A new starting point for a new decade — The central District Service Team completed the 2014-2015 general election

              On March 16, 2014, shenzhen Lions Club Central Discentral&kittytrict Service Team held the monthly regular meeting and membership meeting. Geng Jun, president of 2013-2014, announced the planned service ateamviewerctivities idecadent翻译n thdecade什么意思中文e near future. The meeting through secservice的名词ret ballot, elected the central district of the next councilpoint翻译. All the members of the Central District congratulated the new directors. The new board said it would take on new reteamssponsibilities and lead mdistrict词根embers to continue on the path of charity.


    &nbdistrict是什么意思英语sp;      decade假面骑士   The Central District Service Team was established in April 2004 and it has been ten years since thecentral翻译n. For ten years, adhering to & LDquo; Happy Service ” For the purpose of helping students, helping the disabled, helping the blind, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, community seteams手机版rvices and special public wteamworkelfare activities and other aspects of more than 100 times of spointedlyervdistrict怎么读ice, raised funds up to 11 million yuan, for the vulnerable groups in need of help to make efforts, practice the commitmenteamworkt of membership. The membership has grown from 26district什么意思 at its founding to 36 now.
              New decade, new starting point, new goal, newcentral和center区别 hope. We hope to continue to woteams会议rk together on tpoint用英语怎么说he road of charity and public wcentral怎么读elfare and go further.

  Ateam什么意思rticle/photo contpoint用英语怎么说ributed by Central District Servservice是什么故障灯ice Teampoint用英语怎么说

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