Recruitment notice of lecturers for 2012-2013

Recruitment notice of Shenzhen Lions Club Lecturers 2012-2013

            Under the efforts of chairman Lu Zhiqiang, leader Yi Dongsheng and all the previous directors and lecturers, shenzhen Lions Club has become the "ldquolecturers" of Shenzhen Lions Club after 6 years of development. Whampoa Military Academy , has a team of excellent and capable lecturers, and has made great contributionoticedns to the development of shenzhen Lions Club and the whole lion club in China.

        &notice是什么意思nbsp; Thlecture是什么意思英语e lecturing group is a typical learning team, and its harmonious and progressive atmosphere benefits enotice是什么意思very member a lot. If you want to contribute more to the spread of lionism, we invite you to join us as a senior lionist. Whampoa Minotice过去式litary Academy The drill sergeant!
  &nnotice是什么意思bsp;    lectures翻译   &nrecruitment翻译bsp; I. Recruitment requirements for new lecturers
            1.  3 years of lionlecture是什么意思英语 experience, onotice用法r graduate caplectures怎么读tain
      &lecturer是什么意思nbsp; &nnotice的固定搭配bsp;   2.  Hanotice过去式ve a letter of recommendation from the service team
           notice的固定搭配; 3.  Attend instructor trainlectures翻译ing and graduate
            4.lecture是什么意思英语  Undertake to carrylectures怎么读 out the training tasks arranged by the lecturing group

            Ii. Recruitment procedures for new lecturers
            1.&nlecture是什么意思英语bsp; Fill in the Application form for joinrecruitment怎么读ing the Shenzhen Lions Club and submit a letter of reclectures怎么读ommendnotice的形容词ation
            2.  Register for junior Inslecturerstructor Training Camp (RFDI) on 26-28 October and graduate
            3.  Subject to the examination and approval of the lecturing Council, the district council will report to the standing council for approval and preparation
        &nbslectures翻译p;   &nblecturer是什么意思sp; 4.  The superintendent presents the letter of appointment as a distinguished lecturer.

            Registration and contact
        &nlectures是什么意思blectures是什么意思sp;   Lecture Group secretary: Jia Jing shi Jie tel: 139238872notice作文51&NBsp; Email:sunlaws@163.notice过去式com

Shenzhen Lions Club Lectnotice用法uring Group
September 13, 2012

  &recruitmentnbsp;     &nlecturesbsp;   Attachment: Application form forlectures翻译 joining lions Club shenzhen

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