Yunnan Ludian earthquake relief proposal

 Yunnan Ludian earthquake relief proposal 

8month3dayIn the afternoon16when30In Ludi鲁甸地震an County, Zhaproposal用法otong City, Yunnan Province65Magnitude earthquake,云南白药 resultinrelief怎么读g in serious loss of life and pro云南民族大学perty of local people. According to the disasterearthquake怎么读 area to8month4鲁甸张正聪dayZerproposal的动词o in the morning30By the count, the death toll has reached367People, tens of thousands of home鲁甸县s were damaged.

Here, shenzhen Lions club all lion friends to the disaster area compatriots express deep sympathrelief是什么意思啊y! At the same time, yunnan Ludian earthquake relief work urgently, Shenzhen Lions club was immediately established. Organizing Committee of Yunnan Ludian Earthquake鲁殿灵光 Relief & RDQUO; , and proposed the shenzhen Lions club each service team and the lion friends to take active action, let us carry forwardOne party is difficult, p p云南大学研究生院lus supportCarry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. We serve ” Lion spirirelieft, extend a helping hand, de云南农业大学dication searthquake什么意思elfless love, generous donations, raise disaster relief materials, with practical action to support the affected people to restore normal production anproposal虚拟语气d life, the reconstruction of their homes to make a contribution.

It is recommended that the service teams and lions d鹭点烟汀o not go to the disaster area al鲁甸天气预报one torelief翻译成中文 avoid personal injury. If you plan to go to the disaster area to relieve the disast鲁甸天气预报er or have relief materials sent to the disaster area, please contact the Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief Committee of Shenzrelief翻译成中文hen Lions Crelief翻译lub for coordinated action. Contact person: Srelief用法及搭配hi Jianyong, the second vice President13502858990Peng Kun, Deputy secretary General and chairman of emergency Rescue Education Center13relief翻译成中文902468138.

Donatiorelief给挚爱的你n Account nuyunnanmber:748458620854relief给挚爱的你Barelief动词形式nk name: Shenzhen Lions Club Bank name: Shearthquakes怎么读enzhen Citizen Center Sub-branch of China Bank. C云南民族大学ontact person: Hou Zherelief翻译nlian, Zhang Qing, Wang Qin, Tel:256proposal写作格式88550,25688960.25688561. Tips: Please fax the bank receipearthquakes怎么读t to:25688900, state your name or team in threliefe prelief给挚爱的你ostscriptDonated money for earthquake relief in Ludian, Yunnan&rd云南疫情quo;.

I sincerely wish the people in the earthquake-stricken ar云南师范大学eas of Ludian, Yunnan a鲁甸县n early victory in disaster relief work and arelief给挚爱的你n early reconstructearthquake英语怎么读ion of their homes! 


Shenzhen Liorelief翻译ns Club

2014-2015.President of the Year: Lin Ziyu




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