Hongli Service Team: held the third regular meeting of the council and members in 2017-2018

Hongli Service Team: held the third regular meeting of the council and members in 2017-2018

On September 22, 2017, the third council meeting and regular meeting of 2017-2018 of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team wateam什么意思s held in Multi-functional Hall 1, 3rd floor, Lvjing Jinjiaregular的所有形式ng Hotel, Futian District. Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 financial chief Zhang Jian, Red Li service team captain Wang Yanhua, the last captain He Yonmeeting是什么意思中文翻译g 'an, the first vice captain Liu Xiaoning, the second vice captain Long Yali, the third vice captain Wuthird是什么意思英语 Guithird翻译cheng and other lion friends, a total of 29 peopteam什么意思le attended the meeting. Theteam是什么意思翻译 meeting washeld过去式和过去分词 chaired by Gao Quanbin and Wang Yanhua.

At the council mservice的名词eeting, Wang Yanhservice是什么意思ua introduced the educational aid project jointly carried out by Hongli and Jthird怎么读inxiu Sermembersvice Team in Yangkou Primary School, Puyang Town, Lufeng City. She pointed out that the project was sponsormeeting翻译ed by Xiao Jucouncil词根nling's company and used $10,000 for themeetings construction of "Spring multimedia classroomeeting怎么读英语m" anmembersdrcfxcomd "Spring Bud Reading Room", and other projmembers markect funds weservice怎么读re raised by Jinxiu Service team. Wang Yanhua also introduced the "Careheld是hold的什么形式 for sanitation workers" project of tthirdlyhe distrimembersmark啥牌子ct council, and called on lion friends to actively participate in and care for the "urban beauticiameetingsn" who works hard. Zhang Jiservicemanan,third是什么意思英语 chief financial officer, introduced the fmeetingsinancial amembersdrcfxcomid project of Shaoguan Shanghua School, reported the fund raising situation of the projectregularization, and mobilized the lion friendsupheld to coteambitionllect books and build a reading room for the school togethermembership. The three service items were unanimously approved by the council members.

Later, Zhaheld过去式和过去分词ng Jian, chief financial officer, conveyed the spirit of the first district council meeting, introduced the management methods of the establishment of the service teaheld是hold的什么形式m, and cregular是什么意思英语alled on lion friends to actively donate the "Hua Shi Award".

Wang Yanhua introduced the activity of visiting veterans and helping students in Shuangfeng Counservicemanty oteamviewerf Hunan红领巾 province jointly carried out by three service teams,helden including Tien, Blue Sky and Qihang, and called on evthirdlyeryone to partthird的基数词icipate in it. Liu Xiaoning shared the development of the "Bright Walk" activity in Fengyang County, Anhui Province, and thanked Zhong Quan, Zhang Li, Rong Jing, Wang Yanhua, Liu Xteamproiaoning, Kuang Hong and other lion friends for their support athird的基数词nd care foregular的所有形式r poor cataract patients. Introduced the oct Wetland Park volunteer service activities, thanks to Liservice怎么读u Xiaoncouncil词根ing,members Wu Guicheng, Huang Jinrong, Lu Yan, Liang Wenjuan and other lion friendsthird怎么读英语 braving the hmeetingtencentcomeameeting是什么中文意思t for the tourists to spread popular science kno弘历wledge.

The golden moon, moving slowly through the thin clouds, the autumn wind brings the fragrance of flowers, but also brings the melody of blessing, lservice翻译ion friends have to send their birthday wishes and Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to lion friends who have birtheldbackhdays in September. Let us stick to the idea of being kind to others, warm people's hearts, simembership翻译ng the rigthird的缩写ht way, poolteamviewer the flow of kindness, gather the right energy, and becommembers marke practitioners andmeeting翻译 wmeeting翻译itnesses of the history of lheld中文ove.

Art红领巾是什么形状icle/photo Contributed by Hong Li Service Team

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