The second "Red Action" Lion Blood Donation Month was launched

The second & other; Red action ” Lion Blood Month campaign launched

  &naction是什么意思英语bsp;         In respmonth怎么读英语单词onse to the call of tlaunched翻译he 9th Shenblood怎么读zhen Care Action, the 2nlaunched的中文意思d Shenzhen Lions Club was held on January 12th, 2012. Red action ” The lion Blood Donatbloodborneion Month campaign was launched with a grand ceremomonth怎么读英语单词ny in front of shenzhen's landmark Huaqiang Nortbloodshedh Maoye Department Store Square. This activity is co-organized by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Centerwashington, and co-organized by 10 service teams, namely, Miles, Central Dimonthsstrict, Shangbu, Binhe, Fuai, Fuyong, Zhuhui, Lianhuashan, Datong and Shajing.
            Shenzhen who Xie Redonation动词形式 Mr, deputy dilion的音标rector of the committee, director of the shenzhen government, jose homotopy, domestic lion federation vice-chairman Zhang Guaction下载ojun lion brother, deputy director of shenzhen caring Chen Li lady, director of the municipal blood center Yang Baocheng, director of shenzhen lions last XiaoXingPing lion brother elder sister Su Zeran lion, first deaction对魔忍puty dred是什么意思irector, vice secretary of huaqidonation什么意思ang north garden xiang-yang feng, Mr. Ms. Ji Hongai, gwash怎么读eneral manager of Huaqiadonations翻译ng North branch of Maoye Department Store, Mr. Ou Jianye, first deputy director of Guangdong Lions Club, andmonth/year是什么意思 moaction下载re than 100 lion friends from various service teams ofwashington Shenzhen Lions Club attended the opening ceremony.
  &nbswash怎么读p;        lion怎么读 The launching ceremony was hosted by Song Yu Shijie and Wang Swashedhu Shijiesecond翻译, the secretary ofactionable the Mbloodileage Service team oredisf Shenzhen Lions Club and the famous host of Shenzhen Radio station. Mr. Su Zeran, first Deputy director of Lions Club shenzhen, warmly welcomed the leaders and gsecond什么意思uests on behalf of Lions Club Shenzhen. Yang Baocheng, Diwash怎么读rector of Shenzhen Blood Center, & LDquo; 2011 Red Action & RDquo; With the enthusiastic participation of lion friends, 19 blood donation activities were organaction对魔忍ized, and 1,395 people donatedsecondlove日剧 bloodbloodc剧情介绍, a tdonation可数吗otal of 440,000 ml, which effectively allionsleviated the situation of blood shorwastetage. Liodonation可数吗n emergency blood delivery vehicle shuttles between the streets and hospitals of Shenzhen cwas怎么读ity to perform blood delivery tasks, widemonth读音ly praised by people. Mr. Mu Tobloodcnglun, dbloodirector odonationf Shenzhen Spirit and Civilization Office, affirmed shenzhen Lions Club's cooperationactions with noactionablen-remunerative blood donation. Resecond缩写d action ” Become the brand of Shenzhen Care action. Zhang Guoyun, vice president owasn'tf the National Lion Association, supporwastets the lion brothers. Red action ” The leaders and guests of all unitred是什么意思s of the project expressed their gratitude.
            The first was held last year. Red action ” , Shenzhen Lionsactiongirls女兵人 Club donated two bikes to Shenzhen Blood Cwas怎么读enter. The lion number & throughout; The first aid blood delivery car effectively alleviates the problem of first aid blood deliverwashy in the blood center. Today, The Lions Club of Shenzhen once again donatedsecondary a 400,000 yuan ldQUO to shenzhen Blood Ce热点nter. The lion number & throughout; Donate blood. Xdonations怎么读iao Xingping, the former diaction对魔忍rector of Shenzhen Lionsaction Club, Su Zeran, the first deputy director, and Li Chao, the preblood怎么读sident of tmonthlyhe service team,blood翻译 handsecondscreen下载ed over the model of the donation car to Yang Baocheng, the director of the citysecond缩写 Blood Center.
            The scene is alsodonation可数吗 on “ Red action ” Enterprises and individuals who donated and organized blood donation were commended.
            Subsequently, shenzhenmonth翻译 who Xie Re Mr, deputy director of the committee, director of the shenzhen government, jose homotopy, domonth/year是什么意思mestic lion federation vice-chairman Zhang Guojun lion brother, deputy director of shenzhen caring Chen Lactionscripti laddonation可数吗y, director of shenzhen lions last XiaoXingPing lion brother elder sister, first dwaseplauncheduty director Su Zeran lions, area and thus lion, associalion的音标te director of the guangdong liodonation可数吗ns first brother pull tored是什么意思gether start the hand lever, The first deputy director, Mr. Su Zerlionsan, announced. 2012 Red Action & RDqwasheduo; The Lion Blood Monthaction下载 campaign is officially launched.
&nredmi是什么手机bsp;           Although the weather is cold, amonthnd under a light rain, lion friends enthusiasm is not reduced, halaunched是什么意思英语ve rolleaction怎么读语音d up their sleeves to participate in voluntary blood donation, with practical action support. Red action ” .
            It is understood that the Red Actibloodborneon into the comreductionmunity, commercimonthsal centers, into the industrial zone, publicity voluntardonation可数吗y blood donation work, not only alleviwas怎么读ated to a certain extent. Blood shortasecond翻译ges & throughout; More importantly, it aredundantroused the love of the society aactionablend promoted the spiritual civilizatilionson of the community. &ldsecondlove日剧quo; 2011 Red Action & Rmonth怎么读英语单词Dquo; Was awdonation是什么意思英语arded by themonth National Lions Association. Outstanding Service Project Award & RDQUO; Title, selected into the 8th Shenzhelioneln Careaction是什么意思英语 Aaction怎么读语音ction & LDQUO; Public Satisfaction Activities & RDQUO; Project twasn'title, Shenzhen & LDQUO; The 9th Recognitiodonation动词形式n Conference of Blood Donatdonationsion & RDQUO; & issuredmik40ed by the other; Asecondlove日剧dvanced Collective of Voluntary blood Donation & RDQUO; The title.

Mr. Su Zeran, first Deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, maactionablede the welwas是什么意思come speech

Chairman of the organizing committee, executive Chairman rredead & LDquo; Redmonthly Adonations怎么读ction Initiative & RDQUO;lion是什么意思

Yang Baocheng, director of Shenzhen Bloosecond翻译d Centersecond什么意思, delivered a speech

Mr. Zhang Guoyulionsn, vice president of the National Lion Association, delivered a speech

Director Mu Tonglun of Shenzhen Spiritual Civilization Office delivered a speech

&ldredundantqaction对魔忍uo; Thedonation什么意思 lion number & throughout; Donarelaunchedtion ceremony of blaunched的中文意思lood daction对魔忍onation cart

“ The lion number & throughout; The opening ceremony of the blood donation van

The chairman of the service team received the commendation and took a group photo

Love enterpriseredmik40 representative, love individual to give a thank-you form group photo

Love enterprise representaction对魔忍ative, love individual to give a thank-you form group photo

“ 2012 Red Action & RDquo; Lion Blood Month officially launched

Bilaunched翻译g group photo of parwasticipants

By Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Photo/Zhang Lichen

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