The charity has received over 7 million donations (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper A11, August 6, 2014)

Shenzhen enterprise citizens have shown love to the disaster area
The charity has received over 7 million donations

      &nbsreceived和accepted区别p;     Shenzhen special Zspecializeone news (reporter Luo Liqiong correspondenzonet Gao Erxia) Shenzhen people are concerned about the disaster area, yemilliondoll动漫sterday enterp深圳疫情最新消息rises and citizens have donated money and materials to the disaster area to lend a helping hand. As of 4specialty PM yestzone护眼erday, the reporter learned from the city charity societspecialy, the City Red Cross, the city donation center, the Shenzhen Lions Czoneslub, shenzhen Care action public welfare foundation, yesterday received donations ofover more than 7 million yuan.

            According to the municipal Charity, “ Love Shenzhen & MIDdot; Ludian Recharity的内涵意义lief &rdquocharity翻译; The initiative of the action was published by the media yesterday, enterprises, foundations actively donated money, the association has raised 2.73 million yuan. Shenzhen Huaqiang Public Welfare Foundation donated 1 million yuan, BYD Group donated 1 million yuan, Shenzhen Charity Association & MIDDOT;receive的所有用法 Huahong Coverseashazone是什么品牌手机ri深圳ty Foundation pledged 500,000 yuan, Shenzhen Charity Association & MIDDOT; Xinlikang Love Fund pledged 200,000 yuan, Shenzhen Charity Association & MIDDcharity的动词OT; Keleick Technology Charity fund pledgoverwhelmes 30,000 yuan. In addition, Shenzhen Hanston Water Purification Equipment Company decided to dsourceonspecialtyate a batch of water purification equipment through the municipal Charity. The Charity is communicating and coordinating with the local people, hoping that the donated materials can reacspecialisth the local area as soon as possible to help the people in the disaster area.

    &nbspzone状态;       As of 10 PM last night, donat深圳ions from the Shenzhenspecialist Lionspecialists Clubsource的中文意思 had reached 2.662 million yuan. Yesterday afsource翻译ternoon, 12 shenzhen Lions club lion friends purchased 200,000 yuan of scarce medicine has be深圳en sent to the disaster area.

            According to the city Red Cross, in addition to receiving 25,702 yuacharity和love区别n yesterda深圳天气y, Changyuan Gdonation什么意思roup Co., Ltd. has decided to donate 2,000 waterproof MATS worth 100,000 yuan to the disaster area, and is currently working on them. Shenzhen Xinde Pawnshop Co., Ltd. has decided to donate 2,overflow樱花动漫000 boxes of Wonoverseasg Lo Kat drinks, totaling 113,72million的用法0 yuan.

          &donations翻译nbsp; In addition, the city donation center yesterdaymillion和billion的区别 also received shenzhen Four Seasons Trade Co., Ltd. donatereceived和accepted区别d 10,000 yuan.


The charity has received more than 7 million donations

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