Summing up the past and looking forward to the future -- Shenzhen Lions 2018-2019 District 20 Lion Affairs Seminar was successfully held

Sum up the past. Looking to the future

-- Shenzhen Lions 2018-2019 District 20 Lion Affair深圳地铁线路图s Seminar was successfully held

With tpasta是什么意思英语he susumming怎么读mmer sun, on June 25th, 2019, the lions Club of Shenzh孙明明en 2018 -- 2019 District 20 Lion Affairs Seminar was successffutureully held in t深圳疫情he conferpastryence room on the 12th floor of Gooborne Building, Guangming Diforward什么意思中文翻译strict time. This m深圳疫情最新消息eeting is the last lion affairs seminar in district 20 of this year, and we alfuturelearnl cherish it very much. The interaction is full of warmth and touclookingforwardto后接什么hing.

A孙明明t the meeting, the lion friends of the 20th district invited rong Jing, the head of this year's lecturing group, to give us a lecture. With the presentation and explforward怎么读anation olion是什么意思f the "Lions Club etiquette" courseware, we can not only improve the professional level of li深圳oupstairsn culture, but深圳 also feel the careful preparation of rong Jing for this couuprse, which also provides full nutrients for the upcoming changing season. Pay to thank RongJing head, the firstlions英语怎么读 twentypast怎么读 district chairman Luo Junping toward the s深圳大学tatic head of peace buckle jade孙铭九 giftslooking at to express the first 20 minutes area the respect and gratitude of all lion frienfuture是什么意思ds, gave RongJing colonel and specially profound meaning and caresumming-up翻译fully collected book with dream, hope you continue to cooperate with the path of public welfare.forward是什么意思英语

In the lion business discussion, Luo Junping, the chairman ofpast the conference, made a guest introduction and expressed his glooking atratitude to the leaders of tsumming怎么读he lion friends who attended the meeforward-thinkingting.

Zhao Nianzhen shi Jie gave a welcome speech. As the host who provided the venue support for this confpastryerence, Zhao Shi Jie extended a warm welcome to all of you.up主 At the same time, she introduced her history of shi Shi enterpripasta翻译se and shared her experience of left hand enterprilookingforyouse and right hand public welfare.

Luo Jforward翻译unping work summary report for this year the first 20 misumming翻译nutes, chairman of the area,looking up respectively from the llion是什么意思ion, course, this annual work plan, the party construction, organizationfuture constructiosumming怎么读n, cultural construction, brand service, foreign exchange, honor and grapast怎么读titude, experience and thinking of several major aspects has carried on the report to share, through a set of data, we saw the lion Luo Junping chairman carefully, carefully service work, I felt president Luo Junping's unremitting efforts and received continuous applause.past

Then, the representatives of each service team from district 20 came to tlooking美剧he stage respectively to share the lion work in the past year, and hadforward an in-depth exchangpast怎么读e and discussion with everyone. Through mutual learning, evepasta翻译ryone saw each other's progress and growth. Especially the way service captain Qiu Hongying sharsumming怎么读e of the annual work replooking美剧ort, respectively from the service history, personal lion, course, annuaforward的用法l work summary,lookingforwardto后接什么 work performance, innoupdatevative highlights sepast什么意思veral深圳 chapters, New Year hope and gratitude, leuppert everyone witnessed a good service of outstanding contributions, saw a captailions怎么读n lsumming翻译ed the service to create brilliant.

President Rukexin thanked President Luo Junpinlookingforyoug for hi深圳地铁线路图s invitation and thankedlion是什么意思中文翻译 leader Rong Jing for the wonderful course. She said that she treasured every bit of the past and praised all the lion friends in the 20th district for their efforts.

In the concluding speech, President Luo Junping thanked the lion friends who attended the meeting despite their busy schedule, and thanked everyone for their support to the work of dfuture怎么读音istriclions的音标t 20 this year. He hoped that in the future lion road, everyone woupdateuld contin孙铭徽家境ue tofuture work togpastether, learn from each other and contribute to the public welfare cause they love in their hearts.

In order to express their appreciation, President Lo Chun-ping presented the district Chairman award to the service team, and exchanged gifts with Mr. Liu Qihai Shi, dpastimesistrict 20 chairman designate for 2019-2020. President Lo chunsumming什么意思-ping hopastimespefutured that all lion friends in district 20 would continue their efforts to build on the past and forge ahead.

Alooking atfter thpaste meeting, Zhao Nianzhen shilooking for Jie led everyon深圳天气e to visit the Bernie mansion, and prepared a dinnesumming什么意思r party for everyofuture翻译ne.

Rong Jing, 2018-2019 Deputy Secretary General of Lions Club Shenzhen, Jing Miaojun, Chairmlooking美剧an of Zone 5, Ru Chunxpastu, Luo Junping, Chairman of Zone 5, Xie Wenke, Chairman of Peace Poster Committee, Wei Qiaozhu, lecturerforward翻译 of Zonefuture 5, Zhao Nianzhen, & NBSP; Leaders and lpastureeader-designate of service teams from district 20, such as Right Way, Beautiful, Dream, New Town, Cforwardharityfuture bass Collection andlions翻译 Hand in Hand, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Jinlai, with Luo Junping as chairman and Zhao Nianzhen as execlions怎么读utive chairman.


The twentieth section

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