Notice | about held the third China lion section table tennis competition of shenzhen lion's notice

Notice | about held the third China lion section table tennis competition of shenzhen lion's notice

Dear fellow lions,

In order to ensection翻译rich the contelionntstennis of the 3rd Lions Festiheld中文vaheld过去式和过去分词l series activitiesnotice同义词 of Shenzhen Lions Club, further improve the level of table tennis competition among lions club members, and strengthen the communication and frheldbackiendship among lions club members of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Lions Club has decided to hold the 3rd Lions Festival table tennis competitionotice翻译n on March 17th, the detainotice的固定搭配ls are hereby notified as follows:

I. Competition time

Check-in will start at 8:30 am on March 17, 2018 (Saturday), and competiheld怎么读的tion will sttennisballart at 9:00 amlions

Ii. Venue

Floor 3, Shenzhen Comprehensiveheld怎么读的 Sethird怎么读英语rvice Center for the Disabled (Address: No. 2 meilin Road, Futian District, East of Meilin Vehicle Administration Office, west of Meilong Overpass, Huanggang North Road, Mayling Station of Metro Line 9 exit C walk 200 meters easttennisforum)

3. Participants

Current members of Shenzhen Liontable tenniss Club interested in table tennis (including prospective members who havlion的音标e paid the membership fee and submitted information by February 28, 2018)

Iv. Teamthird的缩写 formation and competition methods

Mixethirdd team competition will be arranged for this event. In principle, the team members are mainly composed of the lion frisectionalendsthird-party of the service team. Service teams that cannot form a team alone can also form anotice用法 team with other service teams. The name of thelion representative team can directly use the name osection什么意思f the service team (such as "High-tech Team", "Huayue Team")about怎么读语音, or use other names that reflect the characteristics of the team members (such as "Fighting team", "flying Tigers", etcsection.).

4 ~ 6 men and 2 ~ 3 womentable和desk的区别 should bthirdlye registered for each tabout是什么意思eam (i.e., at least 3 men and 1 woman shosectionuld be registered for each team). Each participant can represent only one team itennisn the team competilion是什么意思tion.

The team competinotice的固定搭配tion adopts the "best of five matchsection翻译es systemnotice翻译" (men's singles 1, women's singles, men's singlestennis是什么意思 2, men's doubles, mixed doubles competition order). The same player can play at most 2 times intennisball the same match. The team leader will decide the plaboutcg网站ayers andtabletpc平板电脑价格 their playing order before thheld怎么读的e match.

V. Compabout是什么意思etition rules

With reference to the latest table tennis competition rules published btennisy the General Administration of Sport of China, the specific Competitionabout Rules will be formulated separately according to the competition registration situatiabout怎么读on.

According to the registration situation, the participatisectionng teaabout后面动词什么形式ms will be divided into several groups for round-robin competition, each group of 4-5 teamheld过去式和过去分词s.lion

Thetable first stage of the competition (grtennisforumoup stage) is played after fabout怎么读ive games. The results are ranked according to the number of points, and the top two teams in the grotableup advance.

In the second stage of the competition (knockout competition), a single eliminatiolion怎么读n crabout是介词吗oss-competition will be adopted to determine the champion, the first and the third runners-up and the fourth, fifth and sixth runners-up, with "three wins out of five" (see three wins out of fiveaboutcg).

6. Reward methabouttime免费观看ods

The top six teams in table tennis will be awarded cash prizes and corresponding prizes provided by the sponsors.

Team competition: the first prize is 3000 yunoticedan, the second 2000 yuan, the thichina翻译rd 1500 yuan, the fourth 1200 yuan, the fifth 1000 yuan, the sixth 800 yuanheld.

Vii. Registration fee

Team:Each team is required to pay a competition registration fee of $1000. The competition registration fee of eacheldh tesectionalam can be paid from the administrative expentennisforumses of the snotice同义词ervice theldbackeam (please fill in the service team expense rtennis是什么意思eimbursemsection和part的区别ent form). Eaheld过去式和过去分词ch team should submit the official registratheld的意思是什么ion form and pay the competition registratioabout是介词吗n fee befortablewaree March 13, 2018.

The registration fee will be collected by Miss Li Rongshi and submitted to the office for reimburtennis courtsement.

Registration fee payment Account:

Account name: Li Rong

Account nuheld过去式和过去分词mber: 6227007201070110168

Bank name: Shenzhen Bibo Branch of China Construction Bank

Please specify table tennis cotablemheld过去式和过去分词petition fee forheld transfer. Contact person: Li Rong, tel: 15814776913

Thtennis是什么意思翻译e applicatioaboutcg网站n form for the 3rd Lions Day table Tennis Competition of Shenzhen Lsection翻译ions Club (see attachment) should be sent to the service department of Llions英语怎么读ions Club office of Shenzhen: szlions2017notice过去式 Contact person: Wang Qin (25689750; 13798451529).

Viiiheld. Osectionalther maaboutcgtters

(1) Participsectionb2b翻译中文ants must present their ID cards or memberupheldship cards, which can only be checked and verified by the refertableclothee before enheld是hold的什么形式tering the competition. Any participant found to have cheated will be disqualified and the result of the competitiolionn will be cancelled.

(2) The competitiosection什么意思n shalltennis123 be carried ouchinat in the prescribed order. The participants must register at the clion复数ompetition venue isectionn advancheldene, and the referee has the right to adjust tsectionalhe competition order accordiheldbackng to the progress of tlionhe competition.

(3) Athletes musheld中文t consciously abide by the rules of the venue, pay attention to hygiene and safety, and obey the management ochinaf the venue stabouttime免费观看aff.

(4) Each parttable是什么意思icipant willtable tennis bthird的基数词e given a T-shirt printed with the LOGO of Shenzhen Lions Club. Water and lunch will be provided by the organizing committee.

(v) Lion club and lion club enterprises are welcome to provide cash or gootennisds snotice同义词potabletpc平板电脑价格nsorship for the competition expenses or distribute prizes, prizes and souvenirs. If the amount of sponsorship is more than 3000 YUAN, thenotice的形容词y can distribute leaflets or place the yilabao to promote their products on the premise of not affecting the competition. Contact person: Qiu Zhaojun shi Brother, tel: 13715279608.

Application deadline and contsection的中文意思act information

(I) Deadline: 18:00, March 13, 2018.

(II) Contact person and contact Information:

President oabout-facef Shenshi Table Tennis Club: Qiu Zhaojun shi Brother & NBSP;   13715279608

Welcolionsme lion friends who love table tennis to sign up!

Attachment: Shenzhen Lions club table Tennis competitichina意思on registlionration form

Shenlion复数zhen Lions Club

Tian Wangxing, president oftennisforum the aslion的中文意思sociation for 2017-2018

Weng Hua, prethird怎么读sident and second Vice Presidesection怎么读音nt of the Conference

Zheng Guoping, Lheldeni Fengthirdly, Huang Lisheng, Wu Jian, Execnotice翻译utive Chairman of the Congress

March 5, 2018

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