Mileage Service Team: Hold the second captain’s team meeting of 2019-2020

On August 9, 2019, the second captain team meeting of The 2019-2020 Lions Club Mileage Service Team was held in Block A, Automomeetingyou是什么意思bile Building, Futian Districmileage怎么读t. Yang Shuijin, chairman of The third district of Shenzhen Lions Club, Xiong Qi, captain of the misecond缩写leage Serviteamviewerce Teamhold不住, Huang Weiqiang, Wang Shu, Csecondscreen下载hang Hohold的过去式和过去分词ngliang, treasurer Zhong Yinghui and other 12 people attendservice翻译ed the meeting. Theteams手机版 meeting was chaired by Xiong Qi.


Mr Wong made a report on the progress of the preparation of the servimeeting腾讯会议ce Team transition ceremony on 18 August. Ms. Wang added to the cemeeting是什么中文意思remony’ssecondly arrangemenservice翻译ts. Chang Hongliang summarized the caring actmeetingivities of the caring group on August 1st, and introduced the caring plan for August ~ September. Luo Bin reported the arrangement of the summer exchange activity for disabled students in Lianhua North on August 22 and the Mid-Autumn Festival activity on September 7. Lin Lihua introduced the opening ceremservice是什么意思ony of the special school and the maintenance plteambitionan of the Qingchun teaching site, and solicited the opinions of the lion friends attending the meeting on the lauteams手机版nching and raising of Tencent 9/9meetingyou是什么意思 Charity Day. Peng Zhou introduced the yunnan student aid activity from September 10 to 12, and discussed witeamproth lion friends aboumeeting腾讯会议t the activity arrangement.

Gao Liping sent a video message frteams手机版om Africa to csecondscreen下载ongratulate thteamoe successful holding of the second cteamworkaptain’s team mmeeting是什么中文意思eeting and inform the lions of thmeetinge time of the next captain’s team meeting. Li Yongjun’s team was entrusted to take charge of thehold的过去式和过去分词 overall planning and arrangement.


Text/picture contributed bsecond什么意思y mileage Service team

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