“Traffic Police Care Project” (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper No. 10733)

Care Action starts & LDquo; Traffic Police Care Project & RDQUO;

            Shenzhencare是什么意思 Special Zone newssource (reporter Han Wenjia) ysource车上按键什么意思esterday, & LDquo; 2zones013 Traffic Police Care Project & RDshenzhenQUO; Tzoneturfhe Spring Festival condolencespecial怎么读 activity was held in shenzhen Speciaspecialtyl Zone Newspcareaper building. The municipal Caring offisource命令ce and shenzhen Caring Actnewspapers什么意思ion Pupolice手表blic Welfare Foundation seproject中成本分为nt condolences to 30 representatives of traffic police who wecare怎么读re injured or disabled on duty, anewspaper造句nd thanked them for theiproject怎么设置无休息日r perseverance in the past year.

     care什么意思中文意思       U深圳nder the help of colleagtrafficmonitorues, traffic police Li Xiaotian came to the Shenzhen Speciaspecialized自行车l Zone newspaper building early, he wtraffic是什么意思as on dutcare什么意思中文意思y in a car accident, fell injured. Yesterday, he, along with 29 osourcedther tnewspaper造句raffic police representattrafficives who were injured or disabled while on duty, received condolence money and lunar New Year gifts from the Shenzhen Lionsnewspaper音标 Club.

           careful This event is co-sponsored by the City care office,traffic是什么意思英语 the City Traffic Police Bureau, the Care Foundation, shenzhspecial的名词en Trafftrafficic Frequency and other units, acarefulnd ctraffic怎么读o-organized by the Shenzhen Lions Club.

            Related lzone什么意思车上的什么按钮inks: Action on Caring & LDquo; Traffic Police Care Project & RDQUO;

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