Flying Songs of the Earth and walking with dreams — The 2015-2016 Annual Changing charity Gala of The Earth Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club and the friendship team ceremony of the Dongpo Service Team and Chunxi Road Service Team of sichuan Member Management Committee of The Domestic Lions Club was successfully held

          Flying Songs of the Earth and walking with dreams — Thflying怎么读e 2015-2016 Annual Changing charity Gala of The Earth Service Team of Shenclubmanzhen Lions Club and the friendship team ceremony of the Dongpo Servservice的名词ice Team and Chunxi Road Service Team of sichuan Member Mearth怎么读anagement Committee of The Domestlionsgateic Lions Club was successfully held

  &walkinginthesunnbsp;   &club用英语怎么说nbsp;   On October 21, 2015, “Flying sonlions是什么意思gs offlyingkites thdreamselfye Earth, Walking with the Dream” — Charity party for the change of Shenzhen Lions Club Earth Service Team and friendship team connection ceremony with The Dongpo Service Team and Chunxi Road Service Team of Sichuan Member Manageteam什么意思ment Committee of Domestic Liodreamsansns Associationflying是什么意思 was held in Cuiteamprogu Building,teambition Silver Lake Resortearthmix超话, Shenzhen. Shenzhen Lions Clublionsgate 2015-2016 President Lin Tclubmed官网预订ao, First Vice Presilions读音dent Shi Jianyong, second Vteam是什么意思翻译ice President Yu Qian, former presidents Zhang Weixian and Dai Tongxilions翻译中文n, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Bi Yongtao, Chief Business Officer Tong Xin, Deputy Secretaryflying的音标怎么写 General Peng Kun, Zhang Hongxiang, Chairman tang Shihuang of membership Management Committedreamsanse (Wlions翻译中文est), Chairman Liao Ronghui of Membership Management Committflyingkitesee (East), Mflyingore than 300 people attendelion是什么意思d the ceremony, including he Xinru, chairman of the sub-district, Zhaflyingduck杂图ng Yan, secretary general of sichuan Member Managemelions是什么意思nt Association, Zhanearthg Dewen, chairman of the fifth sub-district and leader of Chunxi Road service team, Qi Wei, leader of Dodreamsans图片ngpo Service team, representatives of松树 chunxiwalking R松鼠桂鱼oad seteam什么意思rvice team and Dongpo Service teamteamviewer, and caring pdreamswapeople from all walks of life.
          Under the witness of lion friends and guests, Gao Songshu, 2014-2015 captain of Earth Service Team, handed over the captain ribbon to Wan Chaolin, 2015-2016 captain. Later, President Lin Tao delivlion是什么意思中文翻译ered a speech and exchanged gifts representing the friendship of the tteamworkwo places with Secretary General Zhang Yan. At the same timeteam什么意思, captain Wan Chaolin, on behalf of the Earth Service team, exchanged friendship team flags and gifts with sichuan Dongpearthmix超话o service tdreamstimeeam alions读音nd Chunxi Road service team. Under the common witness of leaders lion friends, the earth Service team and sichuan member management Committee Dongpo Service team, Chunxi road service team officially became a frieservice是什么意思中文翻译ndly team.



          That night, the ewalkingarth service team lion friends comearth地图下载posed and performed the collective program, let thflying的音标怎么写e lion friends and guests understand the earth service tlionsgateeam five years of wind and rain and steady growth; During the dinner and charity funlions英语怎么读draising, the imitation show presented bearth地球y Brother Wang Xiaolu of the Earth Service team was lifelike and lifflying形式elike. Tdreamselfyhe professional perforclub怎么读mances of Brother Badeearthmixn, Brother Yang Qinglong, Sister Jing Wen and Brother Zeng Xi of Sichuan Chunxi Road Service team made the audience feast thei松鼠简笔画r eyes. The moving songs sung by Dapeng Shi brother from the mileage Service team and the wonderful prograclubms brought by Tan Zhu Ge ge and many chiwalkinginthesun中文翻译ldren from the children’s Star Sparkling Club adserviceded a warm atmosphere to the party, making every guest present fdreamsans图片eservice是什么故障灯el the charm and beauty of public welfare.



          With the joint participation and congratulations of the guests present, the cerflyingduck自由星学院emony achieved a complete success. Durflying怎么读ing tdreamsanshe preparation stage of this event, The Earth Serviceservice Team also inservicevited Mr. Yu Qian, the second vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2015-2016, and Mr. Zhang Hongxiangshi, the deputyflying secrclubmed官网预订etary general ofteamo Shenzhen Lions Club, to serve as the guidanclubmedce consultants of this event. The two lions’ tireless help and guidance laid a solidflying foundation for the succwalking翻译ess of this event. The success of this ceremony, heralds the earth and dongpo, Chunxi road service team more cllion是什么意思中文翻译osely friendllions读音y interaction began, lion friends from both places have said thateam什么意思t through this activity, deepen the understanding, enhance the lion friendship, to the future friendly team interaction and cooperation played a good role in promoting.


Photo by Zhao Annie/Chen Weiming and Zhang Ruiguang

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