The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated a batch of articles for disabled children to the Municipal Disabled People's Federation

The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated a batch of articles for disabled children to the Municipal Disabled People's Federatiarticles是什么词on

&ndonate的用法bsp;      article什么意思;     March 27th, 2012, Shenzhen Lions Clmunicipalityub 2012& LDquo; Caring for Childrenclubmed with Disabilities, Making Hope for tomorrow together The donation actdonate读音iviclubman是什么牌子车ty was held in the multi-functiarticle是什么意思英语on meeting room on the 13th floor of shenzhechildren怎么读n Disabled Persons' Federation complex Building. The event was co-organized by China Disabled Persons' Wmunicipality和city的区别elfare Foundation, China Liochildren后面加is还是arens Amunicipal翻译ssociation, Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and Shenzhen Lilions翻译中文ons Club. The earticles怎么读vent was co-organized by three servimunicipal怎么读ce teams, namely the main association, Xibatch翻译n Xing and Xbatch翻译成中文iao Tong.
&nblions读音sp; &nbatch怎么读bsp;       &municipalitynbsp; Shenzhen disabled persons' federaarticle是什么意思英语tion Huang Chunbin (2011-2012, shenzhen lionmunicipals club darticle是什么牌子的衣服irector, vice directchildren的名词所有格or of Zheng Degang Su Zeran lion lion brother, first deputy director brother, second deputy director wu xm lions, brother, sec深证指数retary深圳疫情最新消息-general Zhang Xiaowei lion elder sister, dean of general afclubmedfair Li Yuehua lion elder sister, council members of the committee, and servmunicipal怎么记ice such as lions, friends and the leadershimunicipal怎么记p of the s深圳疫情henzhen special children rehabilitatiolions读音n center, and on behalf of a total of more than 100 disabled children People attended the event.
  &nbs深圳地铁线路图p; &nbdonate读音sp;       Li Yingqiang, director of the Municclub翻译ipal Disabled Persons' Federation, presidearticles翻译d overbatch the ceremony and introduced the guest list. Li Yuehua, executive chairman of the project, introduced the relevant situation of the project. On December 8th last year, Su Zerdonate读音an, vice chairman of the Serviclubsce Project Committee of the Domesticdonate读音 Lions Association and the first deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, led the tealionsgatem to participate in the first cooperation between the Domestic Lions Association and the Domestidisabled电脑c Disabled Welfare Foundation & LDQUbatchingO; The lion loves the sun. At the signing ceremony of the disabled Month service project, Mr. Shi Jianyo深圳天气ng, presid深圳市最新疫情ent of shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Lin Jintong, third vice president of Xbatch什么意思inxing Club, donated RMbatch什么意思B 200,000 to themunicipality Domestic Welfare Foundachildren怎么读英语单词tion for the Disabled on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club tomunicipality aid the sports cause of the disabled in Afmunicipal怎么读rica. Brother Su zeran made contact with China Disabled Welfare Foubatchsizendation anlions翻译中文d Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation to facilitate this activity.  
            Mr. Zheng Degang, director, made a speech. He said the e深圳vent was launched by the National Lshenzhenions League last December. The lion loves the sun. On behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club, I would like to thank all the leaders and lions for your presence. I would also like to thank the maiarticles怎么读n cmunicipal是什么意思lub, Xinxing, xiatong service team for theirclubmed support to this activity. He hoparticles是什么词es the event wibatch怎么读ll draw the whole society's attention to disabled children and allow more people to particbatchat蝙蝠ipate.lions读音
            Mr. Huang Chunbin, vice chairman of Shenzhen Disableddisabled造句简单 Persons' Federation, delivered a speech. On behalf of the Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, he expressed his high respect and heartfelt grdisabled怎么读atitude to the Shenzhen Lions Club and prodonated翻译posed that everyone join hands to help the disabled.
        &nbsarticlesp; &nchildrenbsp; The representative of the disabled children's parents made a speech to express his gratitude to the shenzhen Lions Club and wish the goarticles是什么词od people a safe life.
            During the event, shenzhen Lionclub怎么读s Club donated 340,000 yuan worth of materials. At tdisabled是开启还是关闭he donation ceremony, Shenzhen lions main service head ShiJianYongarticle是什么类型的文献 lion brothers to shenzhen disabbatchsizeled persons' federation donated 150000 yuan worth of good, such as new honey son meal, shmunicipality什么意思啊un hing service brother zhao the lion and the third President, vice President of shenzhen disabled persons' federlionsation Lin Jintong lion brother to donate 100000 yuchildrenan worth of collision childrarticles是什么意思en trolley and donated 50000 yuachildren怎么读n worth of cerebral palsy children wheelchairs, small withclub怎么读 service of disabled persons' federation of shenzhen Ye Dong lion elder sister to donate Sportlions怎么读s shorts for teenagers, worth 40,000 yuan, tmunicipal是什么意思o help disabled children in need.
 深圳疫情最新动态           Lion friends have been filled with happiness and sachildren是单数还是复数tisfaction smile, we wish these disabled childr深圳市最新疫情en happy growth.


                          &articlesnbsp;       &batchat蝙蝠聊天软件nbsp;                                     &深圳风险等级nbsp; Photo by Zhang Lichen/Li Jiangping


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