Long-term Service Team: hold the first regular meeting of 2021-2022

On July 9, 2021, the first regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 was held at thefirst name 3rd floor of Nanyanmeeting的音标g Changsheng Restaurant, OCT Building, No. 9018 shefirst翻译nnan Avenue, Nanshan Districtermuxt. Long-term service team captain Zeng Xiaoling, former cfirst翻译成中文aptain Zhen Yongqian, thefirst怎么读英语 first vice captaimeeting翻译n Guo Qiafirsthandng, the second vice captain Yang Weisong, thmeeting的音标e third vice captain Zhoterm是什么意思u Ju龙王殿n, secretary Wu Yiying, financial fan Liangming, general affairs Li Yingjie, picket Xiao Luling and more than 20 people attended the meeting. The second vice preservice怎么读sident of Shenzhen Lions Club Nie Xiangdong and chieservicef Financial Officer Xu Qiubin attended the meeting. The confereregularnce was chaired by Yan Xiuying and Yang Weisong.

Illustration 2. JPG

Zhen Yong, former captainhold on of the previous team, introduced and reviewed the activregular是什么意思英语ities of the long Term Service Team in 2020-2021 and the development otermsf the team. In 2020-2021, 20 conflongerence activities were heldhold键是什么功能, 28 serv龙王殿ice activities were carried out, 416 members particifirst青年电影展pated in the service, the service fund was 427,000 yuan, and the membership rservicemanetention rate w龙猫as 1龙族00%. The photos of each activityterminal record the dedication of lion friends on the road oteamviewerf public welfare acregular的名词tivities,firstly and inspire lion friends to practice the spirit of “four out” more.

Illustration 3. JPG

The financial fan wrote the financial repofirstrt of the service tehold过去式am, listing each item of financial expenditure and balafirst怎么读nce in detail, showing the opennessteams会议 and transparency of the financial affairs of the servichold的过去形式e team. The guests were deeply impreregular是什么意思英语ssed by the pragmatic and public welfare spirit of the service team.

Figure 8. JPG

Captain Zeng Xiaoling introduced the plan of thehold是什么意思 annual activities of the long Term Servicmeetinge temeetingam, drawing a blueprint for the public service of the service team in the next year, leading the service team to a nfirst怎么读英语ew journey.

Figure 4. JPG

Wteams手机版elcome Leo chu li, Wang Xiaoli, CAI Xiusoft, Yuwen Junli and Hu Hongmei to join the long Term Service team. Lemeetingso Will introduce tserviceheir journey of joining the龙蛇演义 Lions family. Thank you for your support to the long Term Service team.

Figure 7. JPG

Nie Xiangdong, second vice president of Shenzhen Lionteam什么意思s Club, and Xu Qiubin, chiemeeting腾讯会议f financ龙王传说ial officer, delivered speeches. Two guestsregularization have high hopes for a long-term service: in the previous captain and the friend’service是什么故障灯s support and effort, to lay a solid foundatioregularlyn for long term service hafirstlys been, hope that the long-term service inheritance “happy public welfare and happin龙胆泻肝丸ess in the long run” spirit, lion friends grow tteamohe service platmeeting翻译form, ser龙猫vice under the guidance of the new captain xiao-ling zeng to the next level.

In the end, president Yan Xiuying rang the bell and adjourned the meetingregularly, announcing the successful conclusion of the first regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022.

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Article/photo & have spent Long term service team contributions

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