Lions Club of Shenzhen holds annual inauguration ceremony (source: Shenzhen Business Daily A09, July 28, 2014)

  Lions Club of Shenzhen holds annual inaugural ceremony.
        [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (Reporter deng Xiaoqun, correspondent Ma Huijuan) Yesterday, Shenzhen Lions Club held the 2013-2014 annuinauguration是什么意思al tribute andholds the 2014-2015 inaugural ceremony, and Lin Ziyu becamannual造句e the 2014businessman翻译-2015 Psource的中文意思resident of Shenzhen Lions Club.

  &nbceremony翻译sp;   &nhold是什么功能键bsp; In thbusinessmane 12 years since its establishmenhold是什么意思万用表t, as of June 2014, Shenzhen Lions Club has 97 service teams with more than 3,000 members. According to inclionsomplete statistics, with Shenzhen as the center, Lionslions Club shenzhen has spread its love trail across Clions英语怎么读hina, with more than 6,000 service activities and a servilions怎么读ce fund of about 180 million YUAN. Among them, more than 18,000 cases of cataract surgery were performed for free, more than 65 million yuan in donations for disasteceremony怎么读r relief and reconstru深圳风险等级ction, moclubre than 9 million yuansource车上按键什么意思 in donations for the disabled and orphans, and more than 40 lion scho深圳疫情最新动态ols were donated, benefiting 40 million people. Shenzhen Lions Club has been awarded thold是什么意思网络用语he official award of Shenzhen municipality for two consecutive yeaclub翻译rs. Pengcheng Charity Org深圳疫情最新消息anization Award & RDQUO; In recognition of indiannual是什么意思viduals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to shenzhen’s charitable undertakings over the past 30 years. Pengchengclub翻译 Charity Outstanding Contribution Award (Group) & RDquo; Has been winauguration是什么意思idely concerned by the whole society.

      &nbsphold是什么意思万用表; In the past 2013-2014, the Shenzhen Lions Club revolved around & LDquo; Because of the future Theholds翻译 theme of the yeannual英语怎么读ar, insist on & LDquo; Based in Shenzhen, serving the community & RDquo; The concept of actively carrying out sichuanlions是什么意思 Ya ‘an earthquake postsource命令-disaster receremony怎么读construction, & LDquo; Red action ” Lion blood donation month andannuals other series of serv深圳风险等级ice activities.

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