Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 Junior Lecturer Training Notice

Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 Junior Lecturer Training Notice

Dear Lion friend,

  &nbsplions是什么意思;         Wejunior反义词 informOn August 17, 2014, shenzhen Lions Club 2014-2015 Annual Junior lecturer training course was held. The arrangemejunior怎么读nts atrainingpeaksre as follows:


        &深圳疫情最新消息nbsp;       Registration willjunior翻译 start at 08:00 on August 17 and training wilnoticedl start on time at 08:40.

Second,Participa深圳大学nts: lectureclub是什么意思rs and prospective lecturers

Three,Quota of degree: 20 students (until the quota is full, the admission order will be determined according to the application sequence in the same case)

Four,Quota for refresher training: 10 studentstraining怎么读 (the registration procedure is thelions读音 same as for new studelionsgatents and must be indicated on the upper right of the application form. After training & throughout;)

Five,Dealions翻译dline for application: July 31, 2014 (subject to the time when you submit the application form to the Email address of the Instlecturerousructnotice同义词or Gclubmedroup)

Vi.Training Loctraining什么意思alions是什么意思tion:Youhe Asian Business Hotel (Shajing Branch)
        &nbsclub用英语怎么说p;     Addrclubman是什么牌子车ess: South Ring Road and Yihongqiao Industrial Park, Shajing Streettraining怎么读, Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen

Seven, equipment,Requiretraining翻译中文ments: 1. Lions Club red lioclub是什么酒n suit (for group photo) and comfortable casual wear.
&nbspjunior怎么读;lecturer是什么意思 &lecturernbsp;                                   &nbslions怎么读p;  noticeable       &nlions怎么读bsp; 2.
Bring your own lapjunior台湾艺人top.

Eight, the studyCost:

  &training造句nbspnotice;               &nbspnotice作文; 1.          Shenzhen Lions Club training funds and lion friends support;

                    2.          Room and board: 160 yuan/petraining造句rson (incljunior翻译uding lunch and dinner).

Nine,Lunch breaks: Consider bringing your own深圳疫情 cot or sleeping bag
10. Class credilecturersts: Students absent more than 1/3 May not be ab深证指数le to graduate

Elenotice过去式ven,Clecturerontact: Jia Jingshi Jie 13923887251, szszhjst@16training造句简单
    &nbsclub用英语怎么说p;           &nbslecturerp;     &notice的形容词nbsp;           &nbs深圳疫情最新消息p;   &nbsp深圳疫情;         &nbsjunior什么意思p;               Li Zhongjie, deputy head of the lecture group, Shijie 13802589489

Twelve,Other mattersnotice的形容词:Attachment 2 is thclub怎么读e trial lecture topic, please choose onelecturerous of them to prepare for the trial lecture.  
                   Lecturnotice的固定搭配ing group is lion friends forever home,lions怎么读 wnotice翻译elcome to join us to crenotice同义词ate a brilliant lion careeclubmed官网预订r!

Notice is hereby given.



   深圳疫情最新动态         1. App深圳licattraining造句ion form for Entry into Junior Instructor Training
            2. Simulating tenotice的形容词aching subject
    &n深圳大学bsp;   &nbsclubmedp;        


Shenzhen Lions Club2014-2015 Annual Lecture Group

In 2014,On June 18

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