The diabetes education activity of Shenzhen Lions Club was officially launched

The diabetes education activity of Shenzhen Lions Club was officially launched

On Nofficially是什么意思英语ovember 12, 2017, the launching ceremony of the 2017-2018 Diabetes education aclions是什么意思tivitylion是什么意思中文翻译 of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfudiabetes翻译lly heldeducation可数吗 in the ball field o深圳地铁线路图f Yantian Street Yangang Communilions英语怎么读ty Party And Mass Service Center.

Mr. Nie Xiangdong, chairman of The fifth Zo深圳风险等级ne, introduced the guests and gave a welcome speech. He thanked the official functional departments at all levels of Yantian District, the undofficially怎么读ertaking and co-organizing service teams and caring endiabetesterpriseducation是什么意思英语es for their strong supportrelaunched to this activity. Huang Haisheneducation怎么读g, secretary of the Pareducationty Committee and director of the neighborhood committee of Yantia深圳疫情n District yangaactivity工作流ng Community, thanked Shenzhen Lions Club fofficially怎么读or its care of the commun深圳天气ity residents.

The chairman of diabetes mission committee, David Koch, introduced the dangers of diabetes and the importance of diabeteeducationals mission. He pointed out that this year, The Shenzhen Lions Club will be the focus of diabetes education, through diabetes publicity services, lion friends, lion friends' families and community residents to popularizlions英语怎么读e diabetes prevention and treatment knactivity的动词owledge, guide them to change diet, exercise habits and lifestyle, teducation的形容词o obtain a healthy physique; At the same time, Shenzhen Lions Club will also take root in the communwash怎么读ity, deepen services, establish chronic disease management fclubmed官网预订iles, and pay attention to theeducational是什么意思 improvement of residents' health. Heducationale hoped to twash怎么读ake this event as an opportunity to gradually form a systematic anactivity的四种启动模式d standardized program of diabetes publicity and education, and lay a good foundatio深圳风险等级n for diabetes publicity and education in the future.

Then, he led the lions to push the launwas是什么意思ching ball and officially launched the diabetes education activity of shenzhen Lions Cluactivity翻译b 2017-2018.diabetes的中文意思 After t深圳风险等级he launching ceremony, Zhang Feiyue, the leawassupder of the diabclubman是什么牌子车etes working group of the Warm Project of the Domestic Lion Association, delivered a speech anwasn'td introduced teducation可数吗he diabetes education project.

Tlaunched的中文意思ian Xingwang, president of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, said the club will build diabetes workstationswashed in the communities along Hdiabetesong Kong, carry ouwastet diabetes education pilot work, popularize health knowledge of diabetes among the cofficially怎么读ommunity patients, and develop special diet and exercise treatment plans for them.

Afterwards, thofficially是什么意思e leaders of lion friends awarded awards to the undertaking and claunched翻译o-organizing service teams to thank them for their attention and support to diabetes publicity and education.

On the spot, Zhang Feiyue preached diabetes prevention and treatment knowledge to everyone. Community residents measured blood pressure and blooclub是什么意思d sugar under the guidance of medicadiabetes翻译l staff; In front of the consultation table, the medical staff patientwashingtonly and meticulously propagandize knowledge orelaunchedf healwasn'tthy eating ha深圳疫情最新消息bits and rationaldiabetes的中文意思 drug use for "sugar friendsdiabetes怎么读". In front of the physical fitness monitoring service pllionsatform,lions翻译 cactivity的四种启动模式ommunity residents competed to fill in the form and test their physical fitness according to the monitoring steducation怎么读英语eps.

In the afternoon, lwaspion friends came to Haitong Community, Yantiaeducational是什么意思n District. Panlaunched Miaowei, a famous health management exper深圳t in China, explained the hazards and prevention of diabetes t深证指数o the community residents.

The launching ceremony from lions, disabled persons'lionsgate federation, yantian district,深圳风险等级 shenzhen yantian neighborhood officclubman是什么牌子车e workinglions翻译 committee, the Hong Kong community workstations, pittosporum workstation, held by the natwasional physique monitoring center of shenzhen,clubmed官网预订 shenzhen lions led by the fifth section, the first, second, third, fourth zone and diabetes propaganda and education committee, community servieducation是什么意思英语ce committee, environmental services commiteducation怎么读tee, cooperate together, Datong edge, dahuang, shenyang, China, ovaltine, son, dreaeducation是什么意思m, liuzhou, Jin Ming mooring love, sailing, peng bo, jdiabetes是什么意思iaactivityngshan, elite, mastclubmed官网预订er, sea, and the day before, matsuoka, Oriental rose, tlions怎么读he mileage, longteng, high, bright pupil, best Mr Han, tiande, taian, yantian, China, business knowledge and the blue sky, yitian, hong ya, ganten, slions英语怎么读pring, is located in mangrove bay, nameplates, good product, lotus, the south China sea, It is organized by 41 service teams, including Honlions英语怎么读gli, Charity Collection, Sdiabetespark and Haiyang Changxin, and co-orgaclubman是什么牌子车nizeclubmedd by 6 service teams, including Huaming, Classic, Diwang, Baoqing, Haiyue and Haiyang Yuntian.

Yantian district people's coclubmedngress standing committee, deputy director of the Guo Baoming, yantian district dactivity的形容词iscipline inspection commissiolaunched是什么意思n secretary Song Hui, yantian district, chairman of the federaticlubson of the disabled Liu Yuzhang, along the Hong Kong community hai-sheng huang, director of the secretary of the part深圳疫情最新动态y committee, residents' committees, yantian distofficially是什么意思英语rict people's congress representative Shi Xiaoxiong, LanYuMei, domestic lion engineerwashingtoning diabetes team leader zhang, oh the cib warmth, domestic famous health management expert深圳疫情最新消息sdiabetes是什么意思英语 Pan Miao Mr Wei,launched是什么意思英语 2017-2018 President tian Xingwang, Selaunched的中文意思cond Vice President Weng Hua, Secretary Gactivityeneral Zenglions怎么读 Shiyang, General Affairs Director Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary General Li Feng, Chairclubmedmanclubmed Wang Yan of Zone 3, Chairman Nie Xiangdong of Zoneactivity的动词 5, Chairmen Dai Jihong, Wang Daominactivity复数g, Wen Yaoli, Huang Lisheng, Chairman Ke Dehai of Dactivity工作流iabetes Education Committee, A total of深圳风险等级 300 people, including represe深圳天气ntatives of various service teamsclubmed官网预订 and community residents, participated in the activity.educational翻译 The activit深证指数y was chaired by Nie Xiang深圳市最新疫情dong, daiclub翻译 Jihong and Gao Chenhan.

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