Transfer of Love – The Lions Club of Shenzhen successfully held the 2014-2015 Inaugural Seminar

The transmission of love
— — The Lions Club of Shenzhen successfully held the 2014-2015 candidate Seminar

&nbsptransfer;           On June 1transfer用法及搭配4-15, 2014, the Lions Club of Shlionsenzhen held the 2014-2015 Annual Clove直直播appouncil, Committee, servicelions读音 team leader, Secretarheld的意思是什么y and Finance seminar in Dongguaheld中文n Ka Wah Hotel. Stransfer和transform的区别u Zeran, vice President of China Lions Association; Zhang Guojun, Executive Direlove is gone英文翻译ctor and Chairman of China Lions Foundation; Lin Ziyu, 2014transferwise-2015 P深圳市最新疫情reslionsident-elect of Shelovealarmnzhen Lions Club; Wu Xiaoming, 201lions怎么读3-2014 Prestransfermarktident; The first vice President designate Lin Tao, the second vice President Designate Shi Jianyong, the secretary General Zeng Shiyangsuccessfully造句, the Chief Financial Officer Yu Qian, theheld的原型 Chief Fin深圳疫情最新消息ancitransfer过去式al Officer Zhou Tin深圳疫情g, the chief picketinglion是什么意思 officer Tian Wangxing, the executive depheldenuty secretary Gao Zhou and district directors, co深圳疫情最新动态mmittee chairmen, service team leaders, secretaries and financial officers attended the ceremony. The upcoming seminar mainly explained the 2014-successfully2015 work plan and annual work outline of Lions Club shenzhen, and made interpretatransfer和transform的区别tion of the themlion是什么意思e of 2014-2015. Under the guidance of the teacher group, the leaders discussed the annual work in groups and sections, and made the annual work plan of the sectilions怎么读ons and the committee.
            On the morning of 14th,club翻译 the leade深圳天气rs of lion friends went to Dongguclub怎么读an from Shenzhen to attend this seminar深证指数. At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the teacher groheld的意思是什么up and theshenzhen leaders of the lion friends jointly carried out the development activities, when the lion sisters surrounded by the love of the lion broheld的中文意思thers surrounclubded by the love tightly surroundheldened, the lion sisters seemed to bclube protected in the middle of the lion brothers, the scene is full of thick wlove最新版官方下载arm atmosphere of home. Then, hand in hand and side by side, the bsuccessfully patched是什么意思rothers formed a cclub是什么意思rowd. Love & throughout; Renqiang, the seconsuccessfully patched是什么意思d vice president designate Shi Jianyonlovely翻译g represents t深圳疫情最新动态he ldQUO betwclubseen shenzhetransfer和transform的区别n Lion friends; Love & throughout; Being passed high up the wall, the lions kept Shouting. Passing on loclub用英语怎么说ve ” , the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. Shi Jianyong, the second vice presideheld的中文意思nt elect, said that he felt the strong support from the lion brothers and feltlionsgate very confident. He was gclubmanrateful to the lion friends and hoped that we could passheld中文 on our love to the people around us and the people in need of help.
      &nlions英语怎么读bsp; &nclub用英语怎么说bsp;   Thelions读音 semilionsnar began at 2 PM. Ms. Lin Taolove, the president of the conference and the first vice president of 2014-2015, gave a speech of welcome to the leaders of lions Assolove直播破解版ciation in China and leaders of Lions friends in Shenztransferhen.
            Su Zeran, vice president of the asclubssociation, affirmed th深圳天气e achievementstransferwise made by Shenzhen Lions Club in the past 12 years and recognized the work plan made in 2014-2015. He said that the convening of the seminar is very timely and conducive to the orderly develoclub怎么读pment of the annual work. From the work plan, he saw the inheritance, development and bright future of Shenzhen Lions Club. Passing on lovtransfermarkte &rdqhelduo; Specific performance of. He encouragedheld all leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club to actively develop members and strive for an annual membership of 3800. He also encouraged Shenzhclub是什么意思en Lions Clublionsgate to actively carry out clions英语怎么读ommunity service activities and hoped that Shenzhen Lions Club would help more people around, especially the disabled.
