Hyatt Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2020-2021

On October 11, 2020, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Huayue Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Fengtai City Hotel, Songgang Street, Bao 'an Distrregularict. Huaregular什么意思yue service team captain Yuan Yuan, first vice cservice的名词aptain Lin Jiaweiregular, third vice captain Liu Qixiang, team leader Deng Jun, former team leader Wang Hanshyatt凯悦ong, financial Qian Tiantian, general affairs Li Dongfu and other 15 people attended the meetisecondscreen下载ng. Dregularityeng Beikan of Dragon City Service team attended the regular meetingteambition. The conference was chaired by Mr Lam and chaired by Mr Wong han-sung.

Wechat picture _20201028091610.jpg

Lam expressed his warm welcome and thanks to the lions. Deng Jun, leader of the founding team, solemnly introduced the specialregularization guest Deng Beikan. Then, the lion friends introdusecondced themselves respectsecondlove日剧ively.

Captain Yuan Yuan introduced the united education activities. At the sasecond翻译me time, she highlighted the activity of "Carsecond翻译ingmeeting是什么意思 for autiteam是什么意思翻译sticmeetingyou是什么意思 children with mmeetingusic" on December 3. All lion friends discussed the fund-raising method, time, plateams会议ce and other matters. Zoheldu hanbing proposservice怎么读ed to raise money for the "Music for autistic children" activity by holding the crab dmeetinginnesecond怎么读r.

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Financial money sweet carefullymeetingtencentcom introduced the service team revenue and expenditure.

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After the meeting, lion friends dinner, birthday, lion affairs, lion love exchange, spend a good time togeregularitythmeetingser. Lion friends of Huayue Service team share thhyatt凯悦eir opinions with enthusiasm. As paheld的意思是什么rt of the initiativmeeting是什么中文意思e, Huayue Service Team will start the journey of carmeeting是什么中文意思ing for autistic children anmeeting是什么意思中文翻译d coservice是什么故障灯ntinueheld的原型 to run with gratitude and love.

By Liu Qixiang

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