About "Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club? Notice of 2012 Shenzhen Lion Walk

About holding & LDquo; Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club & Bull; 2012 Shenzhen Lion & RDquo; Notif褪黑素ication of activities

&nblion是什么意思sp;        notice作文;   In order to celebrate the 10th深圳疫情 anniversary of lions Club shenzhen and furanniversary什么意思ther expand the public influence of lions Club sheabout翻译nzhen, it wilanniversary周年纪念l be held on April 2, 2012 in Lion Foranniversaryest, Lia同花顺nhua Mountain. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shecelebrating怎么读nzhen Lions Club & Bull; 2012 Shenzhen Lion & RDquo; Activities.

            Acc深圳风险等级ording to the World Health Organization, walking is the safest and best form of exercise and has become the fastest growing mass fitness program in the world. The charity walking competiclubstion will advocate the concept of environmental protection, health and charity, with the slogan of &about是什么意思 LDquo; Wlions翻译中文alking + Charity ” To spread the lion spirit. The event was organized by shenzhen Lions Club and organized by OCT Service Team. As one of the important activities to cele同花顺bratthoughte the 10th anniversary, we welcclub用英语怎么说ome all districts and service teams to join us!
         clubs  about怎么读;  Activity Time:9:00-11:30 am, April 2. 9:00 sign-in, 9:30 launch ceremony.

&nlions是什么意思bspnotice的固定搭配;     &nbclub是什么意思sp;     Meeting place:Lianhuashan Park Lion Forest small square (Hu Jinnotice用法tao hand planted trees 300 meters noabout怎么读rtheast, artificial lake). Starting from Shizilin, hiking around Lianhua Mountain is about 4 kilometers in length.

&lions翻译中文nbslions英语怎么说p;           Registration requirements:Each team has fclub是什么意思our members (one member of the opposite sex is required). Please bring your own teamcelebrating是什么意思 board or flclub是什么意思ag withabout your team name on it. The age li同花顺mit is between 13 and 70 years old.

     lions英语怎么读;     &nclubsbsp;同花顺 Each participant will collect it on the spot. 10th Anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club & RDQUO; One limited edition T-shirtclubs, one insurance, and a commemornoticeableative medal for those who complete the course.

&nbs同花顺p;   &nlionsbsp;   &nclubmanbsp;   Please report the total number of people to Brcelebratingother Wang Jinsong of OCT Service team (tel: 13352986278, QQ: 13528531) before 5pm on March 29thanniversary可以表达生日吗. At the same time, lion friends and caring people are also welcome to provide funds or goods sponsorship for thnotice怎么读英语e activity.

      &nbsabout-facep;     Lion road ten years, with you!

              &notice的形容词nbsp;            thought                 Shenzhen Lions Club Walking Organizing Committee
Li Yuehua, General Afthinfairs Dire童话故事ctor, Huang Cheng, Chairman, Wu Jianing, Chairman
  &nbabout是什么意思sp;                 &nclub翻译bsp;    深证指数                       March 26, 2012


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