term vision, to provide services for more groups with special difficulticlub用英语怎么说es, to build a pla深圳天气tform formanagement more willing tmanagement怎么读o pay caring people, so that the lion cause in Qiongzhou vigorous development.
President Preston and President Tan Ronggen delivered speeches, giving affirmation to the lion work in Hainan and expressing appreciatlions读音ion for the achievements made by hainan Member Management Committee. We hope that hainamanagement怎么读n Member Management Committee can make progress steadily under the leadership of Domestic Lion Association and carry forward the lion spirit.

Director Fu Yong introduced that the establishment of hainan membership Management Committee is the result ofclub the guidanceassociation造句 and supportclub怎么读 of the Domestic Lion Association and brothers Lion Club, and the joint effort深圳s of all lion friends in Hainan. Haicongratulate sb on sthnan management committee set up is just the fcongratulateirst step of hainan liocommitteesns comcongratulated翻译monweal philanthropy, domestic lion federation representative in hainan provincial party committee undclubmeder the leadership of the provincial official, at home, under the guidance of federation of disabled persons’ federation, the domestilionsc lion will continue to give full play to nurture, support, guidance and control function, wholehearmanagement怎么读tedly do lions, when good backed by the lion, the lion directicommittee和councilon as well.

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Su Zeclubmanran, vice President of CFNA announceestablishment是什么意思d the establishment of 20 new service teams. Lei Jianwei, Liu Lianteng and Cao Guoming jointmanagement专业ly awarded the cards and flags for the new service teams.


Since January 23, 2015, the Hainan representative olions英语怎么读ffice and the first servcommittee和commission区别ice team of Lions Club, Hainan Coconut City Service Team, hassociation什么意思as been echinese new yearstablished. In just 10 months, Lions Club has developed steadily in Hainan procongratulate和congratulation的用法vince. The rapid development of the Haiestablishment翻译nan Managclubsement Committee has received the care, guidance and support from lassociation用法及搭配ions Clubs International, Lions Clubs in China, Lions clubs in Shenzhen and other fraternal districts. Preston, Tan Ronggen, Kajit Hanclubsana, You Hong, Su Zeraassociation什么意思n, Mai Siming, Lin Tclubmed官网预订ao, Guo Mingfmanagement的动词形式ei, Fan Zhonglin, Ma Xuan, Liu Guopu, CAI Li, Mo Jianbo, Ma Min, Limanagement是什么意思英语n Yanju, Zhang Shijun, Huang Yiqun, Liu Lin, Han Jing, Liu Jun, etc. As well as shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhlions的音标en Lions Club lecturing group, Shenzlions是什么意思hen Lions club guclub是什么意思ide lion group and other gifts of the flcongratulate的用法ag.

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President Lin Tao congratulated the establishment of hainan Membership management Committee and donated 50,000 yuanlion是什么意思中文翻译 of administrative funds and souvenirs on behalf of Shmanagement什么意思enzhen Lions Club.


After the in深圳大学augural meetinassociation翻译g, a charity party wasclubmed held at the passociation怎么读音arty siassociation什么意思中文翻译成te. Cao Yan, the gold auctioneer fcongratulatesrom Shenzhen Lions Club, presided over the auction seclubsssion. The auction included calligraphy and painting wcommittee翻译orks, jade, antmanagement怎么读iqassociation怎么读ues, wine, thangka, etcchinese翻译.,chinese意思 donated by lion friends. Shenzhen lion friends frequently clap, enthusiastic participation, to donate a lovlions是什么意思e for charitcommitteesy. The wonderful sand painting performance of li Qifa, a deaf-mute youth recongratulated翻译cclubman是什么牌子车ommended by The Lions Club of Shenzhen, presented thchinesee blessing of the Lions Club of Shenzhmanagementen and won the audience’s warm applalion是什么意思中文翻译use.


It is worth mentioning that shenzhen Lions Club, as the guidance area of hainan Management Commitcongratulate是什么意思英语tee of Lions Association in China, has done its bes深圳地铁线路图t to support the ecommittee和commissionstablishment of Hacongratulate固定搭配inan Manacommitteesge深圳市最新疫情ment Committee. Dai Jihong, chairman of Shenzhen Lion Friends, And Zhang Cheng, cassociation翻译haclub翻译irman of Shenzestablishmenthen Lion Friends, Ma Min, head of thlions读音e lecturers’ group, Zhang Shijun, deputy head of the lecturers’ group, Lin Yanjumanagement是什么意思英语, lechinese new yearcturer, huang Ycongratulatediqun, executive chairman omanagement怎么读f the Leadership Talent College, etc., went back and forth between Hainan and Shenzhen many times, conducted lion affairs exchanges for Hainan lion Friends, and estamanagement游戏blished a deep frlion是什么意思iassociation用法及搭配endship with Hainan lion Flions翻译中文riends. Shenzhen Lions Club will provide hainan with lion manual, membership manual, secretary manual,lions是什么意思 system comchinese翻译pilclub翻译ation and other lion supplies free of charge, as well as 50,000 yuan of administrative funds. In order to successfully hold the conference, the party specially hired chief director Yu Qian, Presidestablishmentent Choulinyan Sudden, backstage control field Han Jing, and invited guidemanagement游戏 lion leader Lei Hd on-site guidance. We all worked overtime to prepare for the party and spared no effort. The rigorous and meticulous work of Lin Yanju, the executive head of the delegation, and the silent efforts of Kuang Hong, Wu Yuqiong, Xu Shaohua amanagement翻译nd other shenzhassociation用法及搭配en lion friends won everyone’s appreciation. The “Red Lion costume” of Sheclub是什么酒nzhen Lions Club is a beautiful bu深圳风险等级siassociation英语ness card in the queue in the lobby of tlion是什么意思中文翻译he hotel, incongratulate是什么意思英语 the main venue and acommittee翻译t the auctilion是什么意思on party. The Shenzhen delegatimanagement怎么读音on showed the schinesetyle of Shenzhen Lion friends in every linassociation和collection的区别k of this activity.


It is understood that since the Lions Club settled in Hainan, the service teams h深证指数ave actively cassociation什么意思arried out lion work,深圳疫情最新消息 standardized operation, prmanagement翻译actical practice omanagement怎么读f the “heart, effort, attendance, mocongratulate固定搭配ney” spirit, extensimanagement什么意思ve public welfare activicongratulate的用法ties, service scope involves assisting the disabled, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education, respect for the elderly, publion是什么意思lic health, youth education and other fields. Has carried out the “lassociation英语ion love old age”, “lion assis深圳风险等级tive love”, “lion love student”, “red move YeCheng” and “purassociation怎么读音ification YeCheng (deer) yi” services, such as participation in lion friends more thclubsan 2000 person-time, social services, more than 100 ten thousand yuan RMB, the beneficiaries massociation用法及搭配ore than 1000 peoplions怎么读le,management什么意思 really played a “is the official uncomassociation什么意思plainingly, to crowd out” effect.
It is believed that after the establishment of hainan Administrative Committee, it will surely lead the socialclubmed fashion of givinclubmedg and being enthusiastic about public welfare in Hainan, and become an inlion是什么意思fluential, dynamiclions翻译中文 and effective public welfarchinese new yeare charity organization. It will leaassociation用法及搭配d the lion friends to carry out a variety of service activities, so that the flower of lion love wicommittee怎么读lcommittee造句l blossom深圳疫情最新消息 in Hainan and the fruit of lion love will bear many fruits in Hainan!


By Ma Huijuan

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