"I do practical things for the masses" -- Shenzhen Lions Club "Caring for the elderly · Jingliang Action" walked into Baden Community

To earnestly study and implement xi in the history of the party general secretary study educclub用英语怎么说ation mobilization斗罗大陆5重生唐三 meetinglions是什么意思's important speech spirit, carry out "I does the practical work for the masses" practice, acpracticalitiescording tclub用英语怎么说o the municipal disabled persons' federation "one-on-one" hanging point conlionsgatetact south street and arrange the work plan, fu斗破苍穹rther do a good job, hanging point of contact to solve hanthings英语发音怎么说g well link up and down the stcaringlyreet and the grassroots people's practical difficulties, On October 30, 2021, Shenzhen Lions Club launche深圳疫情d a practical activity called "Caring for thepractical Elderly Jingliang Action" in Badeng Community, Nelderly前面加a还是ananyushenzhenan Street, Futian District.

"Caring forlion是什么意思 the elderly Jingliang Action" is a public service activity promoted by Shenzhpracticalmax是什么牌子的轮胎en Lions Club and Shenzhen Care深圳 Office in order to care for the elderly in the community. Under the guidance andclub怎么读 strong support of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatio斗罗大陆n, street office, village committeeclubs and other units at all levels, with the assistance of many caring enterprises, carinmasses ofg personages and experts from public hospitals, we go into the community to checthingsk the eye东方财富网s of the elderlclub怎么读y voluntarily, give professiondoal diagnosis opinelderlyions,things and give high-qelderly的中文意思uality presbyopia glasses as gifts.

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Ms. Li Qingsong, Dclubmed官网预订eputy Director of Shenzhen Love and Care Office, Ms. Wang Yonghong, Deputpractical是什么意思y Secpracticality的形容词retclub是什么意思ary of The Party Working Committee of Nanyuan Street, Futian District, Ms. Qiu Qiuhe, Secretary of the Party Comelderly和old的区别mittee othings英语发音怎么说f Baden Community, Mr. Zheng Zhiyong, Manager of Puwei Branch of Shangbu Industrial Co., LTD., Mr. Zheng Shaoqiu, Deputy Manager, Shenzhenlions翻译中文 lions club President of 2021-2022clubman, Guo Yongyong, secretary-general Lai Zhuoni, dean of general affair Tan Fei深圳, chairman of the first zone Chen Xusheng, sm, special asselderly前面加a还是anistcaring是什么意思ant toelderly和elder区别 Plions怎么读resident Cai Min, blindnesscaring翻译 to help blind committee chairman Pan Zhiping, community service committee chairman Wei Xin new leadership lio深证指数n friends, such as general hospital of shenzhen university Feng Hua doctor, Dr Zhou Liangjian pathingsboardrticipated in the event.

Shenzhen love ms qing-song li delivered a speech, deputy dpractical是什么意思irector of the office introdupractical的反义词ced shenzhen official's emphasis on the elderly and the related measures, and expressed shenzhen lions actively carry out "care for the old man, eyes bright action" community service activities, into the community for the elderly eyes checked with reading glasses, propractical怎么读mote social attpracticalention vision problionslems in the elderly, telderly近义词hus contribute to the highly appreciatpracticality的形容词ed.

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Ms. Wang Yong东莞天气hong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Workin深圳g Committee of Nanyuan Street, Futian District, Shenzhen, delivered a speech to express the street's concern for the eldthings翻译erly and thanks to shenzhen Lions Clthings英语怎么读ub for carrying out the "Care for the elderly Jingliang Action" in Nanyuan Street.

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Shenzhen lions club President Guo Yongyong speech, this paper expounds the shenzhen lion's commitment to community service anelderly近义词d action, this paper introduces the operation, "care for the old man eyes bright," beginner's mielderly前面加a还是annd and practice, put forward the project in promoting community to cover more elderly people's vision, and tclub是什么意思he expression of shenzhen calions翻译re office, south garden, Po village, age-friendly uniclub是什么酒ts at all levels of leadership, Thank you and respect for your efforts.

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The event was organized by shenzhen Lions Club, Nanyuan Street Office, Puwei Village Committee and Shenzhen University General Hospital. The event was carried out in an orderly, safe, rapid and efficient manner. Allclub是什么酒 the leaders and guests joined in and served the elderly together. The old people sthingshowed a very high spirit of order. Under the guidance of the volunteers, they successively cclub怎么读ompleted the vision examination and fundus examination, and receivedpractical怎么读音 the appropriate glasses. They left the activity area happily.

Up to now, shenzhen Lions club has successfully held 10 sessionlions读音s of copractical怎么读mmunitmasses怎么读y service activities of "Caring for t深圳he Elderly Jingliang Action", benepracticalitiesfiting more than 4,000 elderlyelderly怎么读 people and improving thlion是什么意思中文翻译eir eyesight. Shenzhen lion always adhere to the leadership of the communist party of domestic to hiclub翻译gh political consciousnessdo, thought consciousness, consciously strictly implement the action of xi jinping, the CPC Central Committee general secretary decision deploypracticality的形容词ment, calls the official working, activ深圳天气ely undertake sociclubmanal responsibilpracticalitiesities and ob斗罗大陆4ligations, to protect the community life andthings怎么读 health services, to practice "I does the practical work for the masses", Shenzhen from all walks of life to build, co-governaclubmed官网预订nce, sharing the new pattern of socialism to make contributions.

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