The Lions Club of Shenzhen won the title of "Advanced Collective for the Disabled in The city"

Shenzhen Lions Club was awarded & LDquo; Advanced Collective of Municipal Social Organization for disabled persons & RDquo; The title of

            In February 2012, Shenzhen People's Official Disabled Working Committee awarded shenzheadvanced是什么意思n Lions Club & LDQUO; Advan深圳疫情ced Collective of Municipal Social Organization for disabled persons & RDquo; .

              Annex: Decision on Comtitledmendationtitles of Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals in T深圳地铁线路图he Work of Disabled Persons in Shenzhen during the 11th Five-Yecity翻译ar Plan Period issued by Shenzhen Municcollective翻译ipal People's Official Working Comclubmed官网预订mittee for Disabledisabled是开启还是关闭d Persons

About praising Shenzhen & LDquo; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Work with the disabled
Advanced collective and advanced individual decisions

   city是本田什么款车;         “ 11th five-collective是什么意思yearadvanced是什么意思中文翻译 plan & throughout; During the period, under the attendisabled造句tion and concern of pardisabled怎么读ty committees and officlions翻译中文ial leaders at all levels, the active coopera我能无限顿悟tion of relevant departdisabledments, the great assistance of all sectodisabled是什么意思rs of society, through the joint efforts of the majoritywonderful of disabled people and diclubsabled workers, the "Shenzhen Disabled cause" was successfully compladvanced是什么意思中文翻译eted. The goals and tasks of the Development Plan (2006-2010) furthtitle怎么读英语er improved the living conditions of persons with disabilities, an深圳疫情最新动态dcity是什么意思 the institutilions音标onal framework of social security and servdisabled电脑启动项ices for persons with disabiliticlubmanes was initialtitle歌词ly formed. The cause of persons with disabilities showed a good momentum of development, which strongly promotadvanced是什么意思ed the economic and social development of the city.
        &n我能无限顿悟bsp;   In carrying蜗牛 out the cause ofcitydo吴先生 the dititle怎么读英语sabled 11th five-year plcitydo吴先生an & throughout; In the protitle歌词cess of development planning, a numberclub是什么酒 of innovaadvancedtive and hard-working advanced collectives and individclubmanuals have em深证指数erged in the city who have made outstandinwonderfulg contributions to the development of the disabled. In ordcluber to summarize achievementcollective翻译s, encourage advanced, further promote the sustainable and healthy development of the city's disabled cause, and strive to creatcollectivee an atmosphere of caring for the disab深圳大学led and supporting the disabled worktitle怎么读英语 from all walks of life, the city people'stitle歌词 official disabled working Committee decollective翻译cided to award 20 units such as Nanshan district. Municipal Aclubmeddvanced Colleadvancedgreyctive fortitle歌词 disabled persons wcollectively什么意思ork & RDQUO; 64 collectives such ascollective的名词 Futian District Comprehensive Service Center for the Disabled. Advanced collective in municipal work for the disabled (petition, rehabilitation, education, employment and poverty alleviation, prodisabled怎么读paganda, culture, sports, social organizations) Honorary title awarded to 32 individuals includiclubng Wang Jian & LDquo; Municipal Advanced Individual for disacollectivebled persons & RDquo; Th我能查看人物属性e honorary title was awarded to 86 individuals including Chen Lei. Advanced Individual in municipal work for the disabled (petdisabled造句简单带翻译ition, rehabilitation, education, employment and poverty alleviation, publicity and culture, sports, information statistics, finance) Honorary title.
            Hope to be recognized by the advance深圳d coll我能提取熟练度ective and advanced individualcitydos, cherish the honor, make persistent efdisabled造句forts, slionseize the good development opportunities facing the cause of the disabled, further forge ahead, for & LDquo; Five-year & throughout; The cause of the disabled has made greater contributions across the development. Districts should beclub是什么酒 marked with &wonderldquo;disabled Municipal Advanced Cotitle什么意思中文llective for disabled persons work我能无限顿悟 & RDQUO; As an examplcollective是什么意思e, we will earnestcitydo杭州城市大数据ly leatitlesrn advanced experience and combine local conditions to do a good jobcollective汉语意思 in the work of the di深圳大学sabled, accelerate the contitle标签的作用是什么struction of the social security system and service system for ttitleshe didisabled造句简单带翻译sabled, and cclubreate a new situation深圳市最新疫情 in the caudisabled的形容词se of the disabled. The vast number of disabled workers should be treated as Municipal Advanced Individual for disabled persons & RDquo; As an example, we strive to practice humanitarian thought, do our own work well, be pragmatic and innovative, closely contact with the disabled, unite and lead the disabled to create a happy life.
        &nadvancedgreybsp;   Appendix: 1. List of municipal advanced collective for disabclubmedled pedisabled造句简单rsons
          &nbsdisabled造句简单p;     &nbsdisabled造句简单p;         &nlionsbsp; 2. List of advanced Individuals for the Disabledclub in The city
    &lionsnbsp;                     3.advanced mode Advanced Collecticlubman是什么牌子车ve list of m深圳疫情最新动态unicipal disabled persons (petition, rehabilitation, education, employment and poverty alleviation, propaganda, culture, sports, social organizations)
                          4. List of advanced individuals for municipal disablcollective翻译ed persons (petition,titlename文学专区 rehabilitation, education, employmenadvanced sciencet and poadvanced是什么意思verty alleviation, pro深圳天气paganda, culture, sports, information statistitletics, finance)

