Cki Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

Traders know alservice:The term will be changed in 2017-2018The inaugurationThe ceremony went smoothly


On August 27, 2017, the inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 ac-kitnnual leadership change of shenzhen Lions Association for Buteambitionsiness And Information Union service teawas怎么读m was held in Jinye Avenue, Longganwaspg DistrictZhi has beenelection是什么意思 held at the nursservice怎么读ing home.teamviewer Shenzhen Lions Club2017-2018 President Tian Wangxing, General Affaielectionsrs Director Peng Daojianwaste, Deputy Secretary-General Zhewashng Yukinauguraluan, Li Feng, sub-chairmen Wu Yuqiong, Xu Shuang, Huang Shaofang, Wang Daoming, Huang Lishenckingg, chairmen and executive chairmen of each committee, Buwashsinessteamwork alliance service team capc-kittain Li Jun, last captain Wang Song,wasn't third vice captain Liu Wenfeng, team leader Li Tingguang, former team leader Wen Jiwasteanxteams会议in, secretarwasn'ty Zeng Qinghua, financial Xie Weidong and othwasher business alliance service team lion friends, quasi-lion fceremony是什么意思riends, caring people from all wawashlks of life and the service team lion frienwash怎么读ds repreinaugural address课文pptsentativesEtc.220 people attended the ceremony. Thwashede ceremony was chaired by Liu Wenfeng and presided over bckin2u香水y Jiang Wanying and Guan Wucheng.

Liu Wenfteamviewereng, the third deputy, rang the bell twaspo announce the commencement of the ceremony and deliveredceremony的音标 a welcomreelectione speech. Former captain Wen Jianxinceremony造句 introduced the guests and tc-kithe leader liservice的名词on friends. Wang SoteamviewerngAs aSummckipary of work inceremony的名词 2016-2017. Last year, Business ZhilianThe service corps grewSeven new memwashingtonbers, bringing the membership to 42; We have celection翻译arried out brand service projects such as "Wake up love" and "Guangxi Dahua Student Banreelectionk". Active participation in emergency schools, Redceremony造句 Acceremony翻译tion, national Disabled Day service activities; Regular meetings shall be held strictly in accordance with the regteams手机版ular meeting system. Subsequently, the business Knowledge union service team 2016-2017 financial xie Wecki医学idong made the annual financial reportwas. In order to thanwashingtonk the lion friends for the support of last year's work, Wang Song last captaiservice是什么意思n of the service team selected outstandingwasp lion friends award.

Cceremony的音标ommendation, a solemn and grand handover ceremony. In Tian Wangxing, Peng Daojian, Zheng Yukuan, Li Feng and other leaders lion friends awaspnd guests witness, Wang Song will be ribbon and scepter handed over to Li Jun.

Captain Li Jun delivered hiservice是什么意思s inaugural speech and introduced the annual plan. He said that this year he would continue to carry out educawas怎么读tional activities such as "Wake up love" and cooperate with the fifth zonewas to carry out diabetes education. Later, Deputy Secretary-General Li Feng led the new members of the council to make inauguration commitmelectionsent, and Captain Li Jun awarded appockipintment certificates to the council members. Wang Daoming led the new lion friends for membership commitment, Tian Uranus president for the new lion friends wear badges.

President Tian Wangxing delivered a speech, thanking all the leaders of the CSZ service team for their dedication and support to the work of the dservice是什么故障灯istrict council. He hoped that the service tservicemaneam could raise more funds for the servinauguraladdress课件pptice and devote themselves tckino the service activities, and actively participate in the diabetes education service of the district Council.

In the end, the president of tceremony复数形式he conference liu Wenfeng gave a speech of thanks tockid the lion frieelectionsnds of the CSZ service team for their strong support, and for their charitable donatiockingns and careful planning.



wen/ Photo provided by the Link Service Team

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