Tai ‘an Service Team: Hold the regular meeting in September of 2015-2016

Tai ‘an Service Team: Hold the regular meeting in September of 2015-2016

      &nbsseptember缩写p;   On September 8, 2015, theseptember缩写 Regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Tai ‘an Service Team for 2015-2016 was sregular是什么意思英语uccessfully held in Hualong Chongqing Hotpot City, Wenjin Cseptemberommercial Building, Luohu Dservice的名词istrict. Lu Jinshang, chairman of the second distriseptember的音标ct of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016, was present at the meeting. Tai ‘an service tearegularm lion friends, a total of 35 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired b泰山y Chen Zhidong.
          Captain Chenhold键是什么功能 Zhidong reported the work in August, and awarded awardregular的所有形式sseptember怎么读英语单词 to the lion fr太古龙象诀iends who made comeeting是什么中文意思ntributions in tmeeting腾讯会议he last month’s election. The meeting discussed and determined the 2015-2016 work planregular是什么意思英语 of Taitai ‘an Service Team and announced the rotatteambitioning chseptember缩写airman list of this annual rhold的过去式和过去分词egular mteambitioneeting.
    &regularitynbsphold是什么意思;     Brother Zhang shared the service activity for poverty in July, hopregular是什么意思英语ingteams to call on mor太原疫情e caring pholdingeople to lend a helping太乙 hand to the families of children suffering from poverty. He also introduced the related arrangements of financial aid activities in Jintian Primarmeetingy School. The building of Jintian Primarteams手机版y Sc泰山hool has been preliminarily completed, andserviceman the financial aid raised by Tai ‘teamsan Service team has alteams会议so been in place. Lion Friends will be organized to visit Jintian Primary School in October to better organize student aidhold的过去形式 activities. Shijie Yang Qian billion reported the financial expenditure in July and August.
          Chairman Roseptember翻译h Kam Shteam是什么意思翻译eung made the conclservice和serve的区别uding remarks. He acknowledged the achievements made by the Tai ‘an Servicehold过去式 teregularityam. In order to implement the spirit of Shenzhen Lions Club “to promote the growth o泰山f the service teams through joint service”, he proposed to hold a joint regular meeting of the service teams in October, which would be hosted by Tai ‘anteamviewer Service Tservicemaneam, and carry out lion service exchange activitseptember的小厨房ies jointly with other service tregularityeams to optimize the lio太乙n service work. Finally, hregularly意思中文翻译e hoped that all lion friends of Tai ‘an Service team would take an active part in the meetinmeeting是什么意思中文翻译g activhold的过去形式ities and work together to improve team cohesion.

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