High-tech Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On October 29th, 2019, the fourth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team 2019-2020 was held in book Bar ofourth造句f Blue Creek Hotel, Happy Coast, Nanshan District. Deng Yheld的中文意思i, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wei Chengqing, executive chaimeeting翻译rman of Prevention and AIDmeeting是什么意思S Coteams手机版mmittee, Ma Huada, leader of high-tech Service Team, Deng Xin, second vice leader li Hongtao, third vice leader Chen Ying, former leaders Liu Kaineng, Zhanfourth缩写g Shengxing, Li Hua, Wang Bo, secretary Liu Meijtechniqueiao, finance Wang Wenxian and other more than 20 people attended the meeting. Zhang Xuwen, leader of thservice的名词e Censervicetral Service Teamservicebio, attended the meeting. The meeting is chaired by Deng Xin.

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At the reguregularlar meeting, Chen Ying summarized the results of “Bright heart” activity in Gulin, sichuan, and evaluated that this activity improved the psychological counseling ability of teachers in Gulin County, which was highly appreciateheld的意思是什么d by gufourth翻译lin County Education Bureau. Li Huateamviewer put forward suggestions on further improving the quafourth缩写lity of “Brifourth的音标ght Heart” actiteamworkvities and finding more suitable partheld过去式和过去分词ners. Caheld怎么读的ptairegular的所有形式n Mavada presenttech是什么意思ed a trophtechniquesy to Mr. Song ofteam Shenzhen Hulixin Company, who provided refreshments for gulintechnologies‘s “Brheldight Hregular的所有形式eart”, thanking them for their support.

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    Later, Wei Chengqing introduced guizhou Bijie Bright Travel activity,meeting腾讯会议 hope lion friends can take time to participameeting是什么意思te in the activity. Pan Wei shared the experience of the “Helservice是什么故障灯p by your Side” training, believing that first aid skills are basic skills that every citizen should master.

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The particfourth造句ipants discussed and approved the cooperation with Sheteampronzhen Minion Emergency Rescue Develoheld怎么读的pment Centeteamviewerr on Noheld过去式和过去分词vember 9th to conduct first-aid skills practical training for 50 employees from two companregular什么意思ies of Shenzhen Fuheld中文dingservice和serve的区别 Tservicemanechnology Development Co., LTD.

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Finaregular是什么意思英语lly, the lion friends spoke freeltechnology翻译y and discussed the new ideas of student aid activitieregular反义词s. Subsequently, we celebrate the birthdays of Li Jiawen, Deng Xin, Xiong Ping, Wang Wenxian, Deheld的原型ng Yi and Liang Hongjie inheld过去式和过去分词 October.


By Liu Meimeetingjiao

Photo/Huang Lijuan, Pan Wei, Xiong Quan

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