Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the Activity of “Student Travel in Mountains and Abroad” in Nanzhang (source: June 14, 2014 People’s Daily Online – Hubei Channel)

Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Mountain outside the aid line ” Activity into nanzhang

            People’s Daily Onabroad怎么读语音line N深圳风险等级anzhang June 14 (Wood) June 13, the drizzle, so that the scoclub是什么酒rching summer belaunched怎么读的comes particularly cool.mountains怎么读音 Hclubmanowever, the playground of Yanping Juniorclubman High School in Limiao Town, locactivity复数ated in the northwestern mountainous area of Nanzhang, itravelled怎么读s very lively and the atmosphere is watravel的过去式和过去分词rm. Mountain outside the aid line ” Activities, for the children in the mountains to bring love materials and spiritual food.

&nbabroad前面加in还是onsp;     &nclub怎么读bsp;     The donation ceremony was simple and grand. Wan Xiaoqing,activity工作流 deputy head of Nanzhang County, expressed his gratitude to shenzhen Lions Cl深证指数ub for its supmountainsport of nanzhang education andrelaunched donation for education.activity “ Your charitable acts of caring foshenzhenr education and caring for teachers and students embod深圳市最新疫情y responmountains怎么读sibility, convey warmth and carrtravely forwaractivity的动词d positiactivity复数ve energy. ” Nanzhang County Education Bureau director Nie In the speech said.

            During the event, members of the Shtravelledenzhemountainsn Lions Club Elite Service Team will Love Library & RDquo; The plaque was handed over to Liu Hualong, the principal of Yanping Junior Middle School, and the quilts, clothes, babroad怎么读语音ooks and other love materials were distributed to the representatives of students from poor families. Mr. Zhu Jieyun, the former president of the association, aclubmannd Mr. Sarelaunchednmi, the new president of the associ深圳风险等级ation, delivere深圳d a speech, hoping tstudents18hat thelions翻译 children would study hard, get out of the mountainclubmed, and give back to the society when thlions翻译ey grow up.

            Liu Hualong, the priabroad什么意思ncipal oabroadfabroad前面加in还是on the school, inactivity生命周期troducabroad翻译ed that the scclub怎么读hool received a total of 40,000 yuan of materialactivitys, which areactivity的动词 ur深圳天气gently needed by students. He will maclub是什么酒ke full use of these materials to encourage students to work hard and live up to the hopes of caring people.

  &nbspactivity的四种启动模式;   &nbstravelp;     According to the county education bureau stlaunchedudent financial aid center director Zhang Hongzhabroad什么意思i, the same day, tlaunchedhe Shenzhen Lions Club elite sstudent同义词ervice team & LDquo; Mountain outside the aid line ” Activities, respectively in Nanzhang County Limiao, Xueping, Banqiao, Xiaoyan, Xianchactivity的中文意思eng, Jiji 6 towns of 12 primary and secondary schools, a total of 1,904 primary and secondary school students donated 12,716 booksstudent复数, 1200 quilts, 127 sclub是什么意思ets of clothing, and helpstudent是什么意思 the establishment of schools & LDquo; Love Library & RDquo; , with a total value of more than 540,000 yuan.

      &nclubmanbsp;  (Editor: Gong Yali, Zhou Junjuan)& NBSP;

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