A notice on the funding of the support services team

A notice on the funding of the support services team

          Respect lion friendfunding翻译s: in order to encourage advanced,support怎么读 carry forward the selfless denotice用法dication spirit ofnotice的形容词 grenoticeableat love the lion, thsupport怎么读e lion’s club in shenzheserviceshelln in 2015-2016 for the first time special council, shenzhen lions to lionsteam 2015 Newserviceshell Year in “cheer foservices怎么读英语r love” shenzhen charity dinner service, the successful bidder is according to the corresponding proportion in the auction service funding support!
         notice的形容词 The spefunding什么意思cific auction anteamviewerd fuservicesmsc找不到nding support are shown in the following table富宁政务网:




        &nsupportivebsp; 201notice翻译5 New Year charity Partynoticeable: Mr. Wu Zewei, Mr. Shi, and Ms. Zhao Xiuzhong, Shi Jie




&nsupport翻译bsp;        service是什么意思中文翻译 On the evening of December 14, 2014, the Lions Club 2015 New Year Charity Party was held in Futian Shangri-La Hotel. The party raisedservices翻译 508 “Huashi Awaservices翻译rds”, the amount of 2.54 million yuan; Raised 183 “Maowen Bell Award”, the amount ofservice是什么意思 1.14375 million yuan; Party title sfunding什么意思ponsornotice过去式ship 500,000 yuan; Thteamse auction raised 2.39 million yuan for a total of 6.57375 million yuan. Domestic Home Furnishteamworkin富宁政务网g Co., Ltd. d富宁政务网onated 500,000 yuan to the gala and the Shizilin Project.
          A total of 48 items, inclsupport什么意思uding paintings and calligraphy, wood carvings and porcelteams手机版ain, were donated by lion fsupportriends and social caring people without reservicesserve price. After bidding, a total of 2.39 misupport是什么意思中文llion yuan has been raised, all of which will be used for the charity service projects of Shenzhen Lionsrefunding Club. At the same time, Yitian, The main assosupportciation, the fservices怎么读irst step service team were awarded the evening auction service team of the first three awards, Tian Wangxing with 250,000 yuanotice的固定搭配n of the price of the auction “Thangka” in thfunding翻译e bag, became t阜宁天气预报he night of a single aucnoticeabletion the highest price winner; In the eventeamoing, Brother Wu Zewei and Sister Zhao Xiuzhong respectively becsupport怎么读ame the “Mr. Charity”teamo and “Lady Charity” with the highest total amount of individual auction, and were awarded the “Stasupportingr of Charity” trophy. Their kindness and love won praise and high respect fr阜宁天气om富宁政务网 lservicesmsc找不到ion friends!



Shenzhen Lions Club

September 11, 2015

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