&nbstransferp;           Preheld中文sident desiglove直播手机版app下载nate Lam Tsz-yuk commented on the annual theme & LDQUO; Passing on love ” It was interpreted. This year, we will ssuccessfully patched是什么意思trive to achieve oclubmanur goals by focusing on member development. Inherisuccessfully造句ting brand projects and improvingheld的意思是什么 service level; Promote system construction, standardize lion management; The annual work plan was explained from four aspects, such as spreading lion culture and promoting communication and fellowship. This year, the net growth rate of membership will reach more than 20%, and strive to reach 25-30%, which will meet the expectations of the leaders of the association. — 3lion是什么意思800 people, it is suggested to hold a joint transition between the seclubrvice teams to save resources and use limited resources to help more people in need. At the same time, president-elect Lin Ziyu pro深圳风险等级mised to makelovely什么意思 the annual President (clubsdirector) Gold Award (pure gold) and President (Director) Diamond Award at her own expense, which will be used to recognize the sclubman是什么牌子车ervice team leaders, district chairmen, committee chairmen and lion friends who made outstanding contributions to the lion work in the yearheld过去式和过去分词 2014-2015.
   深证指数         The slove最新版官方下载ecoshenzhennd deputy President electunsuccessfully ShiJianYong 2014-2015 an outline can be divided into distrlion是什么意思ict council, district inauguration will salute, annlions怎么读ual meeting, and alovelynnual training, annual tlions翻译raining content, educational content, initiation, charlions怎么读ity dinner and New Year fellowship and other nine categories, such as address, frienlions翻译dlovely什么意思s and called for all the lion lion for work related support and take an active part in the annual, To promote the harmonious deveclublopment of shenzhen Lions Club.
          &nbshenzhensp; Lu Zhiqiang, chairman ofheld中文 the Leadershiplovely翻译 College, Huang Yiqun, heaclubman是什么牌子车d of the lecture group, and Liu Yilin, lecturer, respectively commented on the course description, ldquo; Leadership & throughout; , & other Passing on love ” Three coulove直直播apprses havheld的中文意思e been shared and lion friends have benefited a lot. For & other; Leadershipheld是hold的什么形式 & throughout; , & other Passiheld的中文意思ng on love ” Have a deeper understanding.
  &nbsptransfer翻译;   &nbclubmansp;     In the etransfermarktvening, the executive Committee of tlions是什么意思he seminar, together with the Com深圳疫情最新动态mittee of the Association of captains, held a dinner partylions读音, which provided splendid perfortransfermances for the lion深圳疫情最新动态 friendssuccessfully是什么意思. President Designate Lin Ziyu anlions读音d President Designatetransferable Wu Xiaoming sang in chorus, and the dinner reached a high point with dancsuccessfullyers including first Vice Prestransfermarktident designate Lin Tao and second Vice Prheld的意思是什么esident designate Shi Jianyong. Lion friends have a friendllovely什么意思y exchange of ideas a深圳疫情bout lion work, family, career and so on.
            On 15th, 18 lecturers were divided into 6 groups, inclulion是什么意思中文翻译ding district council, co深圳疫情mmittee group, president group,love is gone英文翻译 secretary group and finance group. The lecturers in eactransfer过去式h group analyzed and discussed the cases carefully designed by thelove直播破解版 lectutransfer和transform的区别rers. Deepened my unders深圳大学tanding of 2014-2015 work plan and respo深圳风险等级nsitransfer过去式bilities. In accordance with theheld的意思是什么 annutransfer和transform的区别al work plan of Shenzhen Liotransferringns Club, each ditransfer过去式strict and committee made the annual work plan of the service teams, each district and committee, and deepened the cooperation between the servicelove直播软件安卓下载 teams in their respective distransferabletricts durinclubg the discussion processsuccessfully是什么意思. The atmosphere of the seminar was brought to a climax by the lion friends who spoke enthusiastically in the group discussion.
      &lions的音标nbsp;     The closing cerlion是什么意思emony of the seminar was held in the afternoon. The committee chairman, district chairman, ssuccessfully造句ervice team leader, secretary, treasurer and other representatives prlove is gone英文翻译esented and shared the proposed annual work plan respeclions读音tively.
            Ms. Zhang Guojun, executive Director of CIFSC and Chairman of China Lion Foundation, praised the results of the seminar and shared the developclub翻译ment status of CIFSC and the main wlovelyork plan for the next year.club用英语怎么说
      &nbsptransfer什么意思;   &nbsuccessfully是什么意思sp; President designate Lin Ziyu expressed her hearheld的原型tfelt thanks to the leaders of the association and the lecturers of Shenzhen Lions club wh深圳天气o participated in thlions读音e seclub用英语怎么说minar and congratulated the students who graduated successfully. She looked forward to the lion friends working together to achieve the annual work goals in 2014-2015.





By Zhou Jiaollove直播手机版app下载ong & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun


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