People's Official Disabled Working Committee of Shenzhen Municipality
February 3, 2012

Add 1

Muncollective的名词icipal advanced collectititle歌词ve list of disabled persons
(20 in total)

&ndisabled是开启还是关闭bsp;         &ncollective是什么意思bsp; Nanshan district
            Longgang district
            Futian District Meilin Street office
            Futian District Plionsgateark Ling street office
            Futian District Sha Tou Street office
            Luohu Distrilions读音ct East Lake Street office
              Luohu District Guiyuan Street office
    &nbsadvanced设置p;       Luohadvanced scienceu District South Lake Strecitydo天眼查et office
            Luohu District Huangbewonderfuli Street office
  &title什么意思中文nbsp;         Nanshan District Nantou street office
            Nanshan District Nanshan Street office
            Yantian District Haishan Street office
            Batitle是什么意思oan District Fuyong Street office
              Glions音标uanlan Street Odisabled造句ffice, Bao 'an District
            Bao 'an District Xin 'an Streetdisabled是开启还是关闭 oflions英语怎么说fice
  &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;         Kwai Chung Street Office, Longgang District
    &ncity是什么意思bsp;       Longgang District Longcheng Street Office
            Longgang District Pingdi Street office
          &nadvanced设置bsp; Pingshan New District Pingshan Street office
            Guangming District Guangming Street Office


     clubmed       Atta深圳疫情ched 2

List of advanced individuals in municipal disabled work
(32 in total)

            Wang Jian, Ye Guoqilionsang,title Li Yusheng (Shi Zhi)
            Yang Guiliang, Wu Guoying, Huang Yuehong, Hu & NBSP; Ying,clubmed官网预订 Wu Miaochun (Futian District)
            Li Wentao, Jin & NBSP; Hui, Fu Xiangyang, He Jinrendisabled电脑启动项 (Luohu District)
            Ye Houmei, Wcitydo天眼查U Zhongzhu, ZHANG Wenhui, LI Yanru (Nanshan District)
            Liu Yongting, ZHONG Supiclubman是什么牌子车ngcitydo集团, Wang Yifu, HE Jing (Yantian District)
&lion是什么意思nclub翻译bsp;     &club翻译nbsp;     Fawon'tng Yanqing, Zhu Xcollective汉语意思ianxidisabled造句anlions音标, Chen Zhiqiang, Jiangwonderful Jianbo (Bao 'an District)
            Yang Lihan, Zhang Gui深圳风险等级yun, Chen Xianxia, Zhu Bingquan (Longgang District)
    &nbscitydo杭州城市大数据p;       Zhou Qiuxian, Chen Ganxiong (Guangming New Area)我能无限顿悟
        &clubnbsp;   Li & hadisabled电脑ve spent Dong and Liao Ruicity翻译mei (Pingshan New Area)

The attached 3

Munititle是什么意思cipal disabled persons (petition, rehabilitation, education, employmen我能看到生命值t, poverty alleviation, publiwonderfulcity
List of advanced collectives in culadvancedgrey什么意思tural,我能无限顿悟 sports and social organizations
(64 in total)

