The first joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club of district 11 of 2015-2016 was held successfully

The first joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club of district 11 of 2015-2016 was held successfully

          On the afternoon of October 17, 2015, the firslions翻译中文t joint regular meetinclubman是什么牌子车g of the 11thjoint是什么意思 District of Shen深证指数zhen Lmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ions Club 2015-2016 was successfully held in Silver Lake Kunji Food City organized by the Miles sejointedrvice team of Shenzdistrict词根hen Lions Club. Lions firstmeeting的音标 vice President of深圳大学 2015-2016 in shenzhen ShiJianYong, deputy secretary-general of penkun, Zhang Hongxiangjoint翻译, member management committee (cedistrict是什么意思英语ntral), xiu-zhong zhao ajointlynd 11 division President li chao, zhang jian, chairman of the first 12 district lions, friends and other leaders from mileage, mission hills, Mongolia, smeeting翻译henzhen bay, inscription nonyl, a total of five teams, a tot深圳疫情al of more than 50 lion friends to attend the melions英语怎么读eting.


  &meeting翻译nbsp;   &nbspclubman;   Meeting, eajointlych service Sfirst怎么读英语hared services project big return declaration and implementation, report the membership development and retention of the completed progress, t深圳大学o discuss the possibility of a j深圳疫情最新动态oint educational activities in jiangxi prlions翻译中文ovince in November and December to 12 red action before the activity of mobmeetingsilizatiofirstn, and so on, finally the sdistrictingervice captain, introduced the main service project and service team, Clarified the developmeclubmednt dirclub是什么意思ection of the next step of the service work and other matterdistrict什么意思s.
  &nbspfirst是什么意思;       Afirst翻译成中文fter the meeting, a fellowship meeting was held in the Silver Lake Convention center. The lion brothers and sisters and the “little lion friends” of each service temeetingtencentcomam gave performances on stage. Professional singers Luo Jing and Dapeng Shclub翻译i from Shenzhen Pingfan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. lit up the atmosphere of the scene. The counciclub翻译l team repr深圳市最新疫情esented by Peng Kun, deputy secretary general and Zhang Hongxiangshi sang revolutionajointheclub是谁ry songs, pushing the atmospdistrict怎么读here of the fratefirst怎么读rnity to a climameetingtencentcomx. On the basis of sharing lilions翻译on ser深圳风险等级vice experiencejoint翻译, the sodality further strengthened the interaction and communicationmeetingtencentcom between lion friends, deepenemeetingyou是什么意思d the friendship between lion friends, and laid a good深圳天气 foundation for future service activities.





Text/picturmeeting翻译e cfirst是什么意思ontrib深证指数uted by mileage Service team

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