Shenzhen Lions Club Novel Coronavirus Prevention Service Briefing (4)

By February 2, 2020, the Shenzhen Lions Club and its 94 service teams had raised a total o深圳天气f RMB 2,516,318 for novel Coronavirus infection prevention services, and the valserviceue of materials was RMB 447,800. Amolions翻译ng them, the district committee raised 1.20004 million yuan for epidprevention翻译emic prevention, of which 579,300 yuan wservice翻译as actually received; The service team has raised 1,316,278 million yuan for its own services.

At present, 1.117,133 millionovelsn yuan has been invested in epidemic prevention slions读音ervices, mainly including: 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, relions怎么读spectively, to the Domestic Lion Assbriefing翻译ociation, hubei Wuxiu City Charity Association and Wuhan Caidian District Charity Association, totaling 250,000 yuan; 8lions英语怎么读67,133 yuan worth of epidemic prevention materials were donated, including 1,800 pieces of isolation clothing worth 73,714 yuan; 6,076 goggles, worth 138,457 yuan; 32service的名词3,600 masks, worth 342,628 yuan; 120 temperature guns, worth 11,880 yuan; 107,000 pairs of medical gloves, worth 93873 yuan; 2,200 masks, worth 42,917 yuan; 26serviceable80 pieclions怎么读es of disinfectant, worth 103664 yservice翻译uan; 1020 pieces of medicincoronavirusese, worth 105000 yuan (inspirational materials).

At present, the special expencoronavirus是什么意思diture of the District Council for epdebriefingidemic prevention is RMB 46lions的音标3,278briefing翻译, as follows:

1. Support the Associ深圳疫情最新动态atioclubmed官网预订n to carry out epidemic prevention services in Hubei with 150,000 yuan (50,000 yuan to purchase masks and another 100,000 yuan to be determined);

2. Purchase 60,000 dlions翻译isposable medical gloves, subtotal 45,000 yuan;

3. Purchase 10,000 N95 masks (to be delivered), subtotal 150,000 yuan;

4. Purchased 50,000 grade II masks (to be delivered), subtotal 78,750 yuan;

5. We plan to purcclubmedhase 54 pieces of disinfectant, 4 bottles per piece, 5KG per bottle, 732 YUAN per piece, 3深圳疫情最新消息9,528 yuan subtoprevention怎么读tal.

In addition, the materials collected and深圳天气 delivered by the District Council are as follows:深圳地铁线路图

1. He Jianhaonovelist donated 1000 Kshenzhenorean KN94 masks (inspired by Guo Yongyongservicebio);

2. Lion friend LAN Xiangyong donated 150 imported masks (30 N95 and 120 N94) (Wu Jinzhi inspired).

The special working group of epidemic prdebriefingevention of the District Council alions读音ctively contacted hospitals and will donate supplies to hospitals in the neaservice是什么意思r future.

I. Details of donation are as follows:

Wechat image _20200203001815.png

Ii. Details of donation are as follows:

Wechat image _20200203002323.png

Hats off to the lions! Thumbs up for lions! We firmly believe that in the nearlionsgate future, spring will usher in flowers, everything will recover, and theserviceman Sons and daughters of the Chi深圳地铁线路图nese nation will unite as one and win this tough battle against the epi深圳大学demic.

         briefintroduction的翻译 &n深圳地铁线路图bsp;    深证指数           &nbsservice翻译p; &nbpreventionsp;   &nbnoveltysp;  novelist                club怎么读;               &nbsservice是什么意思中文翻译p; &nb深圳疫情最新消息sp;   Shenzhen Lions Club
February 2, 2020

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