Deep lion fight disease | in the same boat Lions in epidemic prevention and control has overcome difficulties – shenzhen service bulletin (3)

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. In this complex battle against the epidemic, people across the country have stood together and helped each other overcodisease是什么意思me difficulties. All shenzhen Lion friends afightre concerned about the epidemic, and actsameively responded tsame的反义词o the call of Shenzhen Lions Club for epidemic prevlions怎么读ention and control services, spontaneoulion的音标sly organized donations of money and materials, rushedeepnostalgiad to assist medical supplies, and jointly fought againstprevention the epidemic. Again and again concern to ask the needed materials, a phone comparison of the price of materials, communideepl下载cation transport channels, tensepidemics of millions of wechat inspired fundraising…… Lion friends do not remember the loss,lion的中文意思 do not ask for praise, with warm writing touching stories, qlionuietly refueling for Wuhan, refuelingboats for domestic!

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Hongli: go all out to aid the epidemic area

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, lion Frlioniends of the Red Litchi Service team havesame been collecting medical supplies for the frontline medical wolions英语怎么读rkers since the first dalions的音标y of the Chinese New Year. From raising funds,lions的音标 looking for suplion怎么读ply resources, to purchasing supplies and making donations, lions friends have seen trupreventione feelings in the face of disaster and demonstrated the “four Out” spirit of Lionepidemic怎么读音s Club with their practical actions. All lion friends fight day and night, fully mobilize all resources, focus on procurement of scarce supplies. Annual lunar calendar, lion fdeeplriends besides sleep eating, holding the phone, basic all day long run in more than 20 Wesame是什么意思Chat gfightingroup, and medical personnel, love people, suppliers, in the case of the material tension, again and again ask confirm that materials used, and with the fastest speed to buy necessadeeplyry goods, after repeated commudeepnostalgianication material delivery problem. By January 31, the Team had raised more than 330,000 ysamenessuan for epidemic pdeeprevention services. At present, the purchased matesame翻译rials have been sent to Huanggang, Xiaogan, Wuhan, Suizhou andfightingkids小便 Shenzhen respectively.lion复数 In order to get 300 pieces of protectiprevention怎么读vedisease同义词 clofight翻译thing, Liang Yidong shi Brother wentboatihone是什么牌手表 out at 6:00 in the morning, arrivedlion复数 at the factory beforeboat翻译 7:00, and delivered the protective clothing to the president of Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinesdisease怎么读英语e Medicine at 8:00. In order to ensure that shenzhen hospital can usepidemic和pandemic的区别e the scarce supplies as soon as posboat是什么意思sible, honlions英语怎么读gli service team lion friends personally escort the supplies for Shenzhen Hospital. Popular li service received confirm receipt from hubei alion是什么意思nd shenzhen hodeepestspital sudeepsleep2pplies of good neboat怎么读ws, thousand well thanks, medical stlion是什么意思aff are received, they burst into tears, they love these amiable lovely meboating什么意思中文dical staff at the moment of need, regardless of theprevention是什么意思 danger, fighting on the line, they just try their best to provide the rear of tepidemicshe guarantee.

Mileage: qudeeplyick response and efficient docking

In ordeboatsr to prevent the epidemic, the lion You service telion的音标am immediately set up a working group for epidemic prevenboatingtion and control, responded quickly, made clear the division of labor, made use of the procurement channel of Shenzhen Charity Federatifight过去式on, grasped the trend and demand of protective materials idisease翻译n time, and effectively connected with the supply and demand parties and allocated materials. Every time of crisis, there is always a service team and lion friends bravely walk in the front line, datodeeplyng service team static lion sister in Wuhan hospital was comdeepsleep2mandeered for fixed-point treatmendeepnostalgiat hospital, without any prfight过去式otective susamepplideeples reserve, and she has been in Wuhan tlions翻译he most dangerous front line struggle; Mileage service team Xiong Qi and many other lion friends have been rolling over each gprevention翻译roup for days, regardless of the day and night to solicit donations, communication and prilionsgatece comparison, shipping goods; Brother Luo Bisamenessn, on behalf of the Mileage Service team, delivered masks to children with cerebral palsy in Lianhua North foD and Special School to encourage thlion是什么意思em to face the epidemic bravely. On behalf of the care group, Red Lion brother distributed 20 masks to each lion family in the Miles Service team to help them protect their families…

Masuda: Dfight翻译o not remember the loss, do not ask for praise

Lions on January 30, shenzhen yitilion的音标an service received from wuchang began college hospitalfighting加油 procurement donation certificate, they free of charge donated to the stranded HboatsuBeiJi and foreign msameedical prodisease是什么意思中文fessional in wuhan in 200000 surgical masks for the entrancedisease的复数 exaboating什么意思中文m of gpreventionraduate school has arrived at the destination smoothly, it is esfightingkids小便pecially forlions是什么意思 yitian selion怎么读rvice of lion friends delighted, Their communication and coordination for days finally achieved tanfighting是什么意思gible results. At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, yitian Service team lion friends put too much efffight翻译ort into these 200,000 masks. From asking about the status of fronfighting加油tline medical staff in Wuhan, to identifying the target of donation, to finboatingding a spot source of medical masks and transporting epidemic preventlions读音ion materials, they experienced various hopes and disappointments. The service team leader initiated severalion怎么读l resolutions, and finally reached an agreement despite all difficulties, which highlighted the responsibility, responsibility and pragmatic and efficient work style.

Fu ai: Support the anti-epidemic participation services

On January 30,lions的音标 the Fuai Service team completedepidemic和pandemic的区别 thedeepl donation of materials worth more than 200,000 yuan to Hubei Zhongxiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Mediepidemic翻译cine. In order to allsame对应词eviate the severe shortage of supplies in the clions的音标ounty-lelions是什么意思vel city hospitals around Wuhan, Chen Ying activellion复数y contacted hubei Zhongxiang Traditfight过去式ional Chinese Medicinlion翻译e Hospital and Zhongxiang People’s Hospital to confirm the needed supplies. Later, Chen Ying, Qi Tao Shi Brother responsible for purchasing disinfectant, temperature gun, medical masks alionsgatend other supplies, and in the arrangement of Li Chunping captain and tang Zi Li shi Sister support, successfully completed the donation. At the same time, the Fuai Service team purchased goggles and other matfightingerials worth 50,000 yuan and donated thedisease的形容词m to the Shenzhen Longgang Public Security Bureau, considering that thlions英语怎么读e shenzhenfighting是加油的意思吗 Public Security Bureau’boatss policedisease的形容词 have been working on the front line and are vulneralion的中文意思ble tolionsgate infection.

As one, there is no mountain oversame; Heart and hand in hand, no cross but the obstacle. Facepidemic怎么记忆ed with the epidemic, we have no choice but to defeat it. Donations are still coming, and Dlions是什么意思eep Lion is still trying! Thank you all for your loving dedication! Let us unite as one, strengthen our faith, and resolutely win the battle againslion的音标t the epidemic withoulion的中文意思t smoke.


[Text] Lin Yanfen, Long Yali, Chen Shijun, Li Chunpindisease怎么读英语g, Cao Xiao

[Photo] Contributions from Hong Li Service Telionelam, Mileage Service Team, Yita Service Team, Fuai Service Team

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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