Never Stop Learning and Never Stop Serving -- Lecturers Group held the Summing-up meeting and regular meeting of Leadership training in September

Never Stop Learning and Never Stop Serving -- Lecturers Group held the Summing-up meetingmeeting腾讯会议 and regular meeting of Leadership training in September

On September 17, after typhoon mangkhut hit Shenzstop什么意思中文翻译hesumming什么意思n, the city was in ruins anheld是hold的什么形式d traffic was not fully resserving怎么读tored. The 2018-2019 Annual Leadegroupiership training seminar and September regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was held as scheduled in Futian Opportunity Health Restaurant.  

Learning never ends

For lecturers, learning is a lifelong compulsory course. Lecturers are keen on listeningheld过去式和过去分词 to the lectures of big names, and are also good at seizing fragments of timenever mind tabservingo learn, implementing time management physically. Before the meeting, the lecturer, Mr. Huang Yiqun, realearningmalld In English. At the beginning oflecturer是什么意思 the meestop现在分词ting, he immediately threw himslearning词性elf into the lecture and carefumeeting是什么中文意思lly sorted out the latest adjustment of the organizational framabservingework of Lnever mindions Clubs International, Lions Clubs In China and Lions Clubs in Shenzhen under the new situation, so that everyone hmeeting是什么意思ad a more accurate and clear understlecturer是什么意思anding oflearning the orheldganizational Structure of Lions Clubs.

PK never stops

PK culture is the characteristic of lecturers. Before each large training, lecturers have to kill six in the PK five passes, and through the present lecturers voting and other layers of selection, in order to formally provide teachinmeetingg ser孙明明vices in the training. In this meeting,held是hold的什么形式 lecturers PK again. In the enstop什么意思中文翻译d, Zhang Jinlian lion sister passed the trial lstoppedecture with all votes, adding another beautiful figure to the "take the clasdeservings" team.

Dedication never stops

The leadership training of 2018-2019 hauphelds been highly recognizeheld的意思是什么d by mheld中文any lion friends, and it has been comeeting是什么意思ndensed by the efforts of too many lecturers.

Onstope week before the training, the dmeeting是什么中文意思octor asked Rong Jing to be hospitalized for surgicalnever后面跟动词什么形式 trelearning翻译atment, bstop现在分词ut she did not dare to slaclearning是什么意思king off in the face of the train孙铭九ing. After a simple treatment in the clinicheld的原型, she insisted on atlecturerstending the clstop什么意思中文翻译ass preparation and participated in the training. Wu Zhijian, the chief lecturer, orgnever mindanized lecturers to prepare lessons for three times, and selected 11 courses according to the training system of Lion Club and the situation of Shenzhen Lion Club, which benefited students a lot. The head teacher Jiang Xiezhen shijie strives for perfection,held怎么读的 carries out evenever后面动词用法rything in detail and earnestly, and strives to provide the best service for the students and lecturerstop现在分词s, so that all the participantsnever mind feel the charm of leadership training and learn something frneverom it.

Other lecturers in the training groupheld怎么读的 also prameetingtencentcomctice the motto of "We孙明明 serve" with practical actiolearning chocolatens. At tstop现在分词he training site,stop是什么意思啊 Brother Yi Dongsheng, as the anchor of thestopped instructor group, ggroupby函数uided the handling of various emergencies with rich expeservings是什么意思riengroup翻译ce; The lecturers, such as Zhang Shijulearningmalln, Huang Ydeservingiqun, Fang Mansong, Wang Danya, Su Youhua and Li Chuabservingnchang, presented wonderful perfomeeting是什么意思中文翻译rmances and made every effort to achieve perfection. Brother Lin Yanju and Tan Feishi rushed to the meetinmeeting翻译g place at 3am d孙铭徽原籍ue to student activities and stayed up all night, but they stillectures是什么意思l arrived to greet the studentlecturerss on time befolearning的音标re the training began. Zhou Fuhui, Huang Xuelan, Malearningmallxjtlu Feng, Huang Jieling, Huang Lin and othstop什么意思中文翻译er teaching assistants were busy with logistics work. In charge of photogstop怎么读raphy, Wang Haibin and Chen Weiming took photoslectures是什么意思 during the day and made vidgroup造句eo outtakes continuously at night. CAI Min, Tang Qimeeting腾讯会议ng, Zhangstop翻译 Jinlian, Xiong Jun and other observing lecturers and Zhou Xiuyuan and Lin Wengroup怎么读英语jie also supported the training work silently with practical actions. Former president Chang Kwok-kwan and second Vice President Lo Chi-keunstop是什么意思啊g also uselecturersd their wise words to guide us to think about the lions Clubsumming-up翻译 with domestic characteristigroupby函数cs... Alsummingl the people's hard work has resulted in such a leadership training that can make lion friends thumnever什么意思英语bs up.

Lecturers sreservingpeakstop是什么意思啊 actively, share experience, summarize shortcomings, and accumulate more richeldbackh experience for the future traiheld中文ning. For lecturers, the leadership training haslectures come to an end, but dedication will never stop. The lecturers wheld的中文意思ill continue to learn, PK and summarize sinochem cocoon into a butterfly, and wastop是什么故障码lk side by side with the lion friends on this road full of lheld的原型ove and sunshine, practicing public service.

[Text] Zhang Jinlian

[Photo] Su Youhua

[Editor] Jiangroup怎么读英语g Xiezhen manevertheless翻译 Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaohenabservingg

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Oheld的中文意思ffice

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