The opening of the third Hua Shi Festival xiangshan team won the championship

The third Chinese Lion Festival opens. Xiangshan won the first game

With the eager anticipation of the lion friends, the 3rd S黄芪henzhen Lion Club China Lion Festival is opened!

On March 17, the opening ceremony and table tennis match of the 3rd Lions Festival of Shenzhen was successfully held in shenzhen Comprehensive Service Cent世界地图er for the disabled. Shi Ji十方武圣anyong, the last president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018,我能查看人物属性 Weng Hua, the preopeningsoon中文意思sident and the second vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018, Liao Ronghui, the deputy Supervisor, Zeng Shiyang, the Secretarywonder General, Peng Daojian, Lu Zhiqiang, the Deputy Secretary Generwonderal, Guo Yongyongthird翻译, Wang Yan, Nie Xiangdong, Division chair我能查看人物属性man Dai Jihong,识图 Lei Qingming, Wu Yuqiong, Tan Fei, Wang Daoming, Wen Yaoli and other leaders of lion friends anwon'td from the service teams participating in the table tennis competition, a total of more than 70 people witnessed. The opening ceremony was hosted by Liu Shu and Yan Ting.

In the cheerful entrfestival发音解读ance mteams会议usic, all lion friends orderly queue时代少年团, with vigorous steps in the entrance. Chairman Nie Xiangdong introduced the guests and hoped that the lion friends competition would show its style and leteam是什么意思翻译vel,thirdly and achieve friendshfestival怎么读语音ip first and competition second. Qiu Zhaoopening的用法jun, chairman of table tennis club explained the rules of the competition. Dai Jihong, chairmwonan of the Third China Lion Fes黄金价格tival, introduced the serieshua of activities, hoped that the lion friendchampionships什么意思s in the competition sweat, feel happy, hathird怎么读rvest friendship, also w黄金召唤师ish each competition a complete success.

Weng Hua, the second vice president, delivered a speech, thanking我能提取熟练度 the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federatioteams会议n for its support and狮子座 providing the venue for the event free of chfestival发音解读argeopening的用法. He intro向上生长duced that in order to actively respond to the华晨宇 call of the state and the Federation to be thrifty and thrifty, this Year's Huashan Lion Fefestival的音标stival closely centered on the direction of "frugality without losing fun,我能提取副作用 shuaimplicity wi黄金召唤师thout losing solemnness". Unde时代少年团r the circfestival发音解读umstances of short preparation time and tight task, the organizing committee wasted no time and made joint efforts to carry out the preparatory work. He hopes that the lion friends will take the initiative to participate in the series of activithird-partyties according to their own interests to celebrate this unique festival of S我能无限顿悟henzhe花芯n lion friends. He called on all service teams to sign up for the carnival party held on April 1 to pay tribute to the lion award donors and the lion friends who run for the public welfare and charity.

Shi Jianyong, former president of the Chinese Lion Festival, thanked the lithird翻译onopening音乐 friends for their support to the third Chinese Lion Festival. He wished all the participating lions to show their talents and achieve outstanding results in the 3rd China Lion Festival, which will bring glory to the黄芪 service team.

Then,festival前用on还是at the leaders lit the star向上吧少年ting ball together, and the table tennis lion representatives read十宗罪 the "Letter of Commitment on Behalf of athlet向上生长es", which means the third Shenzhen Lions China Lion Festival oopening为什么不双写fopening翻译ficially kicked off.

In the loud call of "W向上生长alk with love, get together with Huashi", the first game of th我能查看人物属性e third Huashi Festival -- table tennis match officially sopening翻译tarted. Shi Jianyong, the last president of China, and Weng Hua, the second vice president of China, kicked off the table tennis香山公园 com黄金价格petition. Theopening的用法 competition is carried outeams会议t in strict accordance with international table tennis黄芪 rules and standards, adopting the best of 5 sets system. Table我能查看人物属性 tennis is mainly a team competition, wfestival翻译hich is carried out in a combination of round-robin matches and knockout matcheopening音乐s, and e香山公园liminated round bywon ro黄历und.

In the competition, the players began to work hard, play, athird post-binge, smash, rotahuating the ball, to fight a curveball, sweating, amazed by the consummate skill, hot highlights, especi时间ally the spxiangshanorts spirit of never give up象山疫情 until the我能提取副作用 last moment, deeply impressed by the presence of a lion. The team members work closely wihuath each other to actively discuss battle strategies for the ultimate goal of team victory. Cheerlea黄金召唤师ders are enthusiastic cheering, applause,third的缩写 cheers. In and out of the stadium climawonderfulx fall, in full swinopeningsoon中文意思g.

After a day of intense competition, Xiangshan team, United team and Longhua tefestival怎么读语音am wo我能提取副作用n the first, sechampionshipcond and third place respectively in thechampionship和champion区别 team competition, splendid team, Xinxing team and Datongopening翻译 team won the fourchampionshipth, fifth and sixth place respectiveopening的用法ly, and Liangtong team, Dream team and Beishan team won the awawonderfulrd of excellence.

The third China Lion Festivalchampionships什么意思 is cowon'tntinuing. We hope all lion friends will acthird是什么意思英语tively participate in this event and show their talents in varihuaous activities such as badminton match, tug of war, photography向上吧少年 exhibition, lteambitionion friends calligraphy show, captain forum, carnivachampionshipl and so on. We will ignite our passion for healthy sports, learn from each other's skills, showopening our talents and enhance our friendship! Let's cheer for thethird怎么读英语 Chinese Lion Festival!

[Text] Wang Jiapeng

[Photo] Wang Jiapeng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officeopenings

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