High-tech service team: The regular meeting in September was held smoothly

High-tech service team: The regular meeting in September was held smoothly

          On September 2nd, 2015, the Regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club high-tech Service Team was successfully held in Daoxiang Restaurant, 3rd floor, Hongfa Center Building, Bao ‘an Dteamistrict. Shenzhen Lionsservice是什么故障灯 Club 2015-2016 president Lin Tao, chairman of membership Retention Committee Deng Yi, leader of high-tech service team Li Hua andheld怎么读的 more than a dozen lion brothers and sisters,wash would-be lion friends attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Maada, secretary of high-tech service team.
  &washnbsp; &nbspheld的中文意思;   &nbmeetingtencentcomsp; The meeting first reseptemberviewed the service activities in July and August. Majada reported three activities including going to Yunnan Tengchong Guangming Travel in July, the 2015-2016 annual change of high-tech service team and visiting veterans. Deng Xin shared her visit to Xifeng, Tieling, Liaoning province in August. The brothers and sisters expressed warm congratulations tteambitiono the smooth progress of the activityhigh的名词, and expressed their owhigh怎么读n opinions and suggestions.
 higher         At the meetinteambitiong, Captain Li Hua respectively introduced the prseptember怎么读英语单词eparation progress of two activities, namely, the return visit of Xuancheng Gaoxseptember的音标ing Lion Primary School in Changting County, Fujian Provinseptember怎么读ce and the return visit of Lonregularizationghua Nursing Home of “was怎么读Red Lion costume • Disableseptember缩写形式d Station”, which will be held in September. After discussion and votingregular的所有形式, we decidedheldback to pay a return visit to Xuancheng Gaoxin Lion Primary School onheld怎么读的 Septmeeting是什么中文意思ember 11 and longhua Nursing home on September 24.
          Later, Prteams会议esident Lin Tao deliseptember是什么意思vered a speech. She first congratulated Brother Yao Xiaoming and Brother Ma Huada on their birthday, and wished everyonetech good health and prosperserviceity of the lion. Secondly特长, Lin, chairman of the smooth going on of the high-tech service servicemeeting翻译 activities recently said sure, for Li Hua President of the concept of “service for long” and advanced service every year summer frregularizationiends encourage lion family memeetingyou是什么意思mberegular的所有形式rs participated in the aseptember翻译ctivities of the project appteamviewerroving, she stressed the importance of membership retention at the same time, and has made the detailed introduction on the review activity.
          In order to respond to the call of the distregularrict council’s big return visit smeetingyou是什么意思ervice activity, combined with the previous service projeheld怎么读的cts of Gaoxiregular翻译nteam Team, this regular meeting made detailed deployment of the return visit activity, which was positively responded by all the brothers and sisters who attendedheld的原型 the regular meeting. We believe that under the learegularlydership of Captain Li Hua, high-tech sewastervice team will make concerted efforts to do a good job in various service acseptember是几月tivities, so that we can walk with our dreams antechd serve happilregular的名词y.




Article/photo & have spent Magada, secretary of the High-tech Service Team

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