Diwang and Hongya Service Team: held the second joint regular meeting of 2019-2020

On August 11, 2019, the second joint meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club, Land King and Hongya Service Team was held at the 5th floor of Hanggang Fuchun Building, Futian Distrregularly意思中文翻译iservicebioct. Liao Ron帝王蟹多少钱一斤ghui, Director generalservice和serve的区别 of 2019-2020, Tang Quanhui, chairman of the eighth District, Tang Hmeetingsaozhi, Supervijointheclub是谁sor, Yuan Juan, leader of the Diwang Service Tea帝王业m, Zhang Jiaru, second vice leader Li Guodong, Smeeting怎么读英语ecretary Guo Nuan, Ma Wuzhong, Hong Ya service team leader Yao Csecondlove日剧hen, last team leader Xuregular反义词 Yuanhu, first vice captain Li Li, third viceservicebio captain Yang Yongguang, secretary Zhao Nianzhen, finance Zhao Yanping, picketing Zheng Xinxin, captain team members CAI Weihua, Huang Shuangyan and other 22 people attended the meeting. The meeting was cjoint翻译haired by Yuan Juan.

In this joint regular meeting,service是什么意思 The deputy head oservice是什么意思中文翻译f the lecture group Wang Danya attended the lecture, and the lecturer Huang Haiqun supported it on the spot. Wang Danya gave lectures on undemeetingtencentcomrstanding lions Club, organizational structure of Lions Club and cadre responsibilities. In class, teachers and students interact with eservice翻译ach other, and there are questions and answers with prizes. Lion friends gain knowledge in joy and feel the glory of being a lion friend.

Article/photo & have spenteamt Zhao Nian really

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