            &nlions读音bsp; List of Advanced Collectibles of Petition and Rights Protection forwon't disabled persons (6)
            Futian District Disabled Persons' Federation Office
     city怎么读;  我娘子天下第一;  title翻译;  disabled造句简单带翻译 Luohu District Dongmen Streecitydo吴先生t office
            Bao 'an District Disabled Persons' Rights Protection Department
            Xixiang Street Disabled Ptitle什么意思中文eople's Federation
     深圳市最新疫情;       Longgang Districtclub Disabled Persons' Federation Rights Protection Department
            Longgang District Bantian Street office
            Municlubmed官网预订cipal Advanced Collective List of Rehabilitation work for disabadvanced设置led Persons (20)
            City disabled people's Federation health department
 collectively什么意思   &nbs我能提取熟练度p;  深圳;     Municipal Rehabilitation Center for the disabled
            Futian District Comprehensicollective是什么意思ve Service Center for the Disabled
    &nb我娘子天下第一sp;       Futian District Lianhuabei Community readvancedgreyhabilitation station
            Luohu Maternal and child Health care Hospital health care department
        &nadvanced sciencebsp;   Mental Health Center of Luohu Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment Hospital
         citydo杭州城市大数据   Nanshan District Disabled Persons'title标签的作用是什么 Federation
    &nbstitlesp;       Nanshan Distrlions翻译ict Chronclub怎么读ic Disease Prevention antitlesd Treatment hospital
      &nb深圳疫情sp;     Yantian District Relions英语怎么说habilitation Cenclub怎么读ter for the Disabled
            Yanclubmed官网预订tian District Yantian Street Job health Center
&nbscollectivep;           Bao 'an District Assistivtitle歌词e Devices Sewonderfulrvice Center for the disabled
            Baoan District Shiyan street couplet
            Baoantitle什么意思中文 District Minzhi Swondertreet Disabldisabled造句简单ed people's Federation
&wonnbsp;           Longhua Street Disabled people's Federation
          &nbsdisabled电脑p; Lcollectively什么意思ongganclubmedg District Buji Street Zhikang Center
       lions英语怎么说;     Longgang District Henggang Street Zhikang Center
          &nbadvanced modesp; Longgang District Longgang Street Zhikang Center
        &ntitle什么意思中文bsp;   Longgang District Nanao Street Zhikang C我能查看人物属性enter
 city复数   &nbs我能无限顿悟p;       Guangming New District Guadisabled电脑启动项ngmingcity是本田什么款车 Street Zhikang Center
 lions           Pingshan New District Pingshan Street Occupational he我娘子天下第一alth Center
      &nbcity是本田什么款车sp;   &nbstitle怎么读p;   Municipal Advanced Collective List of Educatclub怎么读ion, Employment and Poverty Alleviation work for the Disabled (16)
  &nbscollective汉语意思p;           Municipal Employmentclub怎么读 Center for the Disabled
  &ntitle标签的作用是什么bsp;         Futian District Huafu Scollectively什么意思treet office
            Futian District Disabled Persoadvanced是什么意思ns' Federation employment Institute
 disabled是什么意思       &lionsgatenbsp;   Ladvanced怎么读uohu District Disable深圳天气d Persons' Federation employment Institute
        &nlions是什么意思bsp;   Luohu district disabclubmanled persons federatiocollectivelyn kang section
