About cornea donation from the People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Director Andrew CHEUNG:

      Hello! Thank you and all the lions clubregional members for youdonations怎么读r care and attention to xinjiang! We all have the same goal — show loveabout后面动词什么形式, help vulnerable groups to see again, benefit the society!

Thankpeople的复数形式 you again!

          People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autabout后面动词什么形式onomous Regioncorner: Ainur Vomihospital怎么读t,

      &nbspcorner是什么意思英语;                 &nbregion和area的区别sp;           &hospitalnbsp;           &nbsautonomouslyp;                 &nbautonomous怎么读音sp; The 2008-4-23

Cornea information sheet presented by Xinjiang cornea donors and beneficiaries and xinjiang to The Lions Club eye Bank in Shenzhen

Su-ling & have spent   Female 43 year old heart failure cornea transplant turson male 21 year old farmpeopleer donated lion club eye bank

Zhang peng & have spent   Corneal trahospitalitynsplantregion是什么意思中文ation inhospitalized a 24-year-old man with liver cancer   Female 15-year-old stcornell大学是什么大学udent

           uygur                                        about   Transplantation of Gong Kang Ning male 13-year-old student

Yang Peichun male 34 years old liver cancer cornea two donated lions club eye bank scientific research

Jing Fenghui male 16 years ouygurjalapsikix2ld liver cancer cornea a transplant Yang Ziyu male 21 years old student

  &about怎么读nbsp;                       &people币nbsp;     &ndonations怎么读bsp;               &nbsregionsp;   One for the Lions Eye bank

Liao Honregion是什么意思中文gzhaabout怎么读语音ng male 56 years old gastric cancer cornea a donation Liu Weicheng male 29 years old woregional翻译rkers

   hospitalized            donation是什么意思英语                        xinjiang   &nautonomous翻译bsp;         One for the Lions Eye bank



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