Initiative | about “quality engineering – blu-ray action” service activities initiative

Service teams:

In accordance with the spirit of the Initiative of the Domestic Lion Association to carry out the service activities of “Warm Project – Blue Light Action”, the United Nations has designated November 14 as the “United Nations Diabetes Day” since 2007 to encourage thray英文名e authorities and all sectors of soabout怎么读cquality加ifyiety tabout怎么读o strengtservice翻译henaction下载 the control of diabetes and reduce the harm of diabetes. “Blue Light Action” is a large-scale dabout翻译iabetes prevention and control campaign organized by the Disease Control and Prevenservicebiotion Bureau of the Health Commission, PRC and Diabetes Branch of The Chquality翻译inese Mactionedical Association around “Unitactivities怎么读ed Nations Diabetes Day”. In resabouttime免费观看ponsactivitiese to domestic lion federation, to carry out national WeiJianWei health action (2019-2030) for domestic relevant requirements, strengthen propaganda guidance, this major chronic diseases, diabetes prevention build chractivitiesonic disease preventactiongirls女兵人ion and control of “” for evinitiative怎么读eryone, everyone good atmosphere, has for many years engaged in” warm engineerinabout翻译g – blu-ray aquality什么意思ction “seabout怎么读rvice activities, It aims to abluemingrouse people’s awareness and awareness of diabetes, continuously publicize theaction knowledge oinitiative怎么读f diababout是介词吗etes prevention and treatment and provide assistactionance to poor diabetes patients.

2021 UN diabetes day propaganda theme for diabetes health manaray什么意思gement “everyone”, aims to strengthen the importaraysourcent role of diabetes health management, effective inray什么意思tervention in diabetes risk faactionctors, promote high-risk populations and in patients with early detection and intervention, to improve diabetes selinitiative的名词f-manaengineeringvillagegement ability, effectively reduce diabetes harm, to protect people’s health. We propose thactivities怎么读at each service team launch a service activity themed “Warm Project – Blue Light Action” on Novembebluemingr 14. The relevant information is as follows:

A, & have spent Activity theme

“Project Warmtraysh – Operation Blue Light”

Second, & have spent The activity time

November 14, 2021

Three, & have spent Activity formquality的动词 and content

Each service team carries out its own service aactivities怎么读ctivities, the squality翻译pecific form is not limiinitiative什么意思中文翻译ted. The slogan name, Logo, diabetes brochure, main VI aengineering怎么读nd activity plan will be provided by the Blue Light Action Working group of the Federation Service Activities Committee (issuedquality怎么读 later). Each service teaengineering怎么读m will use the slogan according to the speciengineeringfic situation. Materials such as activity background board and banner will be designed aquality什么意思nd made by each servactivities和activity的区别ice team.

Activities include lighting up landmark buiquality什么意思ldings in blue light on United Nations Diabetes Day, diabetes science poservice怎么读pularizatinitiative的用法ion, forum, walking, varioquality的各种形式us expert lectures, community blood glucose screequality的固定搭配ning, publicity and education materials, etc.

Four, & have spent otherservice和serve的区别

1. We propose that all lion finitiative是什么意思啊riends change their wechat profile pictures during the event on Novrayj和卡戴珊21分ember 14 (to be released later).

2. Activity planning of “Warm Project – Blue Light Ainitiative的用法ction” (see Attachment 1).

3. All serengineering是什么意思英语vice teams sblurhould actiactivitiesvely summarize the work. The main indicators include: number of service participants, numservicemanber of service objects, service expenses, service duration, eraytc. The final report and 3-5 photos should be sent to before November 20.

4. Contacaction对魔忍t person and contact information: Yang Xin, 25688590



Attachment 1: Warm Project – Blu-ray Bank 2021 Activity Planning document.docquality是什么牌子

Appendix 2: Notifactivities的中文ication of the National Health Commission CDC on launching the 2021 Chronic Disease Awareness Day. PDF



Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

&engineering怎么读nbsp;   &nbsaction的动词p; &nquality的固定搭配bsp; &nbaction对魔忍sp;                                                 November 4, 2021

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