Work together to Retain and Develop Members — The first joint meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2015-2016 was held successfully

Work together to Retain and Develop Members — The first joint meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2015-2016 was held slions是什么意思uccessfully

          On November 11, 2015, the fworkdayirst joint meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2015-2016 was successfully held in Silver Lake Cmeeting翻译onvention Center. Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016 Prestogetherbnb补丁ident Lin Tao, last President Lin Ziyu, first Vice Presidenttogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动 Shi Jianyong, stogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动econd Vice President Yu Qian, Secretary Genlionsgateeral Zeng Shiyang, General Affairs Difirst翻译rector Tong Xin, Executive Deputy Secretretainerary General Lin Yansu, Adevelopment total of 28 memmembers是什么意思bers attended the meeting, iretainerncluding Chairman of the Membership Management Comworkmittee (firstlyWestern) Mr Tong Sze wong, Chairman of the Membership Management Committee (Central) Mrmeeting腾讯会议 Chiu Siu chung, Chairman of the Membership Mjoint造句anagement Committeedeveloped (Eastern) Mr Liao Wing-fai, District chairmen and Chairman of Shansi News Agency Mr Gao Chau. The metogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动eting was chaired by Liao Ronghui.


          In ormembership翻译deretain和remainr to actively respond to the activity of “Member Development and Retention master” held by Lions Club of China, Shenzhen Lions Club specially organized a joint meeting of thelions翻译 big management district to dismemberscusretain是什么意思s the status of member development and retention and the next work arrangement. At the same time, the information collection of membership cmeeting是什么意思ard, the funding support of “Walking with Dreams” return visit and the 13th Five-Year Planwork的过去式 of Shenzhenfirstly Lions Club will be notified.
          At the meeting, Shi Jianmembersyong, the first vimeeting腾讯会议ce president of ccPIT Xitogetherbnb补丁amen introwork的过去式duced the membership status and the matters of membership development and retention until November 4th, and the chairmen of eaclion是什么意思中文翻译h district reported the recent situation anmeeting是什么意思中文翻译d progress of this work respectively, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on how to carry out this work. It was stated that althoujoint effortgh difficulties were encountered in the membershmembers是什么意思ip retention process to varying degrees, different approaches would bdevelop翻译e adopted in different situations to achieve the membership retention target set for this year. At the same time, you said,joint effort on the one hand, wants to increase enrollment of relevant standards and requirdevelopedements, under the prerequisite of “out” spirit can apply for membership, hope that through tretainerhe council members take an active part in servifirst namece meeting on the other handfirstly, guide swork的过去式ervice standardization operation, retention and development to lay a solid foundation fmembers markor the members.


      &nbsfirst翻译pjoint effort;   Secretary General Zeng Shiyang made a report on the information collection of the second batch of membership cards and the suppodevelop是什么意思rt for the service funds of “Walking with dreams”. In late Sretain翻译eptember this year the first membership card after issuing, is to deal with the second batch of card photo information collectiondeveloper, in held the second area sretain翻译ervice will be issued at the end of thdevelopmentis month, hope each partition chairmafirstname填姓还是名n urged relevant service as soon as possible to handle card need to photojoint是什么意思s, to ensure that memeetingtencentcommbers can get this year’s membership CARDS as soon as possible. In this year’s July 20 solstice on October 1retain是什么意思9 to carry out the “travel” with the dream of big review activities, sheworksnzhen lion will be effected according to the proportion of service funds support, local in shenzworkerhen in 68 community service review activity, shedevelop的形容词nzhen lions according to 30%meetingtencentcom of that each activity service, support service funds 390900 yuan, Among the 29 return visit activities outside Shenfirstname填姓还是名zhen, Shenzhen Lions Club provided sjoint造句upporting services accordimembers是什么意思nlion是什么意思g to 15% of the servilions怎么读ce expenses of each activity, with a tomembers marktal of RMB 291,900. Shenzhen Lions Club subsidized servjointheclub是谁ices for the above two categories of return visit activities with a total of RMB 682,8togetherbnb娜娜两人互动00.
    &work是什么意思nbsp;     During the meeting, Chairetain和maintain的区别rman Gao Chau introduced the 13th Five-Year Development plan of Lions Club shenzhen to the members. He hoped that the board of directors would pool their wisdom to discuss the future development direction of Lions Club Shenzhen ajoint venturend elaborate on the structural frjoint effortamework of draftilions是什么意思ng the 13th Five-Year Plan. Parretain翻译ticipants expressed their views and put forwatogetherrmeeting是什么意思d many directional and constructive suggestions on how to formulmeeting是什么中文意思ate the plan. Lin Ziyu, the last presidejointlynt, pomeeting翻译inted out that regarding tlionshe development of members, she hoped thalion是什么意思中文翻译t each district would dowork的过去式 a good job in the research on the basic data of members, so as to facilitate the development goals of members and the quantification of data in the future. Yu Qian, the secolions英语怎么读nd vice president of lions Club, expmembership翻译lained his understanding of thretainse branfirst翻译ding of servicjointlye projects. He said thfirst怎么读at he recogndevelop的过去式ized the promotion of the “Warm Home” project of Lions Club in China, anworkerd that it would be a new milestone in the development history otogether翻译f Llionsions Club to promote the same project with the strength of lion friends all over the country to estretainablish a foothold and produce far-reaching effects.togetherbnb艾米莉双人互动


          President Lin Tao made a concluding speech. Fmeeting怎么读英语irst of all, she expressed her deep respect for the active participation of the council team in the conference and service actimembership什么意思啊vities. Since thedevelop怎么读 promotion of big return visit, 97 sdevelopervice actdevelop的过去式ivitielions翻译中文s have been carrifirst翻译ed out, which is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of thworkse board of directors. She thanked the chairman of Shenzhen Lions News Agency For hfirsthandis support and dedication to the drafting of the 13th Five-Year Plan. As for thfirstname填姓还是名e membership development and retention wfirst怎么读ork, she hoped that the district chairmen would continue their efforts and overworkshopcome all dretainingifficuworkerlties to make the best of the work, and strive to achievjoint的用法e excellent results in the upcoming “Membemembership翻译rship develion是什么意思lopment and retention masterfirst怎么读英语s” activity of the National Lions Association. She believes that with the strong support of all thtogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动e board memberretain用法s, Shenzhen Lions cldevelop翻译ub will achieve further sdevelopinguccess.



By Cheng Zhaohua/Li Jiangpingmeeting腾讯会议

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