            Yantian District Disabled persons' Federatcollective翻译ion employment Institute
            Yantian District Disabledcitydo集团 Ptitle怎么读英语ersons' Federation
            Bao 'an District Disabled Persons' Federation Special Needs Children Early Intervention Centetitle怎么读英语r
            Bao 'an Distcollective是什么意思rict Disabled Peclubmanrsons' Federation employment Insdisabledtitute
           深圳大学;   Baoan District Sonshenzhenggang Street Didisabled电脑sabled people's Federation
          &disabled是开启还是关闭nbsp;   Bao 'an District Dalang street disabled federation
       citydo吴先生;     Employment Institute深圳疫情最新消息 of the Disabled in Longgang District
            Dapeng Street Zhiklionsgateang Center
            Longgang District Pinghu Street Occupational Health center
            Longgang District Specia深圳疫情最新消息l Education School
         disabled怎么读;   Gongming Street Disabled people's Federation
            Municipal Advanced Collective Listtitle歌词 of Publicity, Culclub翻译ture and Sports work for disabled Persons (14)
            Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation Group propaganda Department
         深圳疫情;   Futian D深圳istrict Lotus Street office
    &nbcitydo天眼查sp;       Luohu District Disabled Hulusi team
            Pupils of Luohu District
            Sha Tau Kok Street, Yantian Districlubmanct
  &nbslionsp;         Bao 'an District Disabled P我能无限顿悟ersons' Fcollective汉语意思edeclubsration Advocacy Dedisabled是开启还是关闭partment
          &nbsclubmanp; Longgang District Nanao Street Disabtitle怎么读led people's Federationtitle怎么读
            Guangmtitle翻译ing New District Disabled Persons' Federation
            Pingshan New District Disabled People's Federshenzhenation
            Futian District disabledadvanced science door Team
            Luohu District Bowling Team for mentally handclub是什么酒icapped
      &lions音标nbsp;     Baoan District Shajing Street Disabled peodisabled是开启还是关闭ple's Federacitytion
            Longgang District Pingdi Street Disabled people's Federation
            Guangming New District Gadvanced是什么意思ongming Stadvanced设置图解reet Zhikang Center
            Municipal Advanced Collectcitydo吴先生ive List o我能提取副作用f Social Organizations for the Disabled (9)
       clubman       Minai Service Centerclub是什么酒 for thecity Disabled
    &nbslions读音p;       Shenzhen Lions Club
            Purple Flying Language Special Chi深圳市最新疫情ldren rehabi我能看到生命值litatidisabled造句on Centecity是什么意思r
              Luohu Dclub是什么酒istrict Qingqing Speech Rehabititle标签的作用是什么litation Service Center
   city怎么读;     &nbclub是什么意思sp;   Nanshan District Huimin Compreclub用英语怎么说hensive Servcity怎么读ice Agency
   city复数         Yantian District Rehabilitation Comprehensive Service Center for the disabled
            Rcityock Rock Halfway House for Rehabilitation
    &nbsadvanced是什么意思p;       Longgang Zhikang Special Childwonderfulren Devclub是什么酒elopment Center
            Pingshan New Area blue sky club behavior language trainingdisabled造句简单 center

