Earthquake Relief We are in action — A Brief Report on Earthquake Relief in Ludian, Yunnan province by Lions Club of Shenzhen

Earthquake Relief & NBSP; We are on the move
— — Lions Club of Shenzhen In Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief Briefing (1)

        At 16:30 on August 3, 6&bull occurred in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. Magnitude 5 earthquake, reearthquake英语怎么读sulting in serioreport怎么读英语us loss of life and property of local perelief形容词ople. According to the disaster area to 30 a.report的中文意思m. on August 4, the death toll has reached 367 people, tens of thousands of houprovince怎么读ses were damearthquakeaged.

    &nbsactiongirls女兵人p;   On August 4th, The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the emergency rescue mechanism and established the Orga云南财经大学nizing committee of Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief. Lin Ziyu, president of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, held the fibriefrst meeting of the standing Council of the Lions Club of Shenzhen and the Organizing committee of Yunnan Ludian Earthquakreporte Relief and made specific arrangementbriefcase是什么意思s for the earthquake relief work.

        After del鲁殿灵光iberation, the meeting decided to propose that all sprovince怎么读音ervice teams and lion friends donate money and materiarelief怎么读ls to tprovinceshe people in the earthquake-stricken area of Ludian, Yunnaearthquake是什么意思英语n province. The Shenzhen L陆佃ions Club yunnan Ludian Earthquakeprovince音标 Disaster Relief Pioreport翻译neer Team warelief形容词s established, with Shi Jianyong as the leader, Peng Kun as the captain, Ma Tianmu, Qu Jie, He Guoxiang as the vice captain, and the me云南大学mprovince怎么读英语bers Li Tracy, Liu Weiqiang, Li Youzhu, Lin Bprovince音标o, Liang Yan, Panbrief的副词 Heqing, Yu Chengshou, a total of 12 pioneer warriors; The vanguard will purchaseprovinces medicine worth 200,000 yuaprovince音标n and send it to the disaster area鲁甸县 by train inprovince的形容词 the afternoon.

      &nbsprelief和relieve区别; At云南师范大学 12 o ‘clock on Augusearthquakes怎么读t 4th, Shenzhenprovince怎么读音 Lions Club president Lin Ziyu, first vice president Lin Tao and secretary Gearthquake怎么读eneral Zeng Shiyang held abrief是什么意思 flag-awarding cebriefcase是什么意思remony for the disaster relief vanguard team.

  &nbslions英语怎么读p;     At 4pm, the first batch of disaster relief materials and donation ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Silver Lake. President Lin Ziyu, First Vice President Lin Tao, second Vice President Shi Jianyong, secretary General Zeng Shiyang, representatives of the council, committee and servbriefcase是什么意思ice team attended thereport的中文意思 donation ceremony to see off the earthquake relief vanbrief翻译gu云南民族大学ard team. The service teams have res云南财经大学ponded to the call of the district, andaction actively donated money and materials.

     report什么意思   As of 18:province怎么读音00 on August 4th, the total donation amount of Shenzhen Lions Club reached 1.56 mprovinceillion yuan.

Attachment: List of Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief Organizing Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club


      action对魔忍 Shenzhen Lions Club
August 4, 2014

Ybriefly是什么意思啊unnaearthquake翻译成中文n Ludian Earthquake Relief Organizing Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club

Chaction是什么意思英语airmbriefsan:Lin Ziyu
Vice President:Wu Xiaoming, Lin Tao, Shi Jianyong, Zeng Shiyang, Yu Qian, Zhou Ting, Tian Wangxingbrief的副词, Gao Zhou
Executive Chairman:ShibrieflyJiearthquakeanYong
Secretary:Zeng Shi raise
Executbrief是什么意思ive Vice Chairman:penkun
Orglions英语怎么读anizing Commlion是什么意思中文翻译ittee members:Seniorbrief的副词 ministactiongirls女兵人ers, divisional chairmen, committee chairmen and executive chairmeprovince英语怎么说n, service team leaders
Emergency Team Leader:ShiJianYong
First Responders:penkun
Deputy Lreporteader of emergency Response Team:Ma Tianmu, Qu Jie, He Guoxiang
Members of the First Responders:Tracy Li, Weiqiang Liu, Youzhu Li,lions怎么读 Bo Lin, Yan Liangbriefcase是什么意思, Heqing Pan, Chengshou Yu

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