Notice | held about shenzhen lion lion festival "is the most beautiful moment" the third China theme photography contest

Notice | held about shenzhen lion lion festival "is the most beautiful moment" the third China themmomentum怎么读e photography contest

Dear Lion friend,

In order tlion怎么读o better spread of lions service spirit, to sum up the experiences of lion servicebeautifulfoot崇拜 and friends sfestival怎么读how lion "is to help others, sfestival发音解读erve the society" feeling happy and service condition, the further development of the social influence of shenzhen lions at the same time, the shenzhen lions lions festivaheldenl cbeautiful歌曲oming, the third China shenzhen lions club will hold "the mobeautiful是什么意思st beautiful moment" theme photography contest and display, Welcome all service teams and lioheld怎么读的n friends to participate in the show. Taboutcghe relevant arrangements of the activity are hereby notified as follows:

I. Concept:Discover beauty, record beauty, promote beauty

Ii. Theme:"The Most Beautiful Moment" theme photograpnoticedhy competition and photo Exhibition

Iii. Purpose:Enrich lion club culture, shlion是什么意思ow lion club's service spirit of "giving heart, giving moneymost后面加什么词性, makilion复数ng effort and atliontending"festival发音解读, enhance lion club's communilions英语怎么读cation, leave preciomost翻译us memomost后面加什么词性rieslion, and enhance the social image of lion Club.

Time for collection of works

From March 5深证指数 to March 16, 2018

5. Objects for works

Member of Shenzhen Lions Club

Six, the content of the call for contributions

The works should reflect the touching moments and true details of various lion actlionkkivities held by Shenzhen Lions Clbeautiful是什么意思英语ub from 2016 to 201about怎么读语音8. This competition does not accept stageheld的中文意思d works, such as group photos, group photos, etc. Specific requiremnotice作文ents are as follows:

1. Show the social impact of shenzhen Lions Club (Lifestival怎么读语音on Friends) service.

2. Show your precious moments in the service.

3. Show genuine grmost是什么意思atitude.

4. Show shenzhen Lions Club (Lion Friends) and other internationalion翻译l exchanges and cooperation.

5. Show theld的意思是什么he touching moments of shenzhen Lions Club (Labout翻译ion Frienfestival怎么读语音播放dsfestival翻译) participatin深圳风险等级g in social welfare activitiheld是hold的什么形式es.

Note: The scnoticeableope of services includes: assistfestival翻译ing thbeautiful是什么意思e disabled, poverty alleviatiomomentaryn, disaster relief, educfestival英语怎么说ation, respect for the elderly, public hfestival是什么意思ealth, cultural communication and other fields, which are in line with the organfestival前用on还是atization purpose, vision, mission and values of Lions Club shbeautiful翻译enzhen.

Single or group photos are acceptable (gromost是什么意思uabout怎么读语音p photos are limitedbeautifully to 4)深圳地铁线路图.lionkk A work or group of works isabout怎么读 a "piece". Black an深圳天气d white, color is not limited.

7. Submission reqabout翻译uirements

1. The works to be exhib深圳疫情最新动态ited must be indlion复数ependently completed by the contributor and havbeautiful是什么意思英语e independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright; At the same time, it shall ensure that the work does not infringe the copyright, portrait right, reputation right, privacy and other legitimate rights and interests of the third party.

2. Only electronic docum深圳疫情最新消息ents will be accepted anfestival怎么读语音播放d sent to the recelioniving email amoment翻译ddresmomentum怎么读s. The format smoment短语hould bnoticeablee JPEG, and the file size should not be less than 5M (the original fmoment翻译ilm shot by DSLR or mobile plionshone is acceptable). Fill in the category, title of the work, name of the author, service team, shooting lmostly是什么意思中文ocation, description of the work (less than 25 words) and contact information as required. Groups of photos should be numbered according to the sequence of pictures. Those who repeatedly submit the same wnotice过去式ork will be disqualified.

3. The Associabeautiful是什么意思tion and its co-organizers hamost翻译ve the right to publish the winningmostly翻译 entries in any form without additbeautifulbox官网下载ional remuneration, and thmostly是什么意思中文e winners shall have no objection.

4. Participants are not allowedbeautiful是什么意思英语 to borrow or use othersmost是谁的最高级' works, even partial use is not allowed. Once vfestival是什么意思erified, participants will be disqualified from the competition and bear legal responsibilities.

5mostly是什么意思中文. Winners who participate in tfestival怎么读语音hislions英语怎么读 photography compenoticedtition shall not have any objectifestival前用on还是aton to the judging results.

6. No entry fee willabout怎么读语音 be charge深圳疫情最新消息d and the works will not be returmoment短语ned. The top 50 works selected through the selec深圳风险等级tion score will be exhibited during the thirnotice用法d Huashi Festival.

7. The organizer has the right of final interpretation for this photography c深圳地铁线路图all.

Viii. Selection and awards

In March 2018, an expert jufestival的音标ry was organized by the photography team of "notice的固定搭配The Most Beautiful Moments" of the 3rd Lions Festival of Shenzhen Lions Club to carry out tshenzhenhe selection. The first, second, third prmomentaryize and finalist prize wimostly翻译ll bbeautifullye set in this exhibition. 1 first prize,深圳地铁线路图 3 second prize, 6 thmostwantedlab是什么牌子ird prize, 10 finalists. Winners will be awarded certificates and troaboutcg网站phies by the organizer at the 3rd Huasheng Festival Carnival gala.

Ix. Contact Infonotice翻译rmation

Contact person: Brother Tian Xin shi

Contact number: 13424301968

Emfestival怎么读英语单词ail: sztxs@heldbackqq.cfestival怎么读语音om

Welcome all lion fheldriends to jomomentin us to discover beauty, record beauty and promote beauty!

Shenabouttime免费观看zhen Lions Club

Organizing Committee of the 3heldenrd Chinese Lion Fesheld的原型tival

The mostfestival Beautiful Moment photography group

Marmostly是什么意思中文ch 5, 201notice作文8

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