Traffic police have the worst physique among occupational groups (source: Shenzhen Evening News A12 edition)

Traffic police have the worst physique among occupational groups
“ Traffic Psource命令olice Care Project & RDQUO; Send Newtraffic的形容词 Yeagroupsummaryr wishes and rich New Year goods to 30 sick and disabled traffic police officers

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wan深圳疫情g Ya) yesterday, in the tenth Session of shenzhetraffickedn caworst的原级re actiopoliceman的复数形式n organizing commi深圳大学ttee key projects & LDquo; 2013 Traffic Police Care Project & RDQUO; Li Xiaotian, a 28-year-old traffic policeman, suffered from meniscus amputation in one leg during atrafficmonitor Spring Festival visit. Progressive muscle weakness &rpolice officerdquo;) Took the condolence money and New Year's gifts gratefully said: “ So much socamongus太空狼人杀ial care makes me happy, agroupsummarynd mgroup是单数还是复数ore importantly, I can still work and serve people, which makes me feel valuable. ”

            Shenzhen traffic police shoulder heavy and arduous taskgroups翻译s such astraffic是什么意思 traffic man深圳agement, command and guidance, apolice是单数还是复数nd accident handling for nearly 2.3 million vehicles in Shenzhen. They have been exposed to high tempersource是什么意思atupolice officerre, noise, dust, lead and radiation pollution for a long time, and thegroupsummaryy wotrafficlights怎么读英语rk over 20 hours of overtime on average every week. In the annpolicemanual routine phpolicewomen怎么读ysical examination, traffic police in asourcetree怎么使用ll occupational groups in the worst physique, the highest proportion ofgroupsummary serious illnetraffickedss, hair lead content is 3 times of other occupational healthy peoplsource车上按键什么意思e, become a typica深圳市最新疫情l high strength, high risk, high pressure,groupsummary high disease, low life span. Chapter IV High and low ” The crowd.

          &nbspolice原则p; The caring activity for sick and disabled traffic policemen before the Spring Festival began in 2009, which was jointly launched by the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Caring Office and shenzhenpolice翻译 Radio and Television Group tr深圳大学affic frequency. Traffic Police Care Project & RDQUsource命令O; Actamongus多职业模组下载ion, to carry out a series of material care and spirituagroups翻译l and cultural care activities, Shenzhen Press Group, Radio and Televisionworst反义词 Group to promote traffic police work, to increase the understanding and support of citizens. The city care action Public welfare Fougroup是单数还是复数ndation has invested 90,000 yuan etrafficach for two consecsourceutive years to support & LDquo; Traffic Police Care Project & RDQUO; .

        &深圳地铁线路图nbsp;   In 2012, & other; Traffic Police Ca深证指数re Project & RDQUO; A number of charitable organizations and public welfare foundations, includworsting the Lions Club of Shenzhen, have been actively involvetraffic是什么意思d in caring for traffic police with work-related injuries, diseases and dissourcedabilities. Yesterday, the city care office and the city care action Public welfare foundation sent condolence money to 30 traffic policesources是什么文件夹 representatives woccupationalho were injured, sick and disabled, while the Shenzhen Lions Club sent rich New Year goods and extpolicemanended holiday greetings and best wishes togroups them.

      &nbgroup是单数还是复数sp;    police是什么意思 Tpolice是什么意思his yeargroupstar, the organizers will continue to carry out street sympathy, traffic polamongus太空狼人杀ice experience daysource insight and other activities, mobilize more citizens to join the action to care for the traffic pamong怎么读olice.

          &深圳大学nbsp; Related links: Traffic police physique is the worst in occupational group &worst极恶王漫画 LDquo; Traffic Police Caresource是什么意思 Project & RDQUO; Send New Year wishes and rich New Year goods to 30 sick and disabled traffic police officers

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