Notice on carrying out self-examination and self-rectification of the Service team under the “Strict Control of Both Expenses and Expenses”

Notice on carrying out selfexamination and self-rectification of the Service team under the “Strict Control of Bothservice和serve的区别 Expenses and Expenses”

Dear Service Team leaders and Finance,

Accordservice是什么故障灯ing to the financial management requirements of lions Association in Chinarectification and the relevant regulations of Lions Cluservice和serve的区别b in Shenzhen, in order to standardize the financial mannoticedagement of thcarrying翻译e service team, Lions Club in Shenzcarrying是什么意思hen impteamworklements “two-fee strict management”, that ioutputs, “service funds arexamination的动词e controlled and adteamministrativservicee funds are managed”. The relevant contents are hereby notified as foexamination和exam的区别llows:

1. All service teams shall open a special service team account at Shenzhen Lions Club, receive U shield, and implement “strict mannoticeagement of two fees”.

Uoutstandingp to now, some service teams have not implemented the “strict management of two fees” aexpense什么意思s required, and the two funds have not been transferred toexaminations翻译 the special accoucarrying翻译nts of each service team of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Please transself是什么意思英语fnotice过去式er the two funds to the special account of shenzhen Lions Club before the end of December 2017. Shenzhen Lions Club will issue a notice of criticism to the service team that fails to fulfill the deadline, and suspeexamination高考钢琴谱nd all lion activities of the service team for rectification.

Ii. Funds retained in the hands of individual service teams during theexamination高考钢琴谱 process of team creatiooutputn or fund raising that are not put into the account ofselfish the service team shall be put into the account of the service teteamam before the end of December 2017. Otherwise, it will be regoutfitarded as personal occupateam什么意思tion of the fund, shenzhen Lions Club will send a formal notice, aexpensesnd investigate the relevant person responsible for the violation of the responsibility.  

3. Ifselfless individual members of individual service teams refuse to repay the service team funds for a long time without proper reself-esteemasons, Shenzhen Lions Club will report to the relevant doutbreakepartments and investigate the relevant responsible persons for legal responsibility.

Each service team shexaminations翻译all conscirectification是什么意思entiously organize self-examination and selfoutlook邮箱-correction in accordance with the requirements ofoutfit financial managemenexamination怎么读t. If you have any qoutputuestioteam是什么意思翻译ns, please contact shenzhen Lioutons Club Financial Clearing Center. Contact person: Guo Lizhi, tel: 0755-25688189; Ma Haixoutbreakia, tel: 0755-25688561.

Notice is hereby given.

Attacnoticeablehment: Notice on carrying out self-examination and self-correction of the Service team under the “Strict Control of Both Expenses and Expenses”

Shenzhen Lions Cteamworklub

November 13, 2017

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