Because the future lion friends speak freely — the second mid – and long-term development planning forum of the Domestic Lion Association was held in Shenzhen

Because future lions speak up
— — The second mid – and long-term development plannin龙纹战神g symfuturelearnposium of domestic Lion Association was held in Shenzhen

     secondhand       On September 14, 2013, the second fsecond怎么读orum on medium andlion翻译 long term development pfriends美剧lanning of Lions Club was held in Shenzhen Lions Club.lion的音标 Executive Vice President zhang Guojun, Secretary General Chen Ya ‘an, Strategic Development Committee Zhong Wenling, 2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming, First Deputy Director Lifuture糖果n Ziyspeak翻译u, Creative Distrfriends用英语怎么说ict Director Xie Jianwe龙胆泻肝丸n, former direcsecondscreen下载tors Wang Jinlspeak的过去式iang, Zhang Weixian, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxin, Secretary Genfuture basseral Zhang Xiaowfriends是什么意思ei, council member, honorary council member, advisor and committee chairman, 18 lion friends attended the symposium.
        &nbsfuturehendrixp;   The meeting was presided over by Director Wu Xiaoming. Shenzhen Lions club lion friends talked about the future deve米的笔顺lopment plan from the aspects of membershiplionel developmentsecond翻译, etiquette culture, the concept of lions club and so onmid函数. The lions club members said that they would clarify the core values of lions Club, strengthbecause ofen the competitlion是什么意思iveness of Lions club in thefreely比较级 field of public welfare and charitspeak的用法y, and the mid and long term developmenlion翻译t plan must habecause的中文翻译ve domestic characteristics and be operable.
   speak什么意思       &nbspfriends; Leaders offuture是什么牌子 lions club in China affirmed shenzhen Lions Cfriendshiplub’s c迷迭香ontribution to the devspeak和say的区别elosecond什么意思pment of lions clubfuture怎么读音 in China and their suggestions for mid and long term development pllion的音标anning, and hoped That Shenzhen Lions Club could also fospeak的用法rmulbecauseate its own development plan in line with its actual situation, paving the way for future development.

By Su Zmidhuangbin

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