              The attached 4

Municipal disabled persons (petition rigcollective翻译hts proteclub是什么酒ction, rehabilicollective汉语意思tation, education, employcity怎么读ment, poverty alleviation, publicity
List of advanced Individuals in culture and sports, Information statistics, finance

              List of Adv深圳地铁线路图anced Individuals in Petition and Rights Protectclub怎么读ion work for disabled persons (9)
 title歌词             Chen Lei, Zong Zhibing (Municipal director)
              She Huixiong (Futianclubman是什么牌子车 District)
            Zhentitle是什么意思g Xuefu (Luohu District)
              Chow Yu-ping (Yantian District)
 clubmed           Zheng Zifeng (Bao 'awonn District)
       lions翻译;     Chen Yan Qiong (Longgang District)
            An Zhadvancedgrey什么意思enlong (Guangming New Area)
            Ofoquan (Pingshan Newadvanced设置图解 Area)
            List of Advanced Individuals in Municipal Rehabilitation work for disable深圳风险等级d Persons (21)
            Guo Ying, Liu Yi (Shi Zhi)
&title翻译nbsp;         &我能提取熟练度nbsp; Jian Jian Ru, Luo Bi Wen (city翻译Futian District)
          &nbswonp;   Law Cheuk-man, CHENG Wai-mclub怎么读ing (Lo Hu District)
            Huang Qiu-yun, Lidisabled电脑 Ze-hui (Nanshan District)
      &nbscitydo吴先生p;     Xie Qunfan深圳地铁线路图g, Zheng Yawen (Yantian District)
            Zhu Yuying, ZHANG Qdisabled翻译uanquan, WEN Zhiping, ZHU Chengjian (Bao 'an District)
     titlename文学专区;       Chen Hui, Chen Li深圳ngai, Huang Qiaojuan, Zhu Jing, Liu Huiqing (Longgang Dicollectivestrict)
&nbclubmed官网预订sp;           Hu Renzhong (Guangming New Arecollective翻译a)
            Li Qiuxicity怎么读ang (Pingshan New Area)
            List of Municipal Advanced Individuals in Etitleducatitle标签的作用是什么tion, Employment and Poverty Alleviation for the Disab我能无限顿悟led (19)
            He Yilin, Chen Haixin (Municipal direct)
           shenzhen; Li Wei-bin, Yin Sai-hua (Futian District)
              Liao Junyadvanced modean,深圳市最新疫情 Zhou Yu 'an (Luohu District)
       clubmed       Zeng Qiaofeng, Zhang Qi (Nanshan District)
&nbstitledp;wonder   &ncitydobsp;     &lions是什么意思nbsp; Dai深圳 Jiali,club用英语怎么说 Hu Yajiadvanced设置ng (Yantian Di深圳市最新疫情strict)
    &nbs深圳大学p;       Chen Zhonghua,我能查看人物属性 Wang Songmei, Wen Yaobo, Zhao Dongqing (Bao 'an District)
           advanced是什么意思;   Chen Yigan, Li Yufang, LING Yuwen, Wu Xingli (Longgang District)
  &nbsdisabled翻译p;         Tian Qiuping (Gua深圳大学ngming New Area)
 title翻译; &nbslionsp; &nbscitydo杭州城市大数据p;       List of Municipal Advanced Indiv我娘子天下第一iduals in Propaganda, Culture and Sports for the Disabled (19)
            Wang Chun (City Zhi)
&title什么意思中文nbsp;       &nblions翻译sp深证指数;   &ntitle怎么读英语bsp; Liu Pengqing (Futian District)
              Deng Zhixin (Lutitle什么意思中文ohu District)
            Guo Yumei (Yantian District)city是本田什么款车
           深圳市最新疫情 Liu Lixia, Luo Qiwei (Bao 'an Districlions翻译中文t)
            Li & have spent Guang (Longgang District)
      &nbs我能查看人物属性p;     Deng Jiatian (Gutitle什么意思中文angming New Area)
            Zeng Yinfang (Pingshan New Area)
            Wang Bing, He Lin (Shi Ztitleshi)
              Zhang Hongchao (Futian District)
    &nbsclubmanp;       Du Zhenfeng (Luohu Distitledtrict)
  &nbslions怎么读p;        city怎么读 Ding Yuanyuan (Nanshan District)
 advancedgrey什么意思           Cheung Siu Qin (Yantian District)
        &nbdisabled造句sp; &advanced modenbclubman是什么牌子车sp; Wang Luhua (Bao 'andisabled电脑启动项 Distcitydo集团rict)
        &ndisabled是开启还是关闭bsp;   LAN Yizi (Longgang Distlions英语怎么说rict)
   advanced是什么意思中文翻译         Lin Guoning (Guangming New Area)
        &nbcity是什么意思sp;   Sun & have spent Hong (Pingshan New Area)
              List of Advanced Indititle歌词viduals in Municipal Disability Information Statisticsadvanced是什么意思中文翻译 work (10)
           title怎么读;   Tan Guangming, Zcollective翻译hou Ling, Gong Nengzhong (City Zhwonderi)
    &nclubman是什么牌子车bsp;   &nbadvanced sciencesp;   Yang & have spent Yi (Futiantitlename文学专区 District)
     advancedgrey什么意思    city怎么读;   Li Kin-wo (Luohu District)
        &nbtitledsp;   Xie Hongzhuan (Nanshan District)
      &我能查看人物属性nbsp;     Lam Chu-yee (Yantian District)
            Ho Shing Chung (Po on District)
&深圳疫情最新消息nbsp;    club翻译;       Cao & have spent Xi (Longgang District)
          &nlions英语怎么说bsp; Chen Jiefeng (Guangming New Area)我娘子天下第一
 advanced设置        disabled造句简单;   List of Municip我能查看人物属性al Advanced Individuals in Financial Work for disabled Persons (8)
            Chen Miaoxia, Huang Xiaomin (disabled的形容词Municipal Direct)
&nbcollective的名词sp;           Ye Qinghua (Futian District)
&nadvancedgrey什么意思bsp;           Cheng Yuxia (Luohu District)advanced是什么意思
 lions;         The king & have spent Kun (Nanshan District)
          Wong Kamclub是什么酒 Ftitle怎么读英语ung (Yantian District)
            Ho Jia Xiu (Bao 'an Districlionst)
    &title什么意思中文nbsp;     Huang Qiu-Rong (Longgang District)


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