Longhua Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2015-2016

Longhua Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2015-2016

          On the afternoon of November 10, 2015, the fourth regheld的意思是什么ular meeteamproting of Shenzhe龙皇n Lions Club Longhua Service Team for 2015-2016 was held in Shen龙凰神帝zhen Dew Landscape Design Co., LTD. 14 lions attregularended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yanservicebiog Bin.

          At the meeting, Captain Zhong Qiaohui introduced the related matters about going to Dongtou Central Primary School in Huichang County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi province from November 13 to 15 to carry out aid activities. By unregularizationanimous vote, the participan隆化ts agreed to donate 600 steamviewerets of desks and chairs for Dofourth-gradengtou Central Primary School, and grant 1000 yuan for eacmeeting是什么中文意思h offourth用英语怎么说 the 20 extremely poor students. At the same time, tfourth缩写he lion frheld中文iends discussed the details of follow-up services for the families of extremely poor students. Yang Hongying, financial officer, made a detailed reporteamviewert to the pteamoarticipants on the fund-raising, servic龙皇武神e expenses and administrative expenregularizationses of the servimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ce team. Finally, with the sound of lion bells, the meeting came to a successful end. Thanks to Shenzhen Dew Landscape Design company forteam什么意思 providing a comfortable venue for this conference, thanks to Lin Binsheng shi Brother and his team for their hard work.
          Friends to attend this meeting of the lion, re龙荒神王spectively is: liu guoliang, vice supervisor, Zhong Qiaohui captain, vice captain Yang bin first, third vice captain li Ming well, brotherheld Andrew sobel lion, wei-ping liu lions, brother, brother Dai Wenhong lion, ai-龙华天气dong Chen lions, brother, broteamther Lin l lion, Luo Xiuqun lions, elder sifourth翻译ster, Zou Qiuhua lteamworkions, elder sister, hong-ying Yaservice是什么故障灯ng lions, elder sister, tang lully lions, elder sister, elder sister zhang jieteam什么意思 lions.


Article/Contribution by Tulonghua Service Tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译eam

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