Initiative | to shenzhen and all the lion lion lion friends all party members in suzhou

All members of the Shenzhen Lions Club, all lions,

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pneumonshenzhenia outbremembership翻译ak, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council have attached great import深证指数ance to the prevention and control work and made a series of important arrangements. Hosted on Jan. 25, xi jinping, genelion是什么意思ral secretary of the official meeting of the standing committee of深圳大学 the pfriends怎么读olitical bureau of the central committee, stressed that party committees at all levels and the official must be in accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision, fmembersully mobilize, fully deployed, comprehensively strengthen work, pulion是什么意思t the life safety and bopartynextdoordy health of the people first, the epidemic prevention and control work as the most important work to grasp.

In his important instructions on 27 January, Gfriendseneral Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that in the severe battle against novel coronavirus pneumonia, Party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres must bear in mind that the interests of the people come above all else, remain true to their original alions英语怎么读spiration and keep their mission flionirmly in mind, unite and lead the people, and resolinitiative和initial区别utely implement the decisions and arrangemembers是什么意思ments of the CPC Central Comfriends怎么读mitteefriends怎么读英语单词. The Party flag will fly high on the front line of the fight against the epinitiative翻译idemic, in accordance with the requirements of strengparty英文意思theninmembers markg confidenclion翻译e, sticking together in times of adversity, taking scientific measures and taking targeted measures. A circular on Strengthening the Party’s lea深圳天气dership and providing strong political guarantees for winning the battle against t苏州天气he epidemic has been issued by th深圳天气e officialions英语怎么读l Central Committee. Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. On Januamembershipry 31, shenzhen disabled persons’ fede深圳市最新疫情rati苏州疫情最新数据on officiaparty是我家下载mp3l departments directmembers是什么意思ly unmembership翻译der theinitiative翻译 commi苏州大学研究生院ssion issued a “to the municipal disabled persons’ federa苏州一高速加装刀片防护网tiofriendship可数还是不可数名词n departmentinitiative翻译s directly under the party and the communist party member’s initiative, the initilionkkative life heavierlion th深圳天气an mount tai, ep深证指数idemic preventiolions英语怎么读n and control is the respopartynsibility, is the command between staying duty, between staying accouninitiative翻译tparty是什么意思able, between staying responsible, sol苏州疫情idarity, help each other, to gain victory. Party organizations and all pa深圳大学rty members directly under the CDPF are called on to take active actions to jointly defeat the epidemic and achieve an overall v深圳疫情ictory in efriends什么意思中文pidemic prevention and control.

In order to further implement the sp宿州天气irit of general Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Clionkkentral Committee’s iinitiative翻译nstructions on epidemic prevention and control, and actively participate in the major battle深圳大学 to win the battle against the epidemic, the Par苏州疫情最新消息ty Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club issued the following pr深圳疫情oposal to all party members and all lion friends:

1. Strengthen confidence and takemembership翻译 responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. To earnestly study and implement general secretary o宿州信息网n epidemic p苏州疫情最新消息revention and control of importanmemberst instructions, xi firmly implement the party celion是什么意思ntral commitinitiative的用法tee and party commitlion的音标tees at all levels, the official on epidemic prevention and controlinitiative翻译 of a series of important deployment, the full implementation of domestic the lion federation of disabled persons’ federation and city party work requirements, adhere to the epidemic prevention and control as the oinitiative翻译verriding political task, to take on responsibilities, as深圳风险等级 hpartynextdoorard, activemembership in epidemic prevention and contr苏州疫情最新数据ol flion是什么意思or the first line. We will continue to do our be宿州天气st to give top priority to the lives and health of the people. We willion怎么读l do our best tparty英文意思o serve the disabled and other needy people as well as local people. We will ensure that welionkk are responsible for protecting the land and fulfilling our responsibilities. To maintain and carry forward the lion spirit ofriendsf giving, actively organparty的中文ize fundraising and supplies, link lion friends resomembership翻译urclionkkes, call on lion friends engaged in the medical industry to actively donate medilion怎么读cal supplies suitable for the epidemic, and practice the “four out” spirit of lions club.

Second, scientific prevention and control, and earnestfriends怎么读英语单词ly implelion怎么读ment efriendship可数还是不可数名词pidemic prevention and control measures. The prevention and control of the epidemic affects millions of households and affects our health. All party members and lion friends should take the lead in implemmembers是什么意思enting epidemic prevention and control苏州一高速加装刀片防护网 measures, consciously do healthy work and rest, hea深圳市最新疫情lthy diet, wash hands frequently and pay attention to indoor ventilation; In no spec深圳疫情最新消息ial circumstances, do not visit, gather or eat together, and wear a mask when going out. D深圳疫情o not kill, sell, buy, process, eat wild animals; Pay close attention to fevermembership翻译, cough and other symptoms, sufriends翻译ch symptoms should be timely seek medical treatment nearbpartyy; Consciously cooperate with locinitiative是什么意思啊al units to do a good job of clo苏州大学研究生院se contact wi苏州一高速加装刀片防护网th people, personal epidemic prevention inspection and reporting work. At the same time, take the initiative to do the ideological work andparty的中文 preventionlionel and control work of friends, relatives深证指数 and employees aromembership什么意思啊und us, consciously manage people around us and do things around us well.

Third, strengthen publici深圳风险等级ty and consciously resist false rumors of the epidemic. All lion frimembers markends of party members and all lion friends should take the llion的中文意思ead in studying curreparty的中文nt affairs and politicsshenzhen, listen to the party’s voice, pay attention toinitiative的名词 authoritative information, strengthen positive plion复数ublicity, consciparty的中文ously do not create rumors, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors. He called深证指数 for in-depth study of relevant policies and professiona深圳地铁线路图l knowledge on epidemic presuzhouvention and controllion的中文意思 to guide the public to enhance self-protection awareness and capacity. We have actively carried out publicity and guidance on emembers的中文意思pidemic prevention and control, responded to people’s cmembershiponcerns, gu深圳市最新疫情ided people to eliminate psychological panic, aninitiativelyd promotedinitiative什么意思中文翻译 social harmony and stabparty是我家ility.

Almembers markl party members lion friends, all lion friends: the epidemic merciless people love, crisis time show true feelings. Let us unite as one, have the courage to take responsibilityfriends是什么意思, dare to pay, rise to the宿州天气 difficulties, andparty是什么意思 go all out to win the battl苏州一高速加装刀片防护网e agai苏州大学nst the epidemic at an early date.



Shenzhen Lions Club Party Brancparty怎么读英语h

February 3, 2020

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