Mingren Service Team: the second regular meeting of 2015-2016 was held smoothly

Mingren Service Team: the second regular meeting of 2015-2016 was held smoothly

          On September 5, 2015, the second regulregularlyar meetingsecond什么意思 of Mingren Service team of 2meeting是什么意思015-2016 wasregular翻译 successfully held in Tiantian Fishing Port, with nearly 20 lionsecond缩写 friewashndwas怎么读s attending thmeeting怎么读英语e meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liu Jisecondanmisecond缩写ng.
          The meeting discuss名人传eteamviewerd and approved the scheme and time of the Mid-Ausecondscreen下载tumnsecond festival activities for the disabled, and made arrangementssecondly for the next educational actimeeting翻译vities. Mingren Serviceservicebio tewashingtonam 2014-2015 captainservice怎么读 Zhang Jianqiu reported the last year’s work; Liu Yan, the finregular翻译ancial officer, made a detailed repwas怎么读ort on the expendit明人不说暗恋ure details of 2014-2015. Finally, wservice怎么读e celebratregular是什么意思英语ed the birthday of lion friend this month together, and the meeting came to a su名人名言大全经典励志ccessful conclusion in each other’s best wishes.

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  &secondlynbsp;       Thisregular是什么意思英语 regular meeting is the Minmeeting的音标g Ren service team sinceservice怎么读 its inception, the largest numberregularly of regular meetings attendedmeeting是什么意思.meeting是什么意思中文翻译 The whole meeting was lively, brief andsecond什么意思 efficient.


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