The fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019 of Shenzhen Lions Philately Club was successfully held

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-- The fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019 of Shenzhen Lions Philately Club was successfully held


On June 25, 2019, the fourth regular meeting of Shenzclubshen Lions Philately Club forfourthly 2018-2019 was held in shenzhen Bay Sp深圳地铁线路图orts Center Sub-Fish Art Museum. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work of the stamp club this year, made arrangements for the next step, learned about the knowledge of qin, chess, painting and calligraphy on stamp深证指数s, further improved thmeetinge culturalclub用英语怎么说 accomplishment of the members, and promoted the friendship between lion friends. The meet深圳疫情ing was chaired by Fu Wenqiaclubmed官网预订ng.

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More than 20 people attended the meetinfourth是什么意思g, including dai Tongxin, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2深圳疫情最新消息018-2019, Cao Yingwang, chairman of the seconlions的音标d District, Tong Xinfourth缩写, chairfourth造句mafourthn of Philateliclion是什么意思 Club, Sun Xiaowei, Chen Xin, executmeeting是什么中文意思ive chairman and club meregular的所有形式mbers. Mr. Zhu Hong, deputy Director of Shregularityenzhen Luohu Burregular的所有形式eau of Domestic Post Group corporationshenzhen, Mr. Huang Liximeeting是什么意思中文翻译n, lregularecturer of Domestic philatelic Corporation and lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association also attended the conferlions是什么意思ence.

Tong Xin, chairman of tlionsgatehe philatelic club inmeeting的音标troduced the recent stagemeeting是什么意思 of the work, summed up this year's work. This year for the fourth China Lion Festival donatmeeting是什么中文意思ed commemorative stamp, for the Sichuan representatimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ve office to make the stamp, by sichuan lion friends praiseregular翻译. In May, "Follow stamps" went on a trip to Xi 'an, Sclubmed官网预订haanxi, and organized members of the stamp Club to深圳大学 visit shaanxi Mulions翻译seum and exchange and learn with Shaanxi Lion Friends, which was well recclubmaneived by everyone. Guangdong Lions Club hua Xian Service team will hclub是什么酒old a change ceremony in the neclub用英语怎么说ar future.

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Chen Xin reported the financial situation of this year. Clear and transparclubmedent accounts won unanimous praise.

Mr. Sun Xiaowei, the president-elect of Shenzhen Lions Philately Club 2019-fourth的基数词202clubman0, made a speech, thanking Mr. Tong Xin for her efforts in philately Club, which has l深圳天气aid a good foundatifourth用英语怎么说on for the development and construction of Philately Club.

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Mr. Huang Lixin, special lecturer of China Philately Corporation and lecture深圳风险等级r of Shenzhen Philately Assolions怎么读ciation, prepared a wonderful topic for us to share: qin, Chess, calligraphy and painting on stamps. He shared the stamps related to深圳疫情最新动态 qin, chess, calligraphy and painting issued in history, so that we can enjoy different kinds of painting and calligraphymeeting是什么意思中文翻译 inclubmed官网预订 the distance. He prepared a novel theme, rich content, lion friends listen to the full interest, deep impression.

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On behalf of philately Club, President Tong Xin would likeregular的名词 to thank President Cao Yingwang for proviclubmed官网预订ding the venue support, the experts from pclub怎么读hilately c深圳市最新疫情ompany for tclubman是什么牌子车heir expertise, ameetingnd all the lion friends and guests present. She hopes that all lion friendfourth缩写s will continue to support the work oclubmedf philately Club and promote the common development of philately hobby and